(BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!

[COMPLETED.] Transmigrated to be a Homewrecker?! Bai Yunyu was a sunny, nineteen years old who just got his first role as a small actor. However, a small unfortunate step on the road almost costed him his life! A strange, orange pupa shaped robot called Homewrecker System appeared in front of him and saved his life. It forced Yunyu to jump into many worlds to complete the task to be a Homewrecker between the main couple to save the world! Yunyu is a serious student, his objective is to save the world! But the target of each world seems to be attracted to him in some weird way. Yunyu: System! I feel like they fall in love with me easily, am I too handsome to handle? Pupa: No, you are just cheap. ***** Hi! ForeverPupa here! ^u^)/ This is a BL (Boys Love) Quick Transmigration novel with many worlds! There will be many weird setups for us to discover! Please expect: - 1v1 main ship. - Comedy and Angst blended into one! - Smut, Smut, and SMUTT! - PLOT TWIST. **** Official Commissioned Cover. **** Check my other novel! BL novels: - Homewrecker System (Completed) - Werewolf Prince is My New Pet! (Hiatus) - Gardenia of Blooming Desire (Completed) FL novels - Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil Brother (Completed) - He Stole Me From my Deadbeat Husband (Completed) - Rent A Boyfriend (Completed) - She Becomes A Hot Sensation After Scandalous Affair ** Contact me: Instagram: @foreverpupa

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"Come in before I smash your brains out, shrimp."

Junze's threat was like thunder on a clear sky. Yunyu's mind went blank immediately. He froze in place, not knowing what he should do. Especially when he saw a gun on Junze's dashboard. His leg trembled in fear.

[Pupa: That is a real gun, just for your information.]

[Well, system, no shit.]

Junze knew that Yunyu had noticed the gun on the dashboard. Yunyu's leg trembled and he fell on the ground. Junze laughed, he opened the car door and walked towards Yunyu.

Because his leg was too soft, Yunyu desperately crawled to run away from Junze. It was pretty funny in Junze's eyes, like a rat trying to run away helplessly, "What now? Are you scared? You didn't seem to be scared when you lied to me."

"J—Junze, p—please…" Yunyu saw Junze like a demon ready to kill him. Junze sneered and he pulled Yunyu's collar. He dragged Yunyu to his car and threw him to the seat rudely. Junze returned to the driver seat and laughed when he saw Yunyu cowered on his seat.

"Junze, I—I really didn't mean it… I'm just…"

"You really didn't mean it? But you've successfully seduced Ronghui," Junze laughed mirthlessly. He took out the gun on the dashboard and pointed it at Yunyu, "Shrimp, you know that I'm so angry right now. I can just kill you here."

Yunyu felt that his soul already flew from his body.

[System, should we restart the world now? I will be good and will ignore Ronghui completely. I will try my best to be Junze's lap dog.]

[Pupa: You are surprisingly pessimistic. You are very stubborn in the first world.]

[Because the gun is literally one click away to blow my head off. System, unless you give me some superpower to deflect bullets, you are going to see a crime scene.]

Junze played around with the trigger, he laughed at Yunyu's terrified expression. He was amused by Yunyu. This scrawny guy was obviously very ordinary, weak-looking, and he was not even good looking in any angle, but Ronghui fell in love with this thing.

It also baffled Junze, he pulled the trigger and said, "I never like someone who betrayed me. You know that I am the heir of the Zhou family, right? I can kill you right now and nobody will bat an eye."

Yunyu was already scared to the bone with Junze's threat, but when Junze pulled the trigger, Yunyu's tears welled up again and he cried like a little kid.

Junze was stupefied when he saw Yunyu's tears again. He often fought with many hardened men, or at least saw them when he accompanied his father. They would face their death in glory and would never yield.

For some reason, Junze hated when women cried, because he was raised by his tough mother, who was the matriarch of her mafia family. A weak woman disgusted him.

But when he saw a man crying, especially the one like Yunyu, who was obviously not involved in the dirty word, it hit him differently.

Yunyu cried and confessed everything, "Wuwuwu… Please don't kill me. I… I really don't know anything. I didn't do anything with Ronghui…"

Yunyu sobbed and cried shamelessly. Pupa system circled around Junze and seemed to be disgusted.

[Pupa: Ding! Zhou Junze's Fatemeter increases to 20%. Your fake tears will be the doom of all men.]

[ ༼ ಢ_ಢ༽ ]

Junze put down the gun. Truthfully, he just wanted to scare Yunyu with it, the gun was unloaded. He was not stupid enough to kill the honor student of this school, he would get expelled.

But Yunyu cried as if his life depended on it, Junze felt a bit guilty. He wanted to reach out to calm Yunyu down. But when his hand almost touched Yunyu's face, Yunyu reacted wildly and cowered his scrawny body into a ball. His body trembled and he didn't stop crying. Junze was distressed.

"C—calm down, I won't kill you," Junze tried to pacify Yunyu, "I will let you off, don't cry."

It took a while for Yunyu to calm down. But, he was still scared, "I—I will do your homework every day, I will do anything you want. Please don't kill me."

"I… I don't even know what Ronghui is thinking. I don't know why he asked me for a date either…"

At that moment, Yunyu immediately closed his mouth. Junze glared at him, which made Yunyu cower in fear again. He blurted everything out because he feared for his life. Junze's glare was getting more intense, but strangely, he was not only jealous because of Ronghui, he was jealous for both Ronghui and Yunyu.

[Pupa: You will make a bad spy.]

[I guess so… wait, do I need to be a spy in the later world?]

[Pupa: I do not spoil.]

[Oh, come on!]

Junze gripped Yunyu's wrist tightly and asked, "Where will you go with him?"

"Ack! B—Bookstore in the city! P—Please release, it hurts!���

Junze loosened his grip immediately. He stared at this shrimp for a moment, then said, "Go to your date with him tomorrow, I will not disturb."

[He is totally going to disturb the date, right?]

[Pupa: Totally.]

"Leave my car now," Junze said. The door opened automatically. Yunyu stared at Junze cautiously, he asked:

"You are going to let me off? For real?"

Junze nodded. Yunyu jumped from the car, took his back on the ground and ran away immediately. Junze stared at the scrawny back who ran away from him. He had a funny feeling in his heart, and he just blurted a word subconsciously:



Yunyu returned to the dorm. He unlocked his room and took a bath, he washed his swollen face after too much crying. Then he acted like nothing happened. Because Yunyu didn't want Ronghui to know about what happened and confronted Junze again.

Because if Ronghui confronted Junze again, he would be the one who took all the beatings from Junze, not Ronghui's beautiful face.

Ronghui returned from his club activity late at night. When he returned, Yunyu was busy doing his homework.

Ronghui smiled and patted Yunyu's head, "You studied up all night. Rest after you finish everything."

Yunyu shivered when Ronghui patted his head. His sweet world with Ronghui was already shattered when Junze threatened him in the evening. Maybe Junze was too scary for him, or maybe he just wanted to save his life for now, but Yunyu didn't want to get entangled with Ronghui too much.

Thus, Yunyu only nodded and continued writing down his homework.

One hour later, Yunyu fell asleep on his study table. Ronghui smiled and carried Yunyu to the bed. He gently placed Yunyu on the bed, but frowned once his hand touched something under Yunyu's long sleeve t-shirt.

Ronghui rolled Yunyu's sleeve. His gaze deepened when he saw plenty of dried scabs on Yunyu's elbows and arms. His right wrist is also swollen.

Ronghui stared at Yunyu who was sleeping uneasily. He clenched his fist.

'That bastard hurt Yunyu.'

[Pupa: Ding! Yang Ronghui's Fatemeter increases to 50%.]

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