110 Chuyang Peak’s Tragedy, Surprise Change

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What happened next was very strange. 

The Qingyun Sect's formation was broken. A couple of Imminent Immortals came out from within, and they actually managed to force invading enemies to retreat to the seaside.

Half of Mu Province was devastated as the war continued while a third of Hai Province was submerged.

The rain finally stopped in the morning and dark clouds dissipated.

Yet the terrific waves transmitting from the horizon remained.

On Chuyang Peak…

Jiang Ming was looking at the sunrise from the fence. The eastern sky was colored red, not knowing whether it was due to the shining sunlight or the reflecting bloodstains.

"Qingyun Sect is this strong? It's surprising that the sect actually forced the retreat of the Yinmo Sect and Long Yuan's combined forces. What an extraordinary Sacred Land that occupies a region!" Jiang Ming exclaimed.


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