(un)Cuff me, Mister!

Author: AleeqaC
Contemporary Romance
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What is (un)Cuff me, Mister!

Read ‘(un)Cuff me, Mister!’ Online for Free, written by the author AleeqaC, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, WEAKTOSTRONG Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Teen romance? Office Romance? Enemy to lovers? nahhh... I present to you, PRISON ROMANCE!This story is an entry for Roma...


Teen romance? Office Romance? Enemy to lovers? nahhh... I present to you, PRISON ROMANCE! This story is an entry for Romance Carnival contest. Please send me PS, GT and gifts. Life was going perfectly for Jasmine Paxton. One day, she flew out to where her mother originally came from, expecting to be welcomed by a shower of rose petals and confetti. But instead, she was welcomed by the greatest surprise in her life. Jasmine, who was on a vacation -- nay, who faced the death penalty, was now imprisoned in a foreign prison, awaiting her verdict. In prison, she found out about her boyfriend's betrayal, making her hope for freedom seem like a dream. Jasmine accepted her fate and got used to life in prison, which soon changed her. Unexpectedly, her candle of hope for freedom lit up, not from the help from the outside, but from the inside of the prison wall. And one of that came from Felix He, whom she mistook as her handsome ex-boss's secret boyfriend and the first person that put the cuffs on her! ***** This story is fictional. Instagram: aleeqac_books Tiktok: aleeqac_author Facebook: Aleeqa C Buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/aleeqac

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It is my First time reading a prison romance story in wn and it is intriguing. The author has brought such a freshening concept for which I appreciate her. Initially, I thought it would be a CEO story but when Jasmine got arrested and Felix appeared to be the one who arrested her, I was shocked and excited to find more. We usually see such stories to be dark, and mysterious but this one is different. Ofc mysteries are involved which we have yet to find but the cheerful side of FL made the story light and made me laugh too. Especially the last chap that author published where Jasmine daydreams about Felix 🤭 It was hilarious 😂🤣🤣. I enjoyed the story so far. One should definitely try this wonderful story. All the best, Sis. I wish for your win in the contest 💜


After reading the first 15 chapters, I can confidently say that this work/creation is great. The story plot is unique, interesting and entertaining. The author's witty and creative writing hooked me. It was a page-turner book. It was a fresh book that you will certainly enjoy. grammar and writing quality is good!✅️ stable updates ✅️ interesting and refreshing content (Not a typical story you will ever read/see here in WN)✅️ Gorgeous ML and Naughty FL ✅️ Suspense and Humor✅️ what are you waiting for? Check this out and see for yourself how wonderful the story is!!! Highly recommended. keep it up Author! and congratulations in advance 🥳 I can see a lot of potential here. More readers to come.


The author's second book! Another promising story! 🥳🥰 Hahaha I enjoyed the first 11 chapters of the book. The FL was calm on the outside but, her inner thoughts were funny 🤣 What happened during the interrogation was a hilarious scene (but, I wanna laugh at the scene in Chapter 2 and 3 more) 🥳 Hope to get more updates for this book. The handsome blue-grey eyed ML makes me swoon 😍 I love the author's first book so I would support this one too 🥳 Keep on writing, author! Don't ever give up!


Now, this is something unique to read on Webnovel!!! A Prîson Romance🥰 Sounds super thrilling and exciting right?🤭 Yes, it's as intriguing to read as the author has weaved the plot with brilliant descriptions. Reading first few chapters itself I can say the novel will progress very well with lots of twists and turns😍 Ahem, I really liked the character design of ML(Special mention to his Blue eyes) All in all, A great job author!!! Best wishes to you❤️


Amazing beginning! Well-written first chapters that stoked my interest in this story 😍 From the title, I thought it would be a CEO story, but never thought ML would turn out to be a Head Supritendent 🤩 It's an interesting unfold of events indeed to see a love story bloom through the prison walls 🤧 There are very few stories like these on WN that do not follow the usual CEO trope and I honestly root for this novel to win the Carnival for its unique take. The plot is well crafted till now and with a touch of humor, the mix between drama and comedy is apt. My heart goes out for Jasmine whose hopes got crushed and is in jail now 😭 But my heart also beats faster whenever Felix's comes in the scene *cough* 🤤 There is so much drama to unfold! I am waiting to see how Jasmine's feelings will slowly change for our handsome Felix and how Felix will also start seeing our cute Jasmine more than just an inmate! I can already vouch for their sizzling chemistry 😂😂🔥🔥 Writing wise too author has improved a lot from her first novel and I definitely see the positive improvements in writing style, grammar and plot weaving 🤩😘 Well done!! 💖 Definitely worth a read! I wish all the best to the author for the contest 🔥🔥


So, our author is back here with her with her second novel. The first few chapters itself are so captivating, I bet this journey is gonna be amazing! The calm on the outside FL is too cute and…silly, with her weird thoughts. She never fails to make me speechless with the train of her thoughts😅. The firm and strong ML with his blue-grey eyes is just love 💕… How I wish I could see him in person 🙈. The story is progressing well and I'm curious to know what happened in the past for someone to plot such revenge against our Jasmine… I hope you'll give this novel a try as it'll surely be worth it. Let's join the journey to see the mysteries unfolding. Thanks author, for writing such a beautiful story for us❤️




OMG 😱 This is a must read book 😍😍 I've read all the chapters updated so far and it's way too intriguing. The characters designed are exemplary with clear background. The scenes are thoroughly and thoughtfully written 🥰 I can actually see all the scenes playing and the characters acting out in my mind... it's just like watching a movie for me rather than reading. I'm eagerly waiting for the further chapters since I'm hella hooked to this novel 😉 Can't wait to see all the dirt deeds done in prison to be unraveled and also to see the blooming love story of two couples, of course that doesn't leave the complicated mafia history between Barbie and Leila. It's kinda cool 😘😗 In love with this prison story ❤🧡💛


Never read anything like this, this is a fresh story for me. made butterflies fly in my stomach all over. I would like to see a sequel or an adaptation.


This work is simply superb. A must read. The book is great and how the author put in so much effort to pull out this work is highly appreciated by me personally. More ink to your pen.


Hello, Noob author here! This is my second novel. I was inspired by real life event, and a kdrama 😅. I don’t realised it at first, but this story was different than from the usual stories in WN. Romance inside the prison walls. Yeah. I think it was never been written before. I hope I can successfully executed this story. And hope that readers will enjoy the story. I'm participating in Romance Carnival, and hope to get support from you all


This novel is very intriguing enough to be recommended in webnovel. I love your novel writing pace, skills and knowledge you are really a brilliant author.🥰🥰


Good one author keep it up. i will keep reading your stories.


story starts with a friendly atmosphere with a touch of tension. The first 3 chapters are well constructed. from chapter 4 comes humor. her way of thinking is hilarious. FL is a bit naive but I expect this to change in the future.


I love the idea of the story and the title (Un) cuff me, Mister! it's suitable for FL. The story is well written. Keep it up and keep improving!


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