188 Braving through Doomsday, Junior Sister Is On A Killing Spree

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When one reached the Imminent Immortal Realm, their power came from their Paradis world. 

Jiang Ming was the same as well, but he was different from other people.

Other people's Paradis Worlds were not real, so they could draw power from it infinitely. However, his Paradis had become a real world. If he drew all powers from it, the world would crumble away.

In his inner world, he had full command over a large portion of the origin force, and this was the source of his mana. Even if he had used up this portion, he could replenish it with spiritual Qi. 

For him, developing his inner world and expanding his origin was more important than ever.

Compared to last time, his inner world had become even larger.

The land had become thicker and the sky wider.

Jiang Ming summoned half of the origin of his inner world to form a clone. Then, he sent it out through the Human Paths Record. 

In the next second, his face changed.


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