100 Days to Seduce the Devil

[Warning: R18+] When Hate turns into Love... and Vengeance turns into Passion... Will he choose to start over with her? ======= Phantomflake's soul got separated from her body after committing suicide in front of her enemy, Nathan Sparks, the Supreme Leader of Syphiruz Mafia. She woke up only to find out that her body (which was in a coma state) was being held captive by Nathan 'the Devil!', who was trying to prolong her life. And what was his motive? To kill her by his own hand and torture her to death! Nathan has a deep resentment against Phantomflake as she was the one who assassinated the most precious person in his life. He wanted revenge! And things just got more exciting when a magical creature appeared in front of Phantom's soul, giving her a ridiculous mission in exchange of regaining her body back. "Make him fall in love with you within 100 days!" The flying creature said, pointing his small paws at Nathan who expressionlessly stood next to her sickbed. With her eyes going round, Phantomflake made an 'you-got-to-be-kidding-me' face at the flying creature. No way! That's a mission impossible! This guy loathed her so much. How would she do that??! ****** Excerpt: Nathan grabbed her by her neck. "Don't play tricks with me, Phantomflake." Nathan's cold voice reverberated inside the room, his eyes burning with rage. But Phantomflake just smirked at him, pressing her hands against his chest, her fingers teasing him. "You can't kill me, Nate. Just admit it. You've already fallen for me." With one swift move, Phantomflake pulled his shirt, closing their gaps as she crushed her lips against his lips. Surprisingly, Nathan just found himself responding to her. He lost! He couldn't resist her. ===== I owned the Book Cover (=";"=) Artist: Bea Cortez Join Author's server to get updates and announcements about the book. Discord link: https://discord.gg/WymeFaeQe

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A Gift from his Master?

Day Three…


Nathan was unconvinced that no one touched Phantomflake. He ordered someone to get a copy of the CCTV footage in that VIP room. One camera was installed there to monitor Phantomflake's condition 24/7.

Axel immediately left to get the recording. Upon leaving, Axel bumped into Abigail who was standing at the entrance door. She looked surprised and in a daze.

"Miss Abi, you shouldn't be here. Come with me," Axel said, bringing Abigail with him to the CCTV Control Room. Nathan didn't want other people to know about Phantomflake's existence so Abigail shouldn't be lurking there.

And as if it was a blessing in disguise, Abigail still had to delete some footage in the CCTV control room which she was not able to do last night. Abigail grabbed this opportunity to her advantage.

Axel was so focused on getting the copy of the CCTV footage in the VIP ward that he failed to notice that Abigail was already scanning a certain area and deleting some recordings. She just pretended to be watching and reviewing the screen out of her curiosity.

A few minutes later, Axel forwarded the recordings to Nathan's phone. They didn't see anything suspicious. Aside from Veronica and the nurses who came inside the VIP ward to check and monitor Phantomflake, no one entered the room and touched her body.

Now, they wondered where she got those marks on her neck and the other parts of her body. They just suddenly popped up from out of nowhere. And there was no scientific explanation for this.

The doctor did another physical examination on her but nothing unusual came out with the result. Everything was normal.

"Watch her condition closely. Call me if there will be new changes in her brainwaves. Report it to me as soon as possible," Nathan reminded Veronica in his commanding tone.

Veronica was the head doctor assigned to monitor and treat Phantomflake.

"Yes, Nathan. Don't worry. I will inform you as soon as possible if there is change and improvement in her current condition," Veronica replied. She was the only one in that facility who never called him 'Master'.

Nathan called Axel's attention and ordered him, "Tell Abigail that we are going to leave. I will wait in the car."

Nathan glanced at Phantomflake one last time before he turned around and left the VIP ward. The male doctor and the nurses just bowed their heads as they bade goodbye to Nathan.

The journey going back to Sparks Villa was very silent. No one talked in the car. Both Nathan and Abigail were sitting in the back passenger while Axel was in the front passenger together with the Chauffeur.

Abigail was quiet as she was also lost in her thoughts. She kept thinking about the strange phenomenon that happened to her original body.

'So this is the meaning of Bam-Bam's words that my soul is still linked to my original body. So whatever feelings or sensations I will feel, will also be experienced by my original body. Nathan gave me those kiss marks last night so my original body also received the same marks.'

With those lines of thought, a realization struck her. 'Does it mean… if Nathan and I had sex… I would have lost my virginity to him for real?!'

"Nooo!" Abigail suddenly yelled, breaking the golden silence inside the car. Nathan, who was leaning his head on the headrest of the seat with his closed eyes, suddenly jolted when he heard her scream.

"Miss Abi? What's wrong? Do you still feel sick? Do you want us to go to the hospital?" Axel felt alarmed. If Abigail's ulcer worsened because of his mistake, he would be doomed. Little Ethan would not go easy on him.

Nathan also looked at her intently, anticipating her response. Though he didn't show any signs of concern, Nathan wanted to know if she was sick or not.

Abigail just smiled at them sheepishly. She didn't mean to scream out loud. "No… I'm just fine. I–I think… I'm daydreaming. Just ignore me."

Nathan just cocked his eyebrow before leaning back in his seat. 'This woman is acting strange most of the time.' He thought to himself, closing his eyes once again.

After the twenty-minute drive, they finally reached the mansion. Axel opened the door for Abigail. Without waiting for Nathan, Abigail walked ahead, entering the mansion.

Butler Li and Ethan were already waiting for them in the living room. Little Ethan's eyes gleamed with joy as soon as he saw Abigail walking from the entrance door.

He stood up and ran in her direction, hugging her legs upon reaching her spot. "Miss Abi! Welcome back!"

Abigail let out a soft giggle, stroking Ethan's hair and gently patting his head.

"Yes, I'm back. Thank you for protecting me, Ethan. You are my angel."

Little Ethan raised his head, scratching his nose as he glanced at her with his blushing face. He felt so happy hearing those words from Abigail.

Butler Li also joined them. He leaned closer to Abigail and whispered, "How is it, Miss Abi? Have you accomplished your mission? Who won? Me or you?"

Abigail crumpled her face as she recalled what she had gone through for the sake of that deal with Butler Li.

"Of course, I did! So I won." Abigail uttered confidently.

Butler Li raised his eyebrow, eyeing Abigail suspiciously. Then he extended his hand and asked her, "Where's the proof? Let me see it." He was asking for his phone.

Abigail gazed at his empty palm, biting her lower lip. She lost his phone. The proof of her success was there.

"I accidentally lost your phone in your Master's chamber," She plainly said.

Butler Li burst out laughing. "Haha! You can't fool me, Miss Abi. You lost. And I won. You have no proof."

She was telling the truth but Butler Li refused to believe her. Abigail could only shake her head helplessly. "Fine, suit yourself." Abigail was not in the mood to argue. She was tired both mentally and physically.

"Come, Miss Abi. Let's have some breakfast!" Ethan grabbed Abigail's hand, pulling her to the dining area.

She obediently followed the young boy while Butler Li stayed in his spot, smiling triumphantly. He almost believed that Abigail could pull it off.

"It's so silly of me to believe her," Butler Li laughed at his own self.

"Butler Li." Hearing Nathan's voice, Butler Li immediately stopped laughing and faced his master.

"Yes, Master?"

"Come with me to my study," Nathan mumbled, looking at Butler Li skeptically.

Butler Li followed Nathan as they headed to his Study Room.


As soon as they walked in and closed the door behind, Nathan handed the paper bag he was holding over to Butler Li.

Butler Li accepted the paper bag with utmost curiosity in his eyes. He was also puzzled why Nathan was giving him this paper bag. Was it a gift?

"Master, what is this?" Butler Li politely asked his master.

Nathan just moved his head, motioning Butler Li to see what's inside.

Thinking that it was a precious gift from his Master, Butler Li excitedly opened the paper bag to see the items inside. He picked one item with a bright smile on his face. But his bright smile soon faded when he saw the item.

Feeling embarrassed and puzzled, Butler Li asked Nathan, "Master, W-Why are you giving me this… woman's bra?"

"I don't wear things like this," Butler Li added awkwardly, smiling sheepishly at his Master.