97 Comprehended the Time Sambohdha; Missing Junior Sister

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Name: Jiang Ming

Cultivation Base: Level 5

Points Accumulated: 142 Points (+3 Special Ability)

Honor: 5 stages record, 18 levels record, 99 units of special abilities

Jiang Ming looked at his information in the Supreme Pagoda after recovering.

His accumulated points changed again.

The comprehended special abilities had been converted to primary level, with exactly 99 of them. Each special ability was counted in units, and he could earn 1 point for every eight units. This meant Jiang Ming had earned another 12 points, and the other 3 special abilities were not added into account.

Initially, he had 130 points.

It might seem that getting points through deducing special abilities was low, but it was not true in reality.

The battle stages put combat power to the test, but it got really hard to improve it further when combat power reached a certain level.


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