001 - What Makes it Hard to Go Home ?

Rei suddenly woke up in Granblue Fantasy and had the appearance and powers of Lucillus. But he met Djeeta and Vyrn, who helped him adapt to the world there. They then met Lyria, Katalina, and many other people. They all embarked on an adventure towards Estaulica, the legendary home of the Astrals, where anyone who finds it can have their wishes granted. But their adventure was not as easy as they thought, and many dangerous events threatened their lives. However, in the end, they successfully reached Estalucia, and several years had passed. This time, Rei, who could now control the power of Lucilius, wanted to create a portal to his world so he could bring his fiancées there. But he realized that it would not be as easy as he had thought. First World : DxD [This is gonna be Dimensional Travel because Rei gonna try to find his way to his own world] [Hey there This fanfic is just a side story that I created so maybe i can increase my writing skills, I'm not sure how frequently I'll update this fanfic because I work on it when I have the time. btw I use AI to correct my grammar, so I apologize if you find any strange text. Please let me know so I can fix it. Thank you!]

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16. Ingvild Leviathan

Misla just listened to all the explanations from Sirzechs while remaining silent.

"Sleep disease... I never thought I would be affected by that disease..." Misla muttered while examining her body.

Misla then began to turn towards me and Europa, who were standing beside me.

"Thank you very much, Lord Rei, I am very grateful that you have cured me from that incurable disease," Misla bowed to express her gratitude to me.

By the way Sirzechs chose to call me by my "nickname" when he was telling his story to Misla, so that she wouldn't be confused because they call me Lucifer.

"It's all thanks to Europa for curing you," I turned to Europa beside me.

"I was just doing my job," Europa said casually to Misla.

"I will call Sairaorg here later, for now it's better for you to rest Misla," Sirzechs suggested to Misla.

"Sairaorg..." Misla looked worried when she heard the name of her son.

"Sirzechs, can we go to the next patient?" I said to Sirzechs.

"Alright Luci..-Rei, you better rest as I said before, I will let Sairaorg know that you already wake up," Sirzechs then walked towards us after saying that to Misla.

Just like before Sirzechs used a magic circle to teleport the three of us to the next location where a girl named Ingvild Leviathan was located.

After the teleportation was complete, we reappeared in a room, but this time the room looked larger than before.

Hmm? This isn't a hospital? Unlike before, I could sense that there weren't many people in this place except for the girl sleeping on the bed and a few devils in other room.

"Ingvild Leviathan..." Sirzechs spoke as he approached the bed where the girl was sleeping.

The girl had long purple hair and was wearing thin patient-like clothing... and her chest like that of other girls appeared to be large, very large.

"Hey Rei... is she half Draph?" I heard Europa whisper something to me.

"No Europa... she's not Draph, for some reason almost all the girls I meet in this world have chests like Draphs," I replied to Europa while shaking my head.

I then followed Sirzechs towards the bed where the girl was sleeping.

Hmm, purple hair, huh... looking at her hair reminded me of Narmaya in the skyrealm.


I wonder what Narmaya is doing now, is she still pretending to be mediating but actually sleeping?

Sirzechs then just like before explained the story of Ingvild Leviathan and everything he explained was still accurate to what Akasha showed me.

She has been asleep for a hundred years, but what he doesn't know is that she will wake up soon because of her Sacred Gear.

Pretty convenient...

I then turned to Europa, nodding to signal her to do her healing.

Europa then approached Ingvild and then just like before her robe began to glow illuminating the entire room.

"So what will you do after this?" I asked Sirzechs.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, she is a descendant of Leviathan, even though she is only half devil, she is still a Leviathan. If she wakes up, do you want to return her to Serafall to look after her?"

Sirzechs remained silent when I said this to him.

He seemed to be thinking about something for a few moments until he finally sighed and held his head.

"Serafall won't be able to look after her because as a satan, she is always busy just like me..."

Perhaps Sirzechs will send Ingvild to Grigori because he considers it a safe place... but after her Sacred Gear awakens, that place will be in chaos and she will be kidnapped.

Hmm, speaking of Sacred Gear, I'm curious how they work. Is the process of making Sacred Gear similar to when I create Primal Beasts, or is it different?

And Balance Breaker... a feature that should not exist in the Sacred Gear system, but because the bug was never patched due to God's death, many people can still access Balance Breaker.

I know that God created the Sacred Gear system so that humans could protect themselves from supernatural beings.

But instead, they end up changing their race into Devils instead of protecting their fellow humans. And in the future, there will also be a feature where someone can transform into an Angel.

This world is truly such a mess...

While i was thinking the blue light that filled the room began to dim and eventually disappeared.

Europa then opened her eyes and took a breath.

"It's done, she will wake up shortly."

I then approached Europa, who was beside Ingvild's bed, and gently stroked her head. "Good job, Europa. When I return, I will do whatever you want as a reward."

After saying that, I could see Europa looked surprised, but she quickly returned to normal and turned towards me with a smile. "I will remember what you said."

...Perhaps I shouldn't have said that to her.

"Ugh..." we could hear Ingvild starting to move, indicating she would wake up soon.

Ingvild slowly opened her eyes and began to look around.

"You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? walked right into that imperial ambush, same as us, and the thief over there," I pointed to Sirzechs, who looked confused when he heard what I said.

"Why are you making Skyrim references..." Ingvild said to me in her husky voice.

...Wait, what!? How does she know Skyrim references? Did they already make Skyrim 100 years ago?

"Oh, do you understand what he said?" Europa looked amazed when she saw Ingvild understanding my words.

"He has always said that to people that waking up from a long sleep or from fainting, but we never understood what he was saying," Europa said while shaking her head.

I chose to ignore what Europa said and just like with Misla before i summon a glass of water and gave it to Ingvild.

I helped Ingvild to sit up and drink the water. Just like Misla after one sip she could hold the glass by herself and drink it until it was empty.

"Ahh, so refreshing."

After seeing that the glass was empty, I made it disappear and returned it to my dimension.

But as I looked at Ingvild's body, I could see something inside her, or more precisely, something bound to her Soul. Could that be her Sacred Gear? Her Sacred Gear is still inactive, but I could see that it was absorbing mana inside her body.

It seems her Sacred Gear is preparing itself to awaken, and also because of Europa's healing, her Sacred Gear will awaken faster than the vision shown by Akasha.

Ingvild looked confused as the glass she was holding suddenly disappeared, then she began to look around. First, she saw Sirzechs, but unlike Misla, she didn't react at all upon seeing him.

Perhaps because she didn't know who Sirzechs was, as she had lived in the human world since she was a child and eventually fell victim to sleep disease for one hundred years, so she didn't recognize one of the Satan.

Then she looked towards Europa. "Wow, you're so beautiful. I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you" Ingvild felt amazed when she saw Europa's appearance, especially the aura she emitted.

"Thank you very much," Europa replied to Ingvild without reacting at all.

But as she responded to Ingvild, I could see her eyes flick towards me, as if to say "Did you hear that?"

Then she turned to me, and unlike before when she had just woken up and had no energy to process anything, this time she could process everything clearly.

She just stared at me in silence...

But her eyes widened in surprise when she looked at me...

Not long I could see her face starting to turning red, then she averted her gaze elsewhere.

"Hahh..." Europa sighed because she was used to seeing women's expressions when they looked at her fiance.

"*Cough* perhaps I should start explaining her condition to her," Sirzechs suddenly said to us.

And like he did with Misla, Sirzechs began to explain to Ingvild that she had sleep disease and had slept for a hundred years, and everything she knew in the human world was gone.

"What about my parents?" Ingvild asked Sirzechs, panicking.

"Unfortunately, your mother was human, so she passed away when you were still get affected with sleep disease. As for your father, I'm not sure where he is after losing your mother," Sirzechs said to Ingvild.

Upon hearing that, I could see Ingvild looking shocked when she learned her mother had passed away, and she didn't know the whereabouts of her father...

Ingvild held her blanket tightly as if she were holding back tears.

I mean, if I had a happy family and suddenly after waking up I was told that everyone I knew had died and I had sleeping disease and slept for hundreds of years, I would also react like that.

But the difference between her and me is I could easily bring them back to life with the power of Primal Beasts, or even reincarnate them as Primal Beasts...

We remained silent and gave Ingvild time to process all this information...

"So... what should I do now?" Ingvild spoke after some time while looking down.

Sirzechs sighed and replied "If you wish, I have an acquaintance who will take care of you for a while. The place is Grigori, where Azazel will look after you until you have a purpose or want to do something."

"Grigori..." Ingvild murmured upon hearing the name.

Hmm... actually, I have an idea.

I quickly lifted Ingvild and carried her in Princess carry.

"Eh!?" Ingvild started to panic as she suddenly found herself in my arms .

"Luci-... Rei, what are you going to do?" Sirzechs looked confused by my sudden actions.

"This girl has a Sacred Gear inside her that is still inactive," I casually tell Sirzechs.

"What! A Sacred Gear? Are you sure!?" Sirzechs is surprised to hear what I said.

"Yes, so I will take her. I am a bit curious about how Sacred Gears work, so I will take this girl," I casually told Sirzechs.

"Hehe~ in that case, I will return to the sky realm, Rei. If you need help again, don't hesitate to call me," Europa said to me, then she began to become transparent and eventually disappeared.

"Alright, Europa, thank you once again."

I then turned around and opened a portal leading to my dimension.

"Wait a minute, if Ingvild does have a Sacred Gear, it would be better for her to be kept at Grigori. Azazel there is researching Sacred Gears, so he might know what kind of Sacred Gear Ingvild has."

"Ehh!? Eh!?" Ingvild had been confused the whole time as everything was happening so quickly.

"No need for Azazel. Besides, if Ingvild stays at Grigori, she will soon be kidnapped by Nyx and in the end she get mind controlled by Nyx" I casually tell Sirzechs before entering the portal I created.

"Wait, what!? Nyx!?" the last thing I heard from Sirzechs as I closed my portal.


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