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Humble request, please develop sequel from Pudding's dream. I am sure your readers like me will just respect your creativity like never before. This was my first novel here and I can't believe it's finished. Please put on your thinking cap and develop the story further with kids growing and Su Yu enjoying in the parallel universe.


My journey here began with 'My Youth Began with him' since 2018.... I'm truly gonna miss each and every characters (even Huo Siqian!) Thank you for this amazing story☺❣


i'm so happy that i've been a part of this wonderful story. i've followed it every day for the past 4 years! how time flies! all the characters of MYBWH have a special place in my heart ❤❤❤ i love them all specially Su Yu. i'm glad that he did have a happy ending just like everybody else. Kudos dear author baby piggie for sharing such a wonderful love story! i love this novel so much! this is the only novel that i read everyday for almost 4 years!! i'm gonna miss all of them!! can we get a sequel for the twins and all the second generation rich kids??? 🤞🤞🤞


Can't believe the novel ended already. MYBWH was one of the very first novels I started off with on Webnovel.😁 Sad that the long journey ended and at the same time happy that everyone got their happy ending😍💜


Perfect ending❣


Dear Author Now that the story is complete, my heart feels heavy. Thanks for the wonderful novel. Enjoyed reading every word of it since past 4 years. Take care. [img=recommend]


with heavy heart good bye to everyone . first n last novel on webnovel online for last 4 years, Don know how Time fly, 4 years is not a joke to concentrate one story , waiting every day release of new ch ,sometime angry ,sometime emotional, sometime happy but it's ending happily n happy as reader . love u YU, MIAN CHU n every character of the novel 🥰😘😘😘


Well thanks for the happy ending author. My night is not complete if I cant read this nove. Thank you for the 4year long journey with Hou Mian, Qin Chu and all characters.


I loved this journey of Mian and Chu.... hope can continue with the next generation kids and su yu's story in the parallel universe


Thank you author for this sweet and pleasant nove, sometimes happy ending, frustrating, happy ending but happy it ended well and thanks for the good work you put into it. loads of love from me to everyone attached to this novel in one way or the other ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oh, and this novel is finally complete, one of the 1st novels I have read. Why is there no badge?


FIN ❤ thank you dear author 😊😊😊


I was waiting for so long for this moment. as if it`s only Qin Chu`s wish to be with Hu Mian. Chu has done everything and suffered alone just so he could be with Mian. 7years of being parted that he can`t even tell her why,just so she could live in peacefully. And then again, another 4years his been in hiding to his wife and daughters to assure their safety. I can`t think of how miserable he felt those time. And now, they finally have their wedding ceremony. All thanks to their daughters, if they did`nt surprise their parents, I do`nt think it will ever happen. Well, it`s just me who thinks that it was just only Chu`s wish to have a proper wedding ceremony with Mian. It`s just because, eventhough Master Wu erased everyone's memory about Su Yu, Mian still felt something amiss. That why she still refuse to have a proper wedding ceremony with Chu.


If the story is completed then who is Liao muchen......(don't remember the name correctly)?


Oh my God. The story has The End. Can't believe. I was thinking there must be a new chapter. Good bye


Thank you translators for your hard work, been a great journey together with this novel


I thank God for bringing me to this lovely story. I thank writer May God bless you. and I thank all the readers. live a happy life everyone.😊😊


still waiting for something ending seems so abrupt 🤯🤯🤯this novel has made me cry excited, angry, hate and so much more. it makes me want something so unreasonable that half of me knows is impossible and doesnt want to do anything with but other half wishes for dearly, eagerly waiting. Thank you author💜


It was a happy ending even though I thought it didn't end yet. I love how the story works. It was a very nice story and the first story on webnovel that caught my attention. I think it ended so early.


so sad.. i hate the ending! para lang walang suyu dumaan sa buhay nila. buti pang patay maremember pa. ang taas ng story, ang laking gastos. eto lang ang may pinakataas na chapters na nabasa ko but ANG PANGIT NG ENDING [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]