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Teen romance? Office Romance? Enemy to lovers? nahhh... I present to you, PRISON ROMANCE! This story is an entry for Romance Carnival contest. Please send me PS, GT and gifts. Life was going perfectly for Jasmine Paxton. One day, she flew out to where her mother originally came from, expecting to be welcomed by a shower of rose petals and confetti. But instead, she was welcomed by the greatest surprise in her life. Jasmine, who was on a vacation -- nay, who faced the death penalty, was now imprisoned in a foreign prison, awaiting her verdict. In prison, she found out about her boyfriend's betrayal, making her hope for freedom seem like a dream. Jasmine accepted her fate and got used to life in prison, which soon changed her. Unexpectedly, her candle of hope for freedom lit up, not from the help from the outside, but from the inside of the prison wall. And one of that came from Felix He, whom she mistook as her handsome ex-boss's secret boyfriend and the first person that put the cuffs on her! ***** This story is fictional. Instagram: aleeqac_books Tiktok: aleeqac_author Facebook: Aleeqa C Buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/aleeqac

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Jasmine was escorted out of the plane, surrounded by the group of police officers. Her head bowed down, and her shoulder slumped. Her whole body trembled as she walked in heavy steps, following the officers that oozed out menacing auras.

Walking through the airport in that high-profile manner attracts judgemental eyes of all the people that were present at the airport.

Sounds of people murmured resounded at the sides of the path that the police officers took her.

Jasmine could hear the snippets of what they were saying. They judged her and labelled her as a criminal.

How could they?

'I'm not a criminal!'

'I'm innocent!'

Jasmine could only scream these in her head.

She wanted to put her head up and look them in the eyes and scream that she's innocent and they had wrongly accused her!

However, the police officers that surrounded her were too scary to look at. Their tight expression, tall stature and straight posture were intimidating to her, who was only five feet four inches.

'What's up with the police officers in Cratia? Why did they all look like models? They all look like they have an average height of 6 feet.'

The walk felt endless to Jasmine. She doesn't know where they were taking her. She was too stunned to speak anything when they came for her. She couldn't utter a word or ask where she would be taken to.

Although it felt humiliating to be escorted like this, however, the long walk made Jasmine's mind clear a little.

'Why should I be afraid? I did nothing wrong! They must have got the wrong person.'

While walking, her mind was having a monologue on their own, forming theories and assumptions.

It was then; she had a lightbulb moment.

'Wait! Don't tell me this is Joshua's surprise for me! Did he hire actors to pretend to be policemen to capture me? That could explain why they all look like models!'

Jasmine's face suddenly blushed, 'Oh Joshua. Are you planning role-playing?' Jasmine bit her inner cheek, preventing a squeal from escaping her mouth.

'Jasmine Paxton! You are under arrest! For stealing my heart!' Jasmine imagined Joshua said it to her before getting down on one knee.

A giggling sound came from Jasmine, making all the police officers stop their tracks and turned to look at her.

Her eyes bulged, and her hands went to her mouth to cover it.

She looked at them sheepishly and changed her expression into a serious one.

'Pretend that you fell for Joshua role-playing, Jasmine! Don't let him know you already caught his plan!'

They resumed walking through the airport until Jasmin was brought to a private room.

Jasmine was more relaxed than she was before. She leisurely sat on the seat that was given to her.

All the officers that escorted her left the room, leaving her alone in the room.

Jasmine looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall. The time showed that it was ten minutes to twelve in the afternoon.

A small smile formed on Jasmine's lips and her eyes turned gentle.

She accepted Joshua to be her boyfriend at 12pm on this date.

As a tradition, at 12pm every year on this date, Joshua would utter his love for Jasmine, and his wish for them to be together until the next anniversary.

Staring at the clock, 'could it be…?' Jasmine's heart drummed with anticipation.

Right when the hour and minute hands line up at 12, the door opened, and a figure walked in.

Her sight caught the man with blue-grey eyes who was walking inside the room, holding a dog leash.

Jasmine's anticipation crumbled, and her brow furrowed.

Another man followed the blue-grey eyed man. The other man was pulling Jasmine's luggage bag in one hand, while in his other hand, he was holding her carry-on bag.

'Director Vince's secret boyfriend is here too? He must be an actor, with that… gorgeous look,' Jasmine's eyes couldn't cast away from looking at the man.

Her face heated up when she remembered the closed contact that they had on the plane. She averted her eyes from staring at the man.

'So he was on the plane to make sure I didn't miss my flight!' Jasmine concluded.

'Oh Josua! You must have planned this meticulously, to make a grand proposal,' Jasmine felt emotional in her heart.

"Ms Jasmine Paxton," the blue-grey eyed man called out for Jasmine.

'Oh god. Even his voice sounds handsome. Director Vince is a lucky man! His boyfriend has an earth shattering look, smells heavenly, and has a voice that sounds like they were making love to your ears. Imagine if he whispered something sexy into your ears…' Jasmine fanned herself.

"Ms Jasmine Paxton," the man called out to her again.

Jasmine came out of her imagination. She put her hands down on her lap, and straightened her posture, "Yes!" she answered.

"Ms Paxton, I'm detective Felix He, from the narcotics department," the man introduced himself. "Are these your bags?" he asked, referring to the two bags that had been brought in.

Jasmine nodded her head, "Yes. those are mine," she replied to his query.

The other police officer carried the bag and put it on the low table.

Blinking her eyes, Jasmine looked at Felix in puzzlement.

"Please unlock your bag," Felix ordered, pointing towards the lock on the bag.

Jasmine couldn't understand what was happening or what was controlling her, she listened to Felix's order and unlocked her bag.

Was it his dreamy eyes that made her follow Felix's every word? Those eyes were smouldering her, putting her in a trance-like state.

When she heard the sound of the bag being unzipped, she snapped out of her trance.

Before the bag was opened, Felix asked her, "Did you pack this bag yourself?"

"Yes. I did," she answered.

Receiving the confirmation from Jasmine, Felix pried open her bag.

Jasmine gasped, "what are you doing?" she asked.

Felix glanced at her once, "To check for drugs, of course," he replied in a deadpan tone.

Jasmine pursed her lips, and folded her hands at her front, 'ah… The role-playing,' she thought.

"Drug? Really? Go ahead. Check if there're drugs in my bag," she said confidently.

Since the owner had said so, Felix's guide the dog to sniff the contents of the luggage.

Jasmine's bags were neatly packed as she had used the travel organiser to organise her things.

The dog barked and bit on an organiser bag. Felix extended his hand and pulled out the bag.

Jasmine's eyes widened, and as fast as lightning, she snatched the bag from Felix's hands and hugged it tightly.

"No! You can't check this one," she said, clutching the bag tightly.

"Ms Paxton. Please hand me the bag," Felix sternly asked.

Shaking her head profusely, "No!" she shouted, and ran towards the other side of the room to prevent Felix from taking the bag from her.

The dog was barking, making Jasmine run further away from Felix and the dog.

Felix gestured for the other officer to get the bag from Jasmin. The other police officer easily caught Jasmine and took the bag from her.

He tossed the organiser bag to Felix.

Felix caught it and unzipped it. The contents of the bag fell on the table.

Horror looks marred Jasmine's beautiful face.

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