00 : 07 ; Seven minutes to doom (Spy vs spy ) Book

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00 : 07 ; Seven minutes to doom (Spy vs spy )


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One mission; one team against one psychopathic villain who is all set to destroy this world via microlemmental attack. Carcin; a highly corrosive, highly poisonous chemical has fallen in hands of Amayra , the leader of TTO. Due to her pitiful past and hatredness towards the world, she wants nothing more than to bring our planet, our home down, by releasing Carcin in our atmosphere, which will leads to the end of Human Civilization. But that's not all, in the years to come it will bring down each and evey species on our planet leading to end of life in Earth; which also goes by the name of apocalypse. Now comes the question why ain't noone stopping it from happening. Well, the leaders full of greed, corruption and lust wants nothing more than power and money, even if it costs them their own lives at the end. But, one team is all set to save our planet by stopping Amayra from executing her disastrous plan. But.. but.. but... this is where the story starts. The team fighting against Amayra must leave their differences aside and work unitedly. Isn't it? Unfortunately, it isn't the case. Well, no one to blame, coming from two sworn enemy countries and expecting the mission to go smoothly is like asking for sun and moon. Not to mention, they have one mole in their very own team, who is passing their each and every information to Amayra, personally. So, how will this mission end? To know do read the story. But to understand the story, firstly read it's part 1 Death : Mystery Unsolved https://www.webnovel.com/book/death-mystery-unsolved_19497639305476105 and then continue the adventure here. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment-section, I would love to reply back.

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