1 CHAPTER 01 : A new chance at life

Ever since I was little, my parents told me that a good man is a learned man and that in life, you need to learn from everything, from the smallest book to the biggest one. And that's what I did; I learned every day and devoured every book they brought for me.

It didn't matter what kinds of books they brought for me; from history to politics to religion and war tactics. I studied the war book of Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz, and read about different wars that happened throughout history.

I read about Chinese wars, especially their strategies. I loved the way Rome trained its soldiers, and how the Spartan system worked, where they start brutally training kids at age six. I admired the Spanish Marines and the Spanish ships, and I didn't forget about the British navy.

I also studied politics and was fascinated by how politicians, with only a small word, could make people follow them. No matter how many lies they throw at normal people, they just follow them blindly for something that isn't even anything.

As the more they give, the more they take. How diplomats make their enemies suffer from rising riots.

And before I even realized, I was already fascinated by them. I even searched for a lot of knowledge. As I had a very strong memory and was able to memorize everything easily, I memorized the glass and paper-making processes. I was even able to put my hand on a lot of blueprints of the ships of the Spanish and British Armada.

Then there is religion, the strongest weapon of self-conscious, self-aware creatures.

I read religious works as well. Some people think religion is only necessary in low-communication environments and I laugh at those who think that religion is only for people with low communication skills. As they aren't aware of its power.

Religion is powerful in any environment. It can be used as a weapon; for one, you can manipulate people into thinking you're the Messiah and just think you're God incarnate or [Insert God Name] in flesh. The zeal and faith these men and women will show will give you discipline and loyalty beyond human comprehension.

And the proof lies in front of us to take any terrorist organization. The inhuman things they do not just on everyone but also on themselves they think they are doing for their gods even when it's nothing like that.

As no Holy Book ever said you should kill your fellow human in his name, it's humans who sit in the shadows calling themselves "massagers of gods" and controlling the facts, adding their own lies to them rather than sparing them in the world.

Religion is the most powerful weapon when it comes to earning money. Even at current times, religious congregations – churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and chapels – of every denomination add $418 billion annually to the American economy, enough to make any billionaire sweat buckets of water.

Or even gaining loyalty, as it is a must to think for any species to exist, every mind needs something that is far beyond him to look upon to ask things from it to blame all bad they do or happen to them.

I always hoped that I could live such a messed-up life. Despite having somewhat of an obsession, I didn't neglect my life and continued to live it to the fullest.

I was an educated child from a good family. We were not the richest, of course, but neither were we the poorest; we were balanced, like all things in this world should be. I've always been a smart kid; I was learning fast and I wasn't having any problems, which is why my parents could go to work without worrying about.

poor to buy one, so don't judge me.

Of course, in the end, life decided to give me another slap. After two weeks of gifts and money spent on her ass, I found out she was fucking with one of my friends, and that was the moment when I decided that I was better off alone.

Sooner or later, I had to leave my home, go to university (Harvard, if you wish to know),

But what is the use of a bunch of random knowledge that I have collected throughout my childhood? So after that I took on a job, got a good income monthly, but... life was boring. It was the same thing every day: wake up, take a bath, go to work, work 12 hours, come back from work, and because I wasn't with my parents, I wasn't reading much.

I really wanted to leave the books behind, but it was too late for that as it was already my habit that was hard to leave behind. but I still keep going, watching movies or anime, going to sleep, and then repeating it again and again.

In my busy, boring life, I almost lost this habit.

My life was very boring if you ask me. Do not rush to grow up, enjoy life, and do as much nonsense as you want because, in the end, you will end up working for a fat man without integrity or shame, just as I did once. You may be wondering why I speak in the past. It's straightforward. I'm dead; yes, yes, you heard right.

Only the scathing emptiness of non-existence awaits on the other side of death's door... It makes one wonder whether the truly blessed are those who can make peace with the all-consuming but serene nihility that would come from such circumstances.

It looks like I've been dead for a while, a year to be exact, or so the old man who is in front of me says; I can't be sure yet. I mean, I am in a white room, and there's a simple office table with an old man possessing a beard that would put Santa to shame.

"So let me understand, I am dead?" asked William.

"Yes," answered God. His voice was somehow calming; just by listening to his words, even if they were grave, you could still feel at peace.

"I see... so what now?" "Do I go to Heaven or Hell?"

"In fact, I have other plans for you," said God with a smile on his face, which made Will raise an eyebrow. "You see... you didn't have the most pleasant of lives; you were bullied from a young age; your parents forced you to learn and didn't let you enjoy life... and other... unpleasant things, if I may say so."

"And who is at fault that I had a shitty life, I wonder," said Will in his thoughts, and shocking him was the fact that he got an answer.

"Not me, my son...I am not controlling your lives; you humans are your own masters; you really do have free will; it's just that you can't live with that fact.

What we do is merely watch and judge. If I had influenced everything in your lives, you would have revolted at the fact that I am controlling you, yet if I don't help, you are still mad. What should I do? "Hmm," he said while looking at me.

"Yeah... amm... sorry, didn't really think about that... anyway, can I ask you something?"

"Of course, ask anything you hear a desire for."

"Wait a sec, you can read my mind. Wouldn't it be easier to simply think about something and then for you to answer?"

"We can do as you like, even if I prefer to speak."

"All right then, let's speak. How did I die?" I don't remember anything.

"You were too tired from work, had a car accident, and boom, you are here; or wait, do you wish for me to go in-depth with this?"

"No, not really. Did my body get buried or what?"

"Sadly, no, your body got incinerated in the car crash; there's nothing left for your parents to bury."

"You don't look really sad when you are telling me this," said Will with a face-palm expression on his face.

"Well, from what I know, you don't care even if I would've, so... why bother?"

"Right...soo...what now?"

"Well, right now we should see what's happening with your soul; you haven't been a bad person, even if here it doesn't matter, after all, evil and good are two sides of the same coin." And the word "evil" is different here than it is to us; after all, creatures that survive on humans can't be evil; they just evolved like that. "Evil is just a perspective.

Winners write the history as they please. But I'm sure you already know that, don't you?" Hearing him, I nodded as he continued. "So you are not going to hell, that being said, you have two choices: go to heaven or be reincarnated."

"Reincarnated. Do you mean like being reborn?"

"Yes, that's what I mean. So, you see, being as powerful as we are, our lives lack entertainment."

"But how could this be if you are powerful and can do any sh*t you want, and you can see the future and every possibility?" I asked him.

"Yes, it's true, but you see, we can do that all, but at a time even that gets boring, and as for the future, you see, humans are very predictable yet unpredictable creatures, so we enjoy watching them. Yes, we could run simulations, but they are our creations, and no matter how much we try, we will never get them to influence and get all this useless information.

" So we use people like you who have failed in life, wanting to do much but not being able to do it. Good or bad, it doesn't matter, and we would rather not waste time and resources creating their copies when we are easily able to snatch them from worlds like yours. "

"You are going to have a new life that you can enjoy. You can choose your own world to be reborn in if you wish, or you can try living in your own world again. But I won't suggest that."

"There is no way I am going back there... hmm, a world of my liking, you say; even if I chose a world from anime, movies, or books, you are going to put me in it?"

"Yes, any world you wish, even if it's real or fantasy, it's yours and only yours; no one from your own world or other worlds can be in it; you are going to be the only one reborn there, not just in the universe but in the whole multiverse." So choose what you like, young William. Oh, not to forget, you would have four wishes and a gift from me, as my entertainer. "And a world of your choosing, that's a pretty good deal, isn't it, lad?" says the god.

"Four.. thanks?" I am kind of happy and surprised.

"No problem. Just don't go overboard; it doesn't work like that. "You get it right, no O-," says Mr. Nobody, before I cut him off.

"Yeah, none of the O's," I say.

If you want to be the God of that multiverse, Guess what you can, but you have to do it on your own; you want to be a king? You can conquer it all and get all the women riches you want. It's your own choice, and this is just the first step toward it. You can choose to do anything you want, without any strings attached. So go on. But... before that, what world do you want to go to?"

Is it real? Or maybe it's just a dream, and when he wakes up, he will be disappointed. But such a long dream? And a dream of which he is still aware? Weak chances. A new life, a new beginning, and the best part is that I can want anything I want: beauty, money, women, a bigger dick maybe, but what world? One Piece? Nah, I like Luffy too much to fight and maybe kill him for the role of Pirate King, Highschool DxD? Nah, that's not a good idea. Lord of the Rings? That's not a good idea either; there are too many monsters out there. And just as hope began to leave our William, a brilliant idea came to his mind: "Game of Thrones." It's not a safe world at all, but if he wishes something right, it could prove to be to his advantage. And on the larger scale of all things, it's a pretty low world with beauties and riches. So with the decision made, he said, "I want to be reborn in the universe of George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire, 20 years before the rebellion of Robert Baratheon."

"Quite a strange world if you ask me, but in the end, it's your decision, so I would ask you to tell me your wishes."

"First of all, that world has its own gods and its own religion." "Once I am reborn in that world, will they consider me an enemy or an intruder?"

"Yes, they would most likely want to kill you or make you join them, but if you chose the former, you are going to have problems with me and with the real hell, if you understand what I mean. Anyway, I know you don't have any plan to betray me, so don't worry about them. They can't intervene in mortals' problems because it is forbidden, or maybe you could gain more with them there."

"Then, I want to be reborn like Dracula from Castlevania, and of course, to have all his powers and everything related to him, except his thoughts." And as a second wish, I want to have Transcendent Vampire Physiology/ blood to be able to control, command, and communication the creatures of any type, and as a third wish, I want to have an inventory game type just like in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, where I can put everything I find and store them there without the possibilities to ever be filled, but I want to control it with my thoughts and not to wave my hands in the air like a mad man."


"Well, this is something I would not have expected; I thought you wanted to be a god or maybe a Targaryen or even a Stark. I should tell you that you pleasantly surprised me."

Hmm... That is very intriguing.... and that is the reason why I denied myself from seeing your choices... very interesting... Though sadly it isn't possible." said the god.

I look surprised and ask, "Why isn't it possible?"

He replies by saying, "Transcendent Vampires are extremely chaotic and unnatural, and they are special in the way that they are usually not bound or chained by the constraints of the laws of their respective universes." Thus, I can't make you something that is nearly omnipotent... but..."

"But?" I ask, full of hope.

"I can make your psychology that of a transcendent vampire, but their age and the blood they drink make them that powerful, so you were able to achieve that level by drinking blood from powerful beings."

This should make you a somewhat pseudo-transcendent vampire. "From there, the rest is up to you—to become something more, something more powerful," he says, and I nod happily.

"Okay, next," said God.

"For my fourth and final wish, I would like an AI that is very powerful and intelligent." One doesn't necessarily need to have vast knowledge, but rather a sufficient knowledge of the world and can learn more about it. One more thing: it can't do anything, and I mean anything, against me, and it can't disobey me. It completely obeys and listens to my every commandespect with "I. I will name it from now on. want its name... or his name to be, Salvia." I ask hopefully.

"Alright, I will give it to you, why not?" says God, who continues, "Now, to your appearance."

A tab in front of my eyes appears, and I see a bunch of options. I started exploring them when I decided to ask God, "I would like to look somewhat similar to Alucard, specifically from Castlevania." and he nodded. I chose my height to be 188 cm, or 6'1, and have an aesthetic physique with a little bulk. At last, dark blond hair—and, of course, a big prick. red eyes, and all of it.

"I am done," I say, smiling.

"And because of that, I will give you a small gift as a parting gift, and I wish you good luck." God said this with a surprised but happy face.

"Well, it has been good talking to you, although you did most of it," says God, smiling.

"Knowing you has been good, God," I say.

"Well, lad, have a nice adventure," said God as he snapped his finger and everything went dark.

"Wait! Before you send me off, I just have a small request if it's possible: can you please not make me be reborn like I don't want to stay and grow as a child...it sucks...can you simply teleport me somewhere like Essos for example?"

"Hmm, yeah, I can understand why you don't want to be born again; it's not the best of experiences (haha), but it would be bad for you as you need time to adapt to having powers and all, so you have to do it. I wish you good luck in your new life, William, or should I say Vlad Dracula Tepeş?"

What a pity that Dracula took a good night's sleep before saying goodbye, or so he thought. Something had happened since he fainted, and when he woke up, his head ached terribly, but he still managed to stabilize.


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