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Teen romance? Office Romance? Enemy to lovers? nahhh... I present to you, PRISON ROMANCE! This story is an entry for Romance Carnival contest. Please send me PS, GT and gifts. Life was going perfectly for Jasmine Paxton. One day, she flew out to where her mother originally came from, expecting to be welcomed by a shower of rose petals and confetti. But instead, she was welcomed by the greatest surprise in her life. Jasmine, who was on a vacation -- nay, who faced the death penalty, was now imprisoned in a foreign prison, awaiting her verdict. In prison, she found out about her boyfriend's betrayal, making her hope for freedom seem like a dream. Jasmine accepted her fate and got used to life in prison, which soon changed her. Unexpectedly, her candle of hope for freedom lit up, not from the help from the outside, but from the inside of the prison wall. And one of that came from Felix He, whom she mistook as her handsome ex-boss's secret boyfriend and the first person that put the cuffs on her! ***** This story is fictional. Instagram: aleeqac_books Tiktok: aleeqac_author Facebook: Aleeqa C Buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/aleeqac

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Wild imagination

Jasmine's loud gasped, made the two people inside the room frozen in their places.

Both of them slowly turned their heads toward the door where Jasmine was standing. She was also frozen in her spot, unable to move away.

The atmosphere inside the room had come to a standstill.

Didn't know what came to her, Jasmine couldn't keep her emerald eyes away from the scene in front of her.

Two figures were entangled on the couch, one on top of the other.

The two people then parted away from each other. One of them had stood up, while the other had sat up properly on the couch.

After a few minutes staring at them, Jasmine sensed a murderous gaze from one of them, while the other, were sporting a smirk.

She unconsciously took a few steps back.

"I apologise. I don't mean to interrupt. When I heard the crashing noises, I thought Director Vince was hurt. I'm very sorry. Please continue," Jasmine quickly said. She cupped her hands together and brought it up in front of her face and shook it in an apology gesture.

She pulled the door by its doorknob and closed the door a little too hard, making it produce a banged sound.

As the door closed, she sprinted away from there towards the elevator. Jasmine knocked her temple with the palm of her hand, "I should have knocked first. My eyes have been tainted," she grumbled.

Two men were entangled with one another on the couch. Their faces were only two fingers apart. Her boss, Director Vince's hands, were on the other man's waist, while the man's hands were placed on the crooked of Director Vince's neck.

Jasmine was a closet fujoshi. She secretly enjoyed reading those BL romance novels, however, she wasn't interested in seeing a real life yaoi!

She pushed the elevator button going down repeatedly and wished for the elevator to come quicker.

Her hands were wrapping around her body, and her heels were tapping nervously on the floor.

Suddenly, Jasmine felt the air surrounding her gone cold, and her body shivered involuntarily due to the chills in the atmosphere.

A shadow loomed over her, blocking the light that shone from the ceiling.

Jasmine was looking ahead, too afraid to turn her head to her side.

However, she peeked at the tall figure on her side from the corner of her eyes.

It was the man that was sending a lethal gaze towards her. She knew it from the attire that the man was wearing, a washed down jeans, white t-shirt and a leather jacket.

However, the man had worn a cap on his head and had his head tilted down. His hand kept pushing the cap down like he was hiding his face.

From what?

Jasmine didn't know.

Jasmine rubbed her arms up and down, trying to make her body warm, while wiping the sweats that had formed on her palms.

She didn't understand the sudden change of temperature that she felt.

Did someone lower the temperature of the central air-conditioner?

'Office hours have already ended though, what's the need to lower the temperature?' Jasmine had her own monologue in her head.

It was just a few seconds since the tall man stood next to her, however she felt like a grim reaper had come to claim her soul.

Seconds later, she heard the sounds of footsteps coming towards them, and the familiar voice of Director Vince spoke to her, "Ms Paxton, did you come to see me?" Vince asked.

Jasmine turned to look at Vince. She opened her mouth to answer, however it was like something was restricting her vocal cord, making her unable to produce any sound. Thus, Jasmine swallowed the invisible lump that had formed in her throat and slowly nodded her head.

Vince was fixing on his shirt collar and tie. However, Jasmine could see a slight bruise peeking from his collar.

"Hand me the report. I will check it," Vince walked towards her and stood on the other side of Jasmine. "Thank you for your hard work," Vince said when he took the report file from Jasmine's hand.

"You're welcome, Sir. I'm just doing my job," replied Jasmine.

Vince flashed Jasmine a smile that could make every woman in the company to squealed like a little girl, "Are you heading home, Ms Paxton?" Vince asked.

"Yes, sir," replied Jasmine, accompanied by a nod.

Being in the middle of the two tall men made Jasmine feel like a midget.

Jasmine was highly uncomfortable, especially after what she saw inside Vince's office room before.

There was also something weird that Jasmine felt about the situation right now.

No exchange of words happened between the two men.

They all stood there waiting for the elevator to arrive in complete silence.

It was so silent that Jasmine didn't even dare to tap her heels on the floor, just like she did before.

Soon, the elevator door opened, and Vince gestured for Jasmine to walk in first.

Vince followed after Jasmine, and the other man was the last to get into the elevator.

Jasmine couldn't properly decipher what was going on.

Who was this other man, and why, after they had entangled with each other, they acted like they didn't know each other?

Not once did Vince acknowledge the other man's presence there?

They totally acted like they were strangers!

Jasmine's head formed a wild imagination.

'So, what's their story? Is the man Director Vince's lover? But they have to keep it a secret and act like they didn't know each other?'

Jasmine formed a theory in her mind.

'I should tell Director Vince he shouldn't be ashamed of his sexuality. I should give him my encouragement and show him my support, too.'


"Earth to Jasmine!"

Vince snapped his finger repeatedly in front of Jasmine's face, making the latter snap out of her wild imagination.

"Ah. Yes, Director Vince?" Jasmine blinked her eyes a few times and shook her head a little to clear her mind.

"Where are you lost?" asked Vince with a raised brow and a mischievous smile.

When Jasmine looked around, she realised the elevator door was opened, and the other man was pressing on the button on the elevator panel to prevent the door from closing.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said with a flustered face and rushed out of the elevator to her office floor.

Jasmine needed to get her purse before she could head home.

As she stood in front of the elevator, Jasmine tapped her cheek a few times.

Before she started walking towards her office room, Jasmine glanced at the elevator.

Before the elevator door fully closed, her eyes stuck to the other man. Something compelled her to stare at the man.

The man tilted his head up and stared at Jasmine from the slit of the elevator's door.

Jasmine's emerald orbs met with the man's blue-grey ones.

Their eyes gazed at each other until the elevator's door fully closed.

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