558 Capture Tatsumi

Day Sixty-Three…


[ At Vincent's Place… ]

Vincent had been sitting leisurely in the poolside, thinking about someone. He couldn't help but smile as he recalled his lunch date with Jane. Though it was only a short time, Vincent enjoyed her presence.

"She doesn't remember. Her memories haven't returned yet," Vincent mumbled, playing with the glass of whisky in his hand.

But the smile on his face disappeared when he recalled his encounter with Nathan. "That guy is still as arrogant as ever. Tsk." Vincent scoffed before taking a sip of his whisky.

"I played him on the palm of my hand without his knowledge. I can't wait to see him kneel before me." Vincent gripped the glass tightly. "I'll take everything from him… his wealth, his organization… even his woman. I'll give him the living hell."


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