100 days to Make the CEO Love Me Book

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100 days to Make the CEO Love Me


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"Is my fate already written according to the stars or do I create my own destiny?" Li Suji only has one hundred days before she turns twenty-five, and that also means she only has one hundred days left to find her reincarnated prince. She has no clue about the said man aside from the fact that she'll find him working at the Seo Publishing Company, and that the reincarnated prince will also have the same birthmark as she has, the mermaid's tail binds them together as the fated couple. She managed to enter the company as a trainee editor on probation as she heard through connections. Chaos arrives when she got tied with two CEO's at the same time. Will she be able to break her curse and make the reincarnated prince fall in love with her in this current life? +++ A scene suddenly came right through my eyes, as if it was directly right in front of me. This time, I was aware that I was not experiencing it firsthand though it still happened from my point of view. I was there, tending someone, probably a man. I was unbuttoning two buttons in his shirt because he was sweating too much. I was holding a wet towel in my hand and started to wipe his neck using it. "It tickles, why are you wiping my body so lightly?" The man asked, it seemed like a very familiar voice but I couldn't pinpoint who. I wasn't looking at the man since I was so preoccupied with looking at his perfectly sculpted body. "You shouldn't be doing that, no-no, you should do it the hard way." "H-huh??" The hard way? "Yes, should I do it instead?" He sat up, unbuttoned his shirt, took my hand, and guided me to wipe his neck down to his chest, abdomen, navel until his pelvis, "You should do it like this, okay?" As I was trying to hide the embarrassment of touching his body---I was touching the man's body with a towel, something caught my attention. Lower than his navel but the upper right side of his pelvis, I saw a mermaid's tail's fin. I scooted over, held the garter of his pants, and pulled it downwards. Voila. It was the mermaid's tail. Perfectly the same as mine. He's the one that I am looking for. I don't doubt it. I am one hundred percent sure! He's the reincarnated prince that I am looking for, for so long. The man grabbed my hand and made me look at his face. Sadly, I couldn't see who he was clearly. "What are you doing to a sick man's house, not to mention pulling his pants? Do you want to get yourself in trouble?" Yes, that's right. I'm already in trouble. +++ This story focuses on the reality of the workplace setting (office romance), slice-of-life, rom-com with tiny bits of fantasy elements. The setting is in modern-day Korea, I am not a Korean native so there might be some things that are not 100% accurate nor does it reflect the society and the country alone. The story focuses on character development and how the main characters grow in terms of love and life, has cliche and is a slow burn romance. If you're not reading this in Webnovel or Ficool, chances are, the book is plagiarized. Please support the author by reading this book in the Webnovel platform.


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