100 Days to Seduce the Devil

[Warning: R18+] When Hate turns into Love... and Vengeance turns into Passion... Will he choose to start over with her? ======= Phantomflake's soul got separated from her body after committing suicide in front of her enemy, Nathan Sparks, the Supreme Leader of Syphiruz Mafia. She woke up only to find out that her body (which was in a coma state) was being held captive by Nathan 'the Devil!', who was trying to prolong her life. And what was his motive? To kill her by his own hand and torture her to death! Nathan has a deep resentment against Phantomflake as she was the one who assassinated the most precious person in his life. He wanted revenge! And things just got more exciting when a magical creature appeared in front of Phantom's soul, giving her a ridiculous mission in exchange of regaining her body back. "Make him fall in love with you within 100 days!" The flying creature said, pointing his small paws at Nathan who expressionlessly stood next to her sickbed. With her eyes going round, Phantomflake made an 'you-got-to-be-kidding-me' face at the flying creature. No way! That's a mission impossible! This guy loathed her so much. How would she do that??! ****** Excerpt: Nathan grabbed her by her neck. "Don't play tricks with me, Phantomflake." Nathan's cold voice reverberated inside the room, his eyes burning with rage. But Phantomflake just smirked at him, pressing her hands against his chest, her fingers teasing him. "You can't kill me, Nate. Just admit it. You've already fallen for me." With one swift move, Phantomflake pulled his shirt, closing their gaps as she crushed her lips against his lips. Surprisingly, Nathan just found himself responding to her. He lost! He couldn't resist her. ===== I owned the Book Cover (=";"=) Artist: Bea Cortez Join Author's server to get updates and announcements about the book. Discord link: https://discord.gg/WymeFaeQe

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[Bonus chapter]Ethan's Real Parents

Day Seventy-One…


[ At Vincent's Villa… ]

Monica, Ethan, and Mia arrived at the mansion, where Vincent had been patiently awaiting their arrival in his luxurious study.

Upon their arrival, Monica turned to Mia with a request, "Mia, would you mind lending a hand to our Chef in preparing some snacks for our guest?" This was her way of separating the two children, as she and Vincent had matters to discuss privately with Ethan.

"Of course, Aunt," Mia replied obediently, eager to assist and genuinely excited to prepare a special snack for Ethan. It was, after all, his first visit to their home.

As soon as Mia left to assist in the kitchen, Monica turned her attention to Ethan. She spoke softly, her voice carrying an air of reassurance, "Your guards and nanny can make themselves comfortable here in the living room. But you and I should head upstairs to meet Mia's Uncle."