100 Days to Seduce the Devil

[Warning: R18+] When Hate turns into Love... and Vengeance turns into Passion... Will he choose to start over with her? ======= Phantomflake's soul got separated from her body after committing suicide in front of her enemy, Nathan Sparks, the Supreme Leader of Syphiruz Mafia. She woke up only to find out that her body (which was in a coma state) was being held captive by Nathan 'the Devil!', who was trying to prolong her life. And what was his motive? To kill her by his own hand and torture her to death! Nathan has a deep resentment against Phantomflake as she was the one who assassinated the most precious person in his life. He wanted revenge! And things just got more exciting when a magical creature appeared in front of Phantom's soul, giving her a ridiculous mission in exchange of regaining her body back. "Make him fall in love with you within 100 days!" The flying creature said, pointing his small paws at Nathan who expressionlessly stood next to her sickbed. With her eyes going round, Phantomflake made an 'you-got-to-be-kidding-me' face at the flying creature. No way! That's a mission impossible! This guy loathed her so much. How would she do that??! ****** Excerpt: Nathan grabbed her by her neck. "Don't play tricks with me, Phantomflake." Nathan's cold voice reverberated inside the room, his eyes burning with rage. But Phantomflake just smirked at him, pressing her hands against his chest, her fingers teasing him. "You can't kill me, Nate. Just admit it. You've already fallen for me." With one swift move, Phantomflake pulled his shirt, closing their gaps as she crushed her lips against his lips. Surprisingly, Nathan just found himself responding to her. He lost! He couldn't resist her. ===== I owned the Book Cover (=";"=) Artist: Bea Cortez Join Author's server to get updates and announcements about the book. Discord link: https://discord.gg/WymeFaeQe

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[Bonus chapter] Searching

Day Two…


Two pairs of glaring eyes welcomed Abigail as soon as she entered the room. She felt like Nathan and Veronica were both cursing at her. She immediately lowered her gaze, unable to meet Nathan's sharp blue eyes.

The intimate moment they shared in that very own room kept on replaying in her mind. It seemed that Nathan's presence would always remind her of those moments. She couldn't get them out of her mind. The memories were still fresh and it was something that was hard to forget.

'Damn! This is so unfair. Am I the only one suffering here? But wait… I wonder if he could remember or not. I hope not!' Abigail bit her lower lip, avoiding Nathan's gaze.

She just wished the devil would not remember anything, otherwise, she didn't know how she would face him without getting embarrassed about what happened.

"She is here," Nathan's icy voice was heard. Though she was not looking at him, she could feel the chill brought by Nathan's penetrating gaze.

Veronica clenched her teeth and balled up her free hand into a fist until her nails bit into flesh. She was agitated after hearing Nathan's remarks a while ago. [ Abigail and I will go home tomorrow. ]

'Is he not planning to punish her? He will still bring her back with him. What did Ethan tell his father?' Veronica tried her best to conceal her emotions. She maintained calm outside, but deep inside, she was fuming with rage and jealousy.

"You two… Leave us alone," Nathan ordered Axel and Veronica.

"We can't. What if she will do something again to hurt you?" Veronica didn't hesitate to express her protest.

Nathan shot her a cold sharp glare. "I said… Leave. Us. Alone. Get out!" He was in a bad mood and felt more irritable because of the incident that transpired today.

Axel pursed his lips and motioned Veronica to obey his master. They couldn't afford to anger him further. They could only obey his command and disappear from his sight.

Reluctant to leave, Veronica walked out of the room with heavy footsteps. She wanted to stay and listen to their conversation but Nathan already sent them away as if they were just a nuisance between the two.

"Doc Veronica. Don't worry about Master. He could handle this. Even though he is sick, he is stronger than you think." Axel tried to comfort Veronica, however, she became more upset.

When Axel and Veronica left, there was a long and deafening silence, engulfing the room. No one between Nathan and Abigail uttered some words.

"Dad! What took you so long? Please give the phone to Miss Abi!" Little Ethan's small voice pierced the golden silence in that chamber, snapping the two people out of their deep thoughts.

Nathan squinted his eyes before handing the phone over to Abigail. She reflexively took the phone, putting it on her right ear.

"Miss Abi, don't be afraid of my Dad. I got your back." Little Ethan reassured her.

Abigail blinked several times, wondering how Ethan found out that she was put in a dire situation and was about to face the devil's wrath.

'Don't tell me Butler Li has something to do with this?' Abigail didn't know if Butler Li was acting like a fairy godmother who would save her in times of trouble. 'I owed him big time.'

"I understand. Go to bed now, Little Ethan. See you tomorrow." Abigail mumbled with an awkward smile on her face. Nathan was staring at her intently, making her feel uneasy.

"Goodnight, Miss Abi. See you tomorrow. Just tell me if Dad bullies you, okay?"

'Yes! He bullied me… he violated me, taking advantage of my temporary body. And I think I got an emotional trauma.' Abigail complained inwardly. But then, her alter ego interjected her line of thoughts and said,'But you enjoyed it!'

Abigail cringed and she felt the chill run down her spine. She shook her head, trying to keep the memories, and pushed those unwanted thoughts to the back of her mind.

"Goodnight, Ethan," she absentmindedly mumbled before ending the call.

She subconsciously glanced in Nathan's direction and their eyes met for a long moment before she looked away.

'Why the hell is he looking at me like that? Don't tell me he remembered everything?' Abigail tried her best to maintain her cool as if everything was normal. But her heart started to run wild once more.

The silence of the surroundings brought more tension between them. Just when she thought Nathan would confront her, he stood up, tracing his steps towards the bathroom.


The closing sound of the bathroom door was like her cue to finally relax and steady her breathing.

She was staring at the closed door when suddenly a light bulb went off in her head. 'Gosh! I almost forgot! This is my last chance to retrieve those things!'

With alertness, Abigail scanned the room with her hawk-like eyes, searching for two important items– Butler Li's cellphone and her fucking Bra!

'Where are they?' She dashed towards the bed, lifting the quilt. She turned it upside down but she saw nothing.

"Damn! I have to find them." She murmured. She moved around the room, searching every corner. She wished Nathan would take his time in the bathroom.

Then she snapped her fingers as she recalled that she ducked under the bed. Without wasting any more time, Abigail dropped on the floor, checking something under the bed.

And with great timing, Nathan came out of the bathroom, witnessing Abigail in that awkward position. Her butt was facing Nathan as she kept checking the floor. She even used the flashlight of Axel's phone while searching for those items under Nathan's bed.

"What are you doing?"

"Aww!" Abigail bumped her head against the bottom side rail of the bed when she hastily raised her head after hearing Nathan's voice. His voice scared the hell out of her. She felt like a thief getting caught in the act by Nathan at that moment.

She rubbed her head and turned around only to see Nathan whose expression was indescribable. He was giving her a strange look. She couldn't tell if he was mad or he was just fighting the urge to laugh.

Damn! She couldn't figure him out. What was running on his mind right now?

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