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They were waiting for an automatic logout -

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"... What?"

They opened their eyes. {{ 1}} They did not return to the familiar rooms they were in when they put on the VR headsets. It was still the Throne Room in Yggdrasil.

The timing was right. They should have been forcibly disabled after the server shutdown.


It was definitely well past midnight. The clock could not go wrong due to a system error.

While Momonga contemplated this situation. Meilena sighed with her refreshed lungs. Since life in 2138 was really terrible, although it was quite rich, and about the poorer part of the population, there is nothing to say.

Momonga tried to contact GM at the moment, but the console did not respond.

(From 1 Person) Meilena.

(Ahh, that's how this new body feels ...., And really, exciting. The sudden influx of such dense energy ... intoxicating) - uttered the last sentence, blushing hard.

She touched one hand to her chest, feeling soft, which was not originally there before. Meilena was about to touch her other, free hand, to the lower part of her body, but abruptly dismissed the thought, since she was not alone in the Throne Room, and decided to send a mental message to Momonga.

<Momonga ... calm down, you it is worth looking at the NPCs alive in front of them>.

How can Meilena remain calm in this situation, because the movement does not happen every day? It's simple, she survived her death and rebirth, and moving in comparison with this is childish babble that does not require special attention, this also does not put much pressure on Momonga, because he has a passive undead ability - Resistance to mind control.

(From 1 Person) Momonga.

An embarrassed Momonga looked around for any clues nearby.

(Maybe extending the GM's playing time as compensation?)

Though many reasons popped up in his head, they were all far from the truth. { {1}} If that were the case, the grandmasters would have made an announcement. Momonga hurriedly worked to reopen the closed message panel, but then stopped halfway.

<Momonga ... calm down, you should look at the NPCs in front of you>.

Momonga after receiving a message from Mailen calmed down and looked on the living NPCs.

He was confused, for good reason.

(From 3rd person)

Albedo spoke to him.

"What happened, Momonga-sama, Meilena-sama?"

Momonga heard this beautiful woman's voice.

He was startled, but still kept looking for the source voices.

After his eyes found Albedo, still disbelieving what was happening.

Albedo's handsome face came close to Momonga's as she studied him. A faint scent entered his nostrils. The smell seemed , regained Momonga's ability to think, and his mind, which was still not working, gradually returned to normal.

"No. It's okay."

All he could do in this ignorant state is to suppress fear, shock and other unnecessary emotions. However, Momonga was an ordinary person and could not do this

Now she was close to him. Albedo was so close that he could feel her gentle breath. adorable dimples appeared on her beautiful face as she asked her question.Momonga, who had calmed down after much effort, again risked panic from her closest person.

"… ..Looks like the GM function is not working…"

After he said the sentence, Momonga got the idea not to ask Meilen about the situation.

ask his question, he again heard a bewitching voice.

"... Please forgive my inability to answer the questions of the Almighty about this" GM ". I apologize for not living up to your expectations. Nothing will give me more pleasure than being able to correct my previous mistake. Please order me as you see fit. "

…. The NPCs are alive and talking. There was no doubt about that.

Impossible. It should have been impossible. That's what came to Momonga's mind.

Momonga let go of Albedo with a wave of his hand, and disappointment flashed across her face as she stepped back as he looked from her body to the butler and the six maids, whose heads were still bowed.

"Sebas! Maids ! "

" Yes! "

Their voices merged into one, and then the butler and maids looked up.

"Come to the throne."

"Got it," Sebas answered quickly and firmly without hesitation.


He could see the serious, sincere expression on Sebas's face. He looked like a real person.

"Exit the Tomb and explore the surrounding area. If you meet sentient beings, talk to them peacefully and invite them to the Tomb. Try to accommodate the other side as much as possible during negotiations. Do not stray more than one kilometer from the tomb and avoid unnecessary fights. "

By giving your order to Momonga.

" I see, Momonga-sama. I will do it immediately. "- Sebas. {{1} } Momonga lets go of Ainz Ooal Gown's Staff.

The staff did not fall to the ground, but floated in the air as if someone was still holding it. It was a complete violation of physics, but it was a common occurrence in the game. {{

1}} After that, he remembered another voice that Momonga heard, because at first he did not attach this meaning.

The <Message> is a spell from YGGDRASIL.

He decided to verify this.

Activate [Message ]'s ability to contact Meilena Vaster: "Meilena-san, can you hear me?>

<Yes, Momonga, great>

<Though now I can confirm my guess, but it still needs to be fully convinced>

<So, don't you want to use your Magic? The 6th Floor of Nazarick is perfect for this because this is the most suitable place and we can still try our movement rings>.

<You are, however, calm with common sense in such a situation>


The mamonga could understand itself from the undead passive skill - Calm Mind, but what about Meilen - san? After all, He was originally a man and now a woman, and how does he remain calm? Developer body? Too many questions spinning in his head, he will find out sooner or later.

Momonga said in a powerful voice:

"Pleiades. Go to the 9th floor and repel all the invaders from the 8th floor. "

" I see, Momonga-sama. "

The maids behind Sebas were respectful of his orders.

" Start now. "

" Got it, masters! "

The giant doors opened and then closed again.

Sebas and the maids disappeared behind the door.

Not far from him stood Albedo, who was waiting for his orders.

She smiled and asked him, "Then Momonga-sama, what can I do for you?"

Momonga rose from his throne to retrieve his staff, and when Said this:

"Come to me."

"Yes!" Albedo exclaimed.

Smiling Albedo stepped closer.

"I'm going to touch you."


Momonga touched her hand and felt a pulse.

Yes, she was alive and there is life in her .

Then he decided to take the next step against the rules of the game.

"Albedo ... can I touch your chest?"


Albedo's eyes widened, she did not expect this from her Master because she is in love with him, with all her heart.

"Of course! Touch me as much as you want! " Albedo responded emotionally, blushing and straightening her chest.

While Albedo moaned wetly, Momonga completed another experiment.

"And you, I look like you have fun without me right? Then, I should join, too, "said another woman's head, grabbing Albedo's other chest with one hand.

Touching her, Meilena couldn't help but grin, although she didn't understand it.

with her free hand, she touched hers.

Albedo blushed even more and was outraged, because in addition to Mr. Momonga, someone else touches her.

she put hers away immediately.

"So, you take me right here and now Momonga - sama !? Although there is someone else, after us, but if it's Mrs. Meilena herself, then I don't mind !! " Albedo exclaimed as her body started to get very hot while blushing a lot.

"Wouldn't it be better if I got undressed? Or do you want to untie me Momonga-sama? Or if we did it while I was wearing the dress, then ... it gets dirty ... no, if you want me to wear this dress, I have no objection, Momonga-sama and Meilena - sama. "{ {1}} Meilena licks her lip, although she quickly regains her stoic face.

"Enough for now, Albedo" - Momonga.

"Huh? I understand," Albedo said in a sadly disappointed tone .

"Now is not the time for such things."

"My, my apologies! I allowed myself to obey my desires, despite the urgency of the situation!"

With a quick movement, Albedo knelt down in apology, but Momonga stopped her.

"No, it's all my fault. I forgive you, Albedo. But other than that ... I have orders. "

" Please give me any command you want. "

"Albedo, have the Guardians on every floor except the 4th and 8th floors meet at the Colosseum on the 6th floor in an hour. I will contact Aura and Mare myself, so there is no need to report them. "

" Got it. Let me repeat the order; apart from Aura and Mare on the 6th floor, I must inform all the Floor Guardians to meet through hour in the Colosseum. "

" Right. Go. "

" Yes. "

Albedo quickly left the Throne Room.

As they watched Albedo leave, Momonga allowed breathe himself, which indicated that he was completely exhausted.

"Congratulations Momonga on your first girlfriend, I'm waiting for your wedding invitation ~" Mailena said with a grin on her face.

Momonga fell into a daze from such a statement, sometimes he suggests himself that Meilena is deliberately doing this, and at times he wants to hit her in the head, although this brings back memories to him, and warms his soul, although he did not have to be left alone.

"That's enough, don't embarrass me… after all, I ruined Tabula's creation," Momonga said, in whose voice you can hear notes of regret.

"You cannot return what you have done, you should accept it and perhaps talk to Albedo, I think she will not reject you, even on pain of death." -Meilena.

"Do you know how to calm down Meilen - san or is it - Tian?"

Having said that, Momonga can't help but poke fun at his friend, because not all of him mock him right?

Hearing this, she also fell into a daze, but not for long.

"Not bad Momonga, I think we have fun and that's enough, we should go to the 6th floor, I'll be there soon, if anything, you know how to contact me," Saying this, Mailena quickly left the Throne Room.


In the Throne Room, a very pleased undead can be heard laughing.