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First and foremost, I am dyslexic, so I use text to speech to listen to Chapters, with that out of the way, here is my review. Writing Quality: So far as I can hear, while listening to the chapter, there are no grammar issues, so five stars for that. (It's quite easy to hear if there are grammar issues.) Stability of Updates: He uploads two chapters a day, and it's stable so far, (Chapter 36) so five stars as well. Story Development: It's the best Naruto fanfiction I've listen to so far, though the story development is slow paste, but never to the degree of being boring, and the main character doesn't become OP, (At this point in the story) at the same time I don't feel like he's a weakling, which is very good, another thing that's good is, though the main character is a sociopath, he is not edgy, (Other than the first time he kills, he's kind of edgy there,) apart from that he's just a battle maniac, oh and the story progression is very good. for story development Five stars. Character Design: he doesn't describe characters very much, but enough to gain a basic picture of what they look like, oh and he describes battle scenes quite well, apart from that there isn't very much else to say. Four stars, World Background: So far as I can tell, he does a excellent job at using what's already there and expanding on it, and it sounds logical to me at least. (what he expands on) Five stars, not much else to say about this subject. Overall Thoughts: A excellent story, definitely worth a read, one of my favorite stories so far, in my top 10 at least, that's it, can't really be bothered to write anything else. (This took me around half an hour to write, don't know if that's long or short, whatever.)

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THE best story I've ever rad, hands down a fuc-ing masterpiece, the development is INSANE the attention to detail is INSANE even the pace is absolutely PERFECT, not to mention the comedy in this fic is absolute GOLD I highly suggest anyone to read this masterpiece, don't get turned down by the sociopathic MC because it was done beautifully, I admit I was skeptical that this was another edgy fake sociopath MC before I rad but I genuinely think this is top 3 fanfic material


I rarely ever write reviews and only on The stories that made me feel things this , this hit really close to my ❤️ For new readers the canon ending is till the Chapter named "It was fun while it lasted" or something i forgor the point is reading beyond that will leave a bad taste in yo mouth , Gold comedy , unique and True to it's core charachter design not overly Op but not too Weak , Morally "I DON'T KNOW" section type vut not a straight villain In the end i want you , the new guys to read this good book and not get backtracked like me who read this absolute banger after keeping it for three months in Library


Mc is edgy , a cardboard cutout . Writing quality is good . His whole first kill experience put me off the story , like i "get" it is personal experience or whatever, but those sorts of main characters don't appeal to me , overall pretty good writing but does not do anything for me personally


Reveal spoiler


Its actually genuinly good. Normaly Anime ff are at most entertaining. It shows the Ninja World from a different persepctive which normaly ends in a story turning out quite bad but here the author is masterful enought to make it happen. Do recognize though that the Mc is a very damaged person and that his character is disturbing at times. It does make him fit very well into the Naruto world though. He is almost a perfect fit for it character wise.


Perhaps the author can write better, but even if he can, he doesn't do it, so it often annoys me when I see simple grammar mistakes. When it says murder wizard, I kind of expected him to go independent, but maybe he'll leave the village later. Character is mostly fine, just that I'd prefer he kept being a bit more in control when he has an adrenaline rush. Lowered score mainly cause of the grammar and the decision for him to have loved ones in the story. It's not what I'm expecting when I click to read a story called "a murder wizards adventures".


Author tried to combine dark undertones and comedy, unsurprisingly, it didnt go well.


This story has some flaws, but despite that it’s still an really enjoyable read. First the problem: MC can be kind of strange at times. It’s a SI and has some of the typical problems they can have. The other characters are done pretty well. It helps that they are mostly ANBU and quite anyways. My biggest gripe is probably using the academy 3 as super powerful just because it personally breaks immersion. But cannon is kind of iffy with them. There are some more minor things that aren’t a big deal at least to me. Pros: The biggest Pro for me and the reason it gets bonus points is the OC and the timeline. There is hardly any fanfics with MC in the anbu and it’ really enjoyable to read about it. A lot of the content is original which is great as it is new and not the exact same cannon that’s been slightly altered in tons of fics. Updates have also been great and author interacts with readers Overal a good naruto fanfic.


Shameless author 5 star review. Honestly i don't really have a plan for this, i just want to write about cool ninja stuff, so you can think of this like a spy novel, there will be a focus on missions, mainly infiltration and some assassination as well as combat. ummm, please be nice? and enjoy of course! :>


it is a story with many mistakes tho it is entertaining now give me more entertaining or i go and bash your head with a biiiiiiiiiiiiig stick in a paralel universe of course im too lazy to do it here tho make your mc be very muscular like hokuto no ken muscular


It good


It is a truly exceptional story that (in my opinion) is pretty cool. I rate this story 15 Gargamels out of 22 Smurfettes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something decent.


Great story...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


the story is not bad, but as a fanfiction it's worth it, the characters are different from the naruto canon and behaving like people of our age (21st century) only with the addition of ninjas and murders, the story is like a comedy with the adding some parts like murders (he's in the ninja world so ok) but the fusion wasn't too good, mc can't control himself or at least he's like a teenager who instead of hormones is full of adrenaline, the author doesn't know much about naruto and there there are many cerebral additions by the author on how things work, there it is true that it is a medieval world but there are nobles, damaio (I don't know if it is spelled like that) who are like the emperors of the nations who control the people, the science of naruto is very advanced on par and even higher in some areas and it is also very widespread (some territories have cars and armor almost ironman level (it's not quite like that but it will give you an idea, even ninja school actually practice physics on kunai, and stuff like that you're basically high school and college level Other then this problems and the knowledge from naruto this is good story but if u want read naruto fanfiction i dont suggest u this (if u are expert from naruto but if u like and want ignore di little problem i suggest u this also remember this is a MAN in child body so when he dont act like a child is normal)


Not a Spoiler This novel has had a lot of work put into it and you can tell. The characters at times are the funniest I've read or the saddest. I would even compare the character design and progression to that of Supreme Magus. In how attached you can get to a character as the story progresses. I personally enjoy that the author is willing to change the story so much and to have the protagonist be a probable character that could have been in the original if he died. Not someone like hey I'm Sasuke's other brother, or Naruto's sibling. The author does really well with the power balance of the character and makes it seem like his strength is reasonable for his age and accomplishments. I personally enjoy novels that make the characters go through hard things and not have some random over powered cheat that they can fall back on.


----------------------------------------------------------Quite good-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Quite nice ------------------------------------------------------------------


Pretty enjoyable read. While there were definitely things I didn't like about the MC and his actions, they were within his character. I've not read a story featuring a Sociopath that is actually likeable before. Hanabira manages to be entertaining and understandable despite clearly having different morals and goals. Most authors who try to write Sociopaths try to make them dark and edgy, but this story was far more enjoyable.


literally a modern fanfic that has naruto names and theme. no one acts like they should in naruto, MC is quite honestly bland af and doesnt make me remember him a little bit. if this was an original i would keep reading but this being naruto is kinda bad cause there is no immersion, i just feel like the characters and their interaction is how you would expect it to be happen in a 21st century world minus all the ninja murder stuff