125 Dragon Phoenix Heavenly Heart Bed, What? Nine!?

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The atmosphere in the mountain had gotten a lot livelier after Zi Linglong's return. 

The sun was getting lower and lower, and Jiang Ming went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for them.

He was going to prepare 32 dishes. The silver lining was that he was quick with his hands, and the fire was strong, so it took him only a very short time to finish preparing all of the dishes. 

Xi Yao was invited as well.

"This is… lobster? Why can I sense the Water Sambodha from it?

"Oh my gosh, this is crab roe! Holy cr*p, there is a fragment of law in it? Am I dreaming right now?

"What, what, what is this? Why is it glowing with an immortal light that only appears from an Imminent Immortal martial artist? I know what it is now. I've read it from the record in my sect. This is the liver of a dragon!"

Xi Yao was stunned by the dishes before her, and her body shook when she saw the liver of a dragon on the table.


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