13 UA Entrance Exams

While I got to see Nezu and the Police chief they didn't stay long. All they did was make sure to sort out my situation by having my parents sign a contract that states that I need to attend U.A high school or some other heroic institute in the future to learn to better control my power. I didn't particularly mind this development, but it meant that I am now officially on the hero path, but that doesn't mean I can't pursue other things as well.

Other than focusing just on training I have also made major strides in mastering programming and working with computers. I have even started to learn how to hack, but unfortunately, my talent isn't too good. This made me have to lean heavily on Advanced Adaptation, but with my near-infinite reserve, I don't mind pumping aura into AA to learn faster. It was the same for cooking as well. Not to brag, but I would say I am at the level of a world-class chef by now.

After a while, I decided to try to increase the power of my Bank hatsu. Years ago I had limited the amount of Hatsu I could store in it to three, but I felt like I should increase it to four at least. I could have removed one of the restrictions instead, but I realized that in order to round out my abilities I just need a movement/teleportation Hatsu. My other three Hatsu in the bank have been in there gathering interest for years.

Once I used a sizeable portion of my aura to create an extra Hatsu slot in the bank I started to craft my teleportation Hatsu. I already knew what to base this Hatsu off of. I knew of a Hatsu from HunterxHunter called Hide and Seek that allows the user to place portals and create their own mini pocket dimension. Also, I wanted to combine the concept of Hide and Seek with Kamui from Naruto and maybe even Gate of Babylon from Fate. Deciding to go all in I removed all of the aura I had stored in the bank and began to craft the Hatsu.

Hatsu: Peek-a-Boo

Description: Allows the user to make their body intangible for a limited amount of time as well as use their left eye to teleport themselves and people or objects nearby. The right eye can be used to do the same but at a distance. Both eyes are also connected to a pocket dimension that takes the form of a large impenetrable vault.

Conditions: Intangibility can only last for 10 minutes consecutively.

I smiled widely as I created the Hatsu. Creating it had cost and an extreme amount of aura, but I still had a bit left over from what I had withdrawn from the bank. I decided that Instead of just storing the aura inside the bank once more I would use it to give my other three Hatsu a buff. I conjured a golden key and opened the bank once more. Quickly I evenly distributed the remaining aura between the three Hatsu and closed the bank once more.

. . . (3 Year Timeskip) . . .

It had been 12 years since I had entered this world and now I stood before one of if not the most recognizable location in the MHA story, U.A High School. The building was massive and quite impressive, deserving of being the best hero academy in Japan. I stood in a massive crowd of people who were all heading to the same place as me. U.A. attracts hundreds if not thousands of students every year and this year would be no different.

For a moment I regretted not taking up my mom on her offer to get me into the recommended students exam, but I quickly remembered why I wanted to take the public exam. I wanted to get the classic U.A. experience. I could feel the excitement and nervousness from everyone around me and it got my heart beating faster. Unfortunately, I could also smell those same emotions from the people around me as well. I was also here to confirm whether or not I am going to be in class 1A with the main characters of the story.

Even after 11 years I still wasn't exactly sure if I was gonna be in the same year. I knew I was close, but it's also possible that I am one or two years ahead. The way I know I'm not a year or two behind is that there has been no uproar about All Might teaching at U.A. Truthfully I have mixed feelings about the fact that I might be a year earlier than the main cast because, to be honest, I don't like the majority of the students in class 1A, but I also know that everyone in the year above the main cast gets expelled. I also haven't discounted the possibility that I'm just in an AU.

Knowing that there is nothing I can do until I go inside I decide to do just that. I scanned the crowd near the entrance for Midoriya and Uraraka's whole interaction, but I didn't see anything. This could be due to me being too early, but I also didn't recognize anybody in the crowd either. I wasn't too stressed about this more like I was just curious to see if I am early or just in an AU.

I walked into the building and was immediately guided into the biggest exam hall I have seen in my entire life. This exam hall could easily fit around 100 students easily, maybe even closer to 200 or 250, and from the signs, I saw that there were at least 4 other halls in use for this exam as well. This made me truly realize how big the exams to get into U.A. are. I remained awed by the size but I was already confident that I have the skills to pass easily so I wasn't worried about not getting in.


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