16 Qingyun’s Holy Son and Jiuyang’s Shame

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Indeed, Jiang Ming did not know much about the Tower of Trials. All he knew was that it was a place where disciples trained and were ranked.

"You know he's lazy. He spends his day on the mountain, unwilling to venture out. He doesn't even want to cultivate now. I feel like giving him a kick or two whenever I see him," Gu Hai said as he glared at Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming looked at Gu Hai with an innocent expression.

Yin Yue looked at Gu Hai and said, "How can you do that? Everyone has their own path in life. There's no need to force things." Then, she said to Jiang Ming, "The Tower of Trials is a mysterious 

All he knew about it was that it was a place where disciples trained and got themselves ranked.

"You know that he's a lazy fellow. He spends his days cooped up on the mountain and never travels. He doesn't even want to cultivate now. I have the urge to give him a kick or two every now and then." Gu Hai shot Jiang Ming a glare.

He responded with an innocent expression.

"How could you do that? Everyone has their own allotted fate in life. There's no need to force things." First Seat Yin Yue gave Gu Hai a look before continuing, "The Tower of Trials is a mysterious artifact that we constantly maintained. It's the best place to test a disciple's courage and strength. The first three floors are meant for Fake Core disciples; the three floors after that are meant for Real Core disciples; the following three floors are meant for Golden Core disciples. Only peerless geniuses are able to make it to the final three floors. For the first three floors, the average Fake Core cultivators are only able to clear the first two floors. They have to stabilize their realm and master a powerful spell before they can clear the third floor. In our sect, less than ten Fake Core disciples have made it to the third floor…"

Yin Yue sighed after she finished speaking.

"That's not a lot of people…" Jiang Ming was taken aback by this. He was not overly wary of Yin Yue since Gu Hai was rather friendly with Yin Yue. In the past, Yin Yue had also given him medicinal Pills for cultivation.

Yin Yue nodded. "Even a peak Golden Core cultivator only has a slim chance of clearing the ninth floor. Based on the sect records, only 18 disciples had made it past the ninth floor."

"What?" Jiang Ming was shocked. The Fake Core cultivators Yin Yue mentioned earlier were those from the current generation, but there were countless Golden Core cultivators from the sect over the years. However, only 18 of them made it past the ninth floor? This was a pitiably low number.

"Only three cultivators made it past the tenth level. The Sect Master cleared the tenth floor, Shaoyang Peak's First Seat, Hao Chen, cleared the eleventh floor, and only one person cleared all twelve floors…" Yin Yue said with a sigh, "Alas, that person was not a Jiuyang Sect disciple."

"What?" Jiang Ming felt rather speechless. "No one from Jiuyang Sect has cleared all twelve floors of the Tower of Trials? There are only two people from our sect who entered the final three floors? The person who cleared all twelve floors is…"

It seemed like the Tower of Trials was much more difficult than he had imagined.

"This is our shame." Yin Yue sighed again. "Do you know about the extreme state of the Golden Core Realm?"

Jiang Ming nodded. "I do. My master mentioned it before."

"You see, you can make it past the ninth floor if you're a peak Golden Core cultivation, a peerless genius with rich combat experience and a determined and unwavering spirit. However, the tenth floor is like the dividing line. It's almost impossible to make it past the tenth floor without entering the extreme Golden Core Realm. I challenged the tower when I reached the Purple Mansion Realm, but I didn't manage to clear all the floors of the Tower of Trials…"

"No way!"

"It's true. I wasn't the only one. Some of the elders couldn't even make it past the eleventh floor when they were at the early Purple Mansion Realm…"

"It sounds very tough…. Then who made it past all 12 floors at the Golden Core Realm? Where's he from?"

"He's Qingyun Sect's Holy Son."

"Qingyun Sect!" Realization dawned on Jiang Ming.

Despite its ordinary name, Qingyun Sect was the leading force in not only the Eastern Region but the entire world. The sect was even regarded by some as the mecca of the cultivation world. Needless to say, Qingyun Sect was much powerful than Jiuyang Sect.

In all sects, their most powerful disciples would be referred to as Holy Sons or Holy Daughters.

Jiang Ming asked curiously, "Which stage of the extreme state was he in?"

"The Fifth Extreme Golden Core Realm," Yin Yue replied.

"He's really talented!"

"He is. Do you admire him, Ming?"

"Of course!"

"Then, why aren't you cultivating diligently?"

"Uh… Is this the entire point of our conversation? I'm working hard, but I don't want to put all my efforts into cultivating. There are many things in life that are wonderful as well. I don't want to waste all my time cultivating in seclusion," Jiang Ming replied.

"With a profound cultivation base, you'll be able to live a long life. With that, you'll have all the time in the world to do what you like…"

"But… my talents are only mediocre, and my success is limited. I don't want to regret not using my time to the fullest if I fail in cultivation. I prefer to live each day happily while I cultivate. I might die of old age one day, but it's worth it as long as I can enjoy the beauty this world has to offer…"

"Bless your soul." Yin Yue smiled faintly. "It seems like you've thought things through, unlike someone I know. You can also come to me for advice if there's anything you don't understand about cultivation. If this old fart gives you a hard time in the future, you can come and find me. I'll let you join my Peak."

Gu Hai looked at the sky with great interest, pretending he did not hear Yin Yue's words.

"Thank you, First Seat Yin!" Jiang Ming said. He was slightly surprised by Yin Yue's offer.

Following that, they returned their attention to the Tower of Trials. Everyone was speculating how many floors Zi Linglong would be able to clear. Most people thought she would be able to safely make it past the seventh floor at least. After all, Huo Yun had cleared the seventh floor previously.

The first floor of the Tower of Trials.

A sign that read 'Pass through the dark corridor' hung above the stone doors.

Zi Linglong looked ahead silently, wondering if she should restrain her strength.

After a moment, she shook her head. "There's no need to do that. I'm safe in the sect. Even if Yue Cheng schemes against us, he won't dare to make his move so soon after I display my talent. When he finally musters up enough courage to make a move, I'll surely be able to crush him easily. I'm growing stronger day by day, after all. Those who dare to scheme against me are just seeking death. In this lifetime, I want to make a name for myself as soon as I can. I will protect my future and Senior Brother!"

Zi Linglong's determination far exceeded everyone's imaginations. She was already seriously planning for the future.

Finally, Zi Longlong opened the stone doors and stepped inside. It was pitch black once the door closed. She was no different from a blind person at this time. The only sound she could hear was that of her beating heart. It seemed like some strange power was messing with her senses. Indeed, it would be difficult to make it through this without determination and willpower.

Zi Linglong did not hesitate; she did not pause so much as a single step as she walked through the first floor.

When she reached the second floor, she saw a Fake Core wolf demon that she promptly killed with just a stab of her sword.

She continued up the third, fourth, and fight floors without stopping.

Outside the Tower of Trials.

The floors lit up accordingly as Zi Linglong made her way up.

At this time, the eighth floor lit up.

Upon seeing this, everyone, including the Sect Master, inhaled sharply.

Soon after that, the ninth floor lit up.

Even Jiang Ming was surprised by this.

'How did Linglong grow so powerful?' Jiang Ming felt like scratching his head when he thought about this.

Although he had the system, he was only at the 81st Extreme Golden Core Realm. He could easily kill a Purple Mansion Realm expert, but he was not sure if he could fight against a Dao Seed cultivator.

Linglong, on the other hand, was only ten years old; she was still a child. Although she had awakened her phoenix bloodline and was progressing swiftly in her cultivation, she had no combat experience. How did she manage to pass the ninth floor so quickly?

'Is she a transmigrator as well?' Jiang Ming wondered inwardly.    

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