(jungkook ff 18+)
friends with benefits(DISCONTINUED) Book

novel - Romance

(jungkook ff 18+) friends with benefits(DISCONTINUED)


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sohyun and jungkook are best friends but one day jungkook go to states for years and when he got back everything is changed one day he made a contract to her bestfriend to have a benefits so then but he and her do it many times but in the next days mark confess to sohyung and jungkook planed to take her away to him so he planed jungkook ask sohyun if she could help him confess but he dont know the sohyun like him but she just let it go and next day she change back to being a gangster boss she go to bar but jungkook and the rest follow her he didn't expect to be jealous to the man who she dancing with and take her in his house and they did some explanations in the next day jungkook and sohyun got kidnap by her boyfriend but in that accident mark died and yeri was in jail and it happen that they bacame lover and bacame a parents