3 I’m Farming While the Others Are Cultivating

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"What's wrong, girl?" Jiang Ming stood up and wiped Zi Linglong's tears away.

"The food you made is too delicious, Senior Brother!" Zi Linglong sniffed before she said with a smile. "It's tasty. It's much more delicious than exotic delicacies or ambrosia!"

"I know you're trying to flatter me, but I like it." Jiang Ming tousled her hair. "You're acting strange today. Are you feeling homesick?"

"This is my home! You're my closest kin!" Zi Linglong said in a low voice as she lowered her head, "I watched you earlier when you were preparing breakfast. When I thought about the hardships you must have gone through over the years, I feel like I've matured a lot…"

Jiang Ming laughed. "It seems like all my efforts aren't in vain. I'm both your older brother and your father. I feel like an elderly father whose daughter is all grown up!"

"You're only 18!" Zi Linglong scoffed.

"I have an old soul! Hurry up and finish the food before they go cold."


Zi Linglong picked up a piece of pancake and slowly ate it, taking her time to enjoy it. After a while, she finished everything that was served.

"You have a huge appetite today! Is my cooking that good?" Jiang Ming said, "You're already at the Qi Cultivation Realm. You might not be able to abstain from eating completely, but you'll be fine eating one meal every two or three days."

"It is! Your cooking is the best in the world! I want to eat your cooking every meal for the rest of my life!" Zi Linglong wiped her mouth and rested her chin on her hands as she stared dreamily into the distance.

"Every meal? What about cultivation?" Jiang Ming asked before saying with a smile, "I'll cook for you if I have the time."

"You're the best, Senior Brother!"

"Alright, you should go cultivate now."

"I'll wash the dishes first."

"Did the sun rise from the west today? You usually disappear as soon as you have your fill…"

"Didn't I tell you that I've matured?"

"You're still a kid to me! Go have fun!" Jiang Ming said as he began to clear the table.

At the same time, another system notification rang in his mind.

[Ding! Zi Linglong enjoyed the breakfast you prepared and finished everything. Reward: 10 days' worth of cultivation]

"So this is a reward for my improved cooking," Jiang Ming murmured as he cast the Timely Rain spell to wash the plates.

The God of Cooking Almanac did not turn him into an amazing chef overnight, but it did provide him with knowledge about the usage of knives, the different kinds of ingredients available, the ways to prepare them, and the basic principles of combining different ingredients, among others.

After memorizing the book's content and two months of practicing, his cooking had improved tremendously. Now, he could create excellent dishes from the simplest ingredients.

After he was done cleaning up, he brewed a pot of tea and sat on a recliner in the courtyard. Since he had nothing to attend to for now, he manifested the Human Path Records.

He opened the book and saw that his relationship value with Zi Linglong had changed. Their relationship value was now at 95.

"Did she truly mature?" Although Jiang Ming was puzzled, he did not dwell on it.

After drinking a cup of tea, he left the courtyard and went to the back of the mountain that was connected to another mountain through a forest.

When he returned, he brought back a bundle of firewood with him. He had just placed the wood on the ground when he received another system notification.

[Ding! Chopped a bundle of wood. Reward: Two days' worth of cultivation!]

Jiang Ming sighed. "Are you trying to turn me into a farmer or a house husband? Is this your definition of an ordinary life? Did I miss something?"

In his opinion, an ordinary life was one that was carefree and uneventful. However, now, he had to cook, fetch water, chop wood, and farm.

He cursed under his breath. It seemed like the system was really trying to turn him into a farmer.

After a moment, he sighed. 'Forget it.'

He preferred this over cultivating mindlessly, fighting, or killing.

Jiang Ming carried the hoe on his shoulder and continued with his task.

He made his way toward rows of houses on the other side. There were as many as 100 houses that were lined up neatly. There were also houses halfway up the mountain. However, those houses were abandoned now.

Jiang Ming went behind the houses. He had five plots of farmland here where he had planted some chives, cilantro, and carrots, among others.

The climate on the mountain was consistently spring-like throughout the year. The flowers never wilt, and his vegetables remained green.

"The others travel while I cook; the others cultivate while I farm," Jiang Ming mocked himself.

He raised the hoe and started to work. He wanted to plant fruits next.

At this moment, a streak of light flew toward him and landed behind him. It was none other than Gu Hai. He was an old man with a white beard. A wine gourd could be seen hanging at his waist.

The scent of alcohol quickly wafted into Jiang Ming's nostrils.

"Are you planning to expand your farm again?" Gu Hai asked as his white beard shook, "Are you a cultivator or a farmer?"

Jiang Ming replied hastily with a smile on his face, "Master, I'm planting herbs for Linglong's health."

"F*ck off!" Gu Hai was annoyed upon hearing Jiang Ming's reply. "I have Fasting Pills, Qi Enhancement Pills, and Beast Blood Pills. She doesn't need your vegetables! You're either slacking off, sleeping somewhere, or working this d*mned farm! Look at the other disciples! None of them are like you! Can you at least work hard for my sake?! You were a diligent disciple three months ago. What happened to you, brat?!"

"You're aware of my innate talent, Master. I started cultivating when I was eight, and it's been 10 years, but I'm only at the 6th Stage of the Qi Cultivation realm. I'm mediocre at best. It's obvious that I'll only have limited success in the future. I'm better off enjoying my life!" Jiang Ming said as he placed the hoe on his shoulder, "I've decided to accept the situation and move on!"

"You can't enjoy life without sufficient strength!" Gu Hai scoffed before takinga swig from the wine gourd. Then, he said in an attempt to coax Jiang Ming, "If you cultivate diligently and raise your cultivation base to the point where you can manifest apparitions, you'll certainly be able to catch the eyes of the female disciples from Jiaoyang Peak. Moreover, you'll be able to roam the lands freely. Who knows you might even be able to save a damsel in distress who would repay you by marrying you? Or you might run into some ruins left behind by an expert, gain enlightenment, and soar to great heights! See? Can you see how exciting life would be if you'd just cultivate?"

"Even if I cultivate diligently, I can never catch up to those geniuses in the sect. Nothing will change. As for roaming the lands, it's too dangerous. Demons are lurking everywhere. I'd lose 

work hard in my cultivation, I can never compare to the proud sons of the heavens in the sect. Nothing will change. As for roaming the lands, it's not safe out there. Demons and devils are lurking everywhere. I'd lose my life if I'm not careful. As for ruins, nine out of ten cultivators who discovered such places died while the other one was possessed," Jiang Ming said, confident in his reasoning, "My life is very comfortable now. I watch the flowers blossom and wilt as the clouds traverse the sky. Isn't this wonderful? By the way, are you going to the courtyard? I'll cook some side dishes to go with your wine. I assure you that you'll enjoy your drink even more!"

"Y-y-you… You're such a disappointment to me! Get over here! I'm going to beat some sense into you!" Gu Hai roared. However, when the latter parts of Jiang Ming's words registered in his brain, he sighed before he said, "Eight side dishes! Even if one dish is missing, I'll send you into the dark room!"

Jiang Ming chuckled.

Gu Hai looked away.

At this moment, the duo turned to look at the courtyard. They saw a flicker of flame before one of the pavilions exploded. The silhouette of a flaming bird rose from the flames like the phoenix of the legends. The flames raged, looking as though they would burn down everything that stood in their way.

"Stay here!" Gu Hai said grimly before he leaped toward the fiery scene.

"That's Linglong's room!" Jiang Ming paled. He flew on his sword and drew level with Gu Hai.

The pavilion on the right was already reduced to ashes, but the fire was still going strong.

The two remaining pavilions were intact… for now.    

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