9 Growing Up

8 years passed in the blink of an eye. I stood on the top of the apartment building looking off towards the city. If you didn't already know that I'm 12, then it would be nearly impossible to guess. By now I have basically mastered all the basic and advanced principles of Nen. Along with training Nen, I have constantly been training my body and improving it with Advanced Adaptation. After enhancing my body for 8 years I am probably stronger than most people with quirks that massively enhance their bodies.

I found out early on using Advanced Adaptation that I am able to enhance more than just my strength, stamina, and defense, I can also improve more subtle senses such as danger sense and my perception of time. I have also been able to improve my mental capacity as well, I have already reached the point of having a photographic memory as well as being able to recite every conversation I have ever had.

I have also been slowly expanding my aura reserves and regeneration speed of my aura as well. Every day I would store every drop of my aura in the bank in the morning. Since AA (Advanced Adaptation) needs aura to operate whenever any aura is regenerated it is consumed, improving my aura regeneration rate as well as helping me cope with the fatigue and weakness that comes with expending all of my aura.

Then once a year I would take all the aura out of the bank and funnel it into AA to expand my aura reserves. I can now confidently say that I can probably craft any Hatsu with few to no conditions placed upon it. I have practically become a walking powerplant of aura. This massive increase in aura allowed me to immediately turn it around and improve myself with AA even more. Looking at my body you probably wouldn't be able to guess that I can lift a truck with one hand, and that's due to me purposely compacting my muscles to make people underestimate me.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard my dad call for me. After all these years I now truly viewed them as my parents. That caused me to be doubly surprised when I found out about their quirks and professions. All those years ago in the orphanage, I had assumed they were just average people with average quirks and average jobs, but I couldn't have been more wrong. My father is a mercenary who gets contracted to go and kill supervillains all over the world. His quirk Deadshot gives him aimbot and wallhacks in real life.

While my mother works as private security for people around the world but after adopting me she decided to take more jobs in Japan so she doesn't have to leave me alone when dad is out of town working. Her quirk, Bubble, allows her to create a nearly indestructible forcefield around everyone standing within 10 meters of her due to her body being the center of the field. She can also decide who can and can't enter the forcefield, making it impossible for attackers to get close.

With both of them being in dangerous professions they are masters of hand-to-hand combat. Once I figured that out I begged them to train me in combat. At first, they were hesitant, but after I showed them what I am capable of with Nen they finally agreed to teach me. Today will be the first day of my new training. I already know some martial arts, but nothing beats real training from two professionals. Plus they both warned me that the fighting styles they have are for life-and-death battles, which only caused me to get more excited.

Today I would go with my dad to train and next time I would train with my mom. I quickly ran down the stairs and joined my dad in the elevator as we headed down to the parking lot. Even though I was extremely excited you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at me. One of the things I had spent a long time enhancing with AA was my mental fortitude. This made it so that I can still feel emotions, but they have no effect on me at all. I can still think clearly even when feeling extreme amounts of anger or fear.

"Are you ready?"

The question broke the silence between us, surprising me a little bit. It surprised me because he and I are very similar and both of us are very much the silent types. When I first was adopted he talked much more, trying to make me feel welcome, but gradually as we all adapted to our new lives together he reverted back to how he normally acts.


Hearing my response he gave me a curt nod as we both exited the elevator and got into the car. As we drove he explained that we would go to the place where he and the other mercenaries that work with him train. Apparently, he used to be the leader, but a few years after adopting me he transition into more of a leadership role whithin the mercenary group. He didn't want to risk his life in the feild much more after adopting a child. Not to say that he didn't go on any jobs now and again, but the prices to hire him and his team went through the roof.

Soon we arrived at the compound, the guards at the gate saluted as we drove through. We stopped right before a training ground where about 16 men and women were currently spparing with eachother. As soon as we stopped everyone's eyes were on us, we both quickly exited the car and began walking toward the field. I felt everyone's gaze shift to me once they recognised my dad, but I gave no reaction.

"Everybody this is my son Yuta. He will be training here every once and a while from now on. Now get back to work!"

After that he truned to me and got into an offensive stance. I grinned as I mirrored his stance and activated AA.

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