(BL) Transmigration: Latent Intrinsic Love Book

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(BL) Transmigration: Latent Intrinsic Love


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AUTHOR NOTE: THE BOOK IS UNDER RE-EDITING DUE TO SOME MISTAKE. PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR MONEY AND UNLOCK CHAPTERS FROM CHAP: 76 AND ONWARDS [Mature Content. No Rape] “Your road of love is destined to be one that’s rough. You shall forever be entangled with a man, and there won’t be a peaceful ending.” ''I am willing to spoil him, I am willing to guard him, I am willing! Thus, he needs not to see anything bloody or sludgy, and should have a stable and comfortable life, filled with sweet laughter''. One doesn't want an arranged marriage while the other wants to win him over. Hui Jian Yu is engaged to Lu Qiao Yan. The older guy and the young lad are nothing but perfect together. The sweetest, most exquisite wedding in the country will be held in a few years…As if Lu Qiao Yan's efforts to be a fitting match for Jian Yu and his dedicated love for him… are reciprocated by Jian Yu's repudiation! After an accident, going into a coma, Hui Jian Yu transmigrates and encounters the fate of his life and changes ultimately! ''I believe in betrothal. To have and harbor from this day onward. For good, for worse, for wealthier, for shoddier. In malady and health. Until the cessation does us asunder''. ''Before meeting him, I have never thought of living a moribund together with anyone else. After encountering him, I have never thought of spending the rest of my life with anyone else''. ''I, Zhang Li Qiang, ask the gods of all realms to stand witness to my marriage with Zhang Yi Chen''.