(BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System!

[COMPLETED.] Transmigrated to be a Homewrecker?! Bai Yunyu was a sunny, nineteen years old who just got his first role as a small actor. However, a small unfortunate step on the road almost costed him his life! A strange, orange pupa shaped robot called Homewrecker System appeared in front of him and saved his life. It forced Yunyu to jump into many worlds to complete the task to be a Homewrecker between the main couple to save the world! Yunyu is a serious student, his objective is to save the world! But the target of each world seems to be attracted to him in some weird way. Yunyu: System! I feel like they fall in love with me easily, am I too handsome to handle? Pupa: No, you are just cheap. ***** Hi! ForeverPupa here! ^u^)/ This is a BL (Boys Love) Quick Transmigration novel with many worlds! There will be many weird setups for us to discover! Please expect: - 1v1 main ship. - Comedy and Angst blended into one! - Smut, Smut, and SMUTT! - PLOT TWIST. **** Official Commissioned Cover. **** Check my other novel! BL novels: - Homewrecker System (Completed) - Werewolf Prince is My New Pet! (Hiatus) - Gardenia of Blooming Desire (Completed) FL novels - Divorced My Scum Husband, Married His Evil Brother (Completed) - He Stole Me From my Deadbeat Husband (Completed) - Rent A Boyfriend (Completed) - She Becomes A Hot Sensation After Scandalous Affair ** Contact me: Instagram: @foreverpupa

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It took a good minute for Yunyu to finally respond to that degrading comment, he replied in reflex, "What did you say?"

Ronghui scoffed as he stood from his chair, towering Yunyu with his height. He looked down on Yunyu, "I said, stop staring at me, you disgusting creep."

Yunyu was stunned. This guy suddenly insulted him even though Yunyu didn't do anything wrong, with a hurt expression, Yunyu asked, "Why did u say that? Did I do something wrong?"

Ronghui was a very handsome young man, but he had viper tongue, he insulted Yunyu even more, "Because you are an eye sore, you are ugly, dumb, and weak. Did you forget that I have to clean the room myself and did your homework for one week because you were sick for the whole week? You are an honor student, stupid shit, all you need to do is study and you are still ranked second."

"I agreed to be your roommate because I thought you were a good student I can study with, but turns out you are a dimwit," Ronghui mocked, "Also, why do you keep staring at me like that? Are you one of those fans who can't keep their eyes down? I swear to god, you guys are a nuisance."

Yunyu lowered his head, he didn't argue with Ronghui and only accepted all Ronghui's poisonous words. However, inside his mind, Yunyu was raging over this humiliation.

[System, please hold me.]

[Pupa: What for?]

[Hold me, because I'm going to claw this asshole's face! Let's see what he will do if he loses his pretty face. What an arrogant prick! You think because you beat me in everything, you can insult me like this?! I still have honor! I still study hard! Just because you are the male god, you have no right to insult me! Arrrgh!]

[Pupa: You sure you don't want to say it out loud?]

[W—Well, he is still the master of this world…]

[Pupa: You are just scared because he is a lot stronger than you and he is ten centimetres taller than you, right?]

[Pupa, sometimes I wish that you have a mute feature.]

Ronghui saw that Yunyu could only lower his head and said nothing. He expected Yunyu to at least argue with him, but when Yunyu accepted everything in a defeated manner, it made Ronghui somewhat uncomfortable and guilty.

He felt that he was bullying a weak kid.

Ronghui clicked his tongue and shoved Yunyu's shoulder, he went out to get some fresh air.

Yunyu went to his bed and stared at the ceiling, he asked the system about the detailed information of this world.

[Now, since that asshole has left, tell me what do you mean about two masters of the world.]

[Pupa: There will be two main characters or masters of the world in the few worlds that we will visit later. This is your first one. Unlike the previous world, this kind of world requires you to interact with both masters of the world. Both Breakmeter and Fatemeter will be heavily influenced by both, and Fatemeter will be split into two.]

[Pupa: In short, this world is quite difficult, especially if you want to romance both main characters.]

[Hah! As if!]

[Pupa: This is the current Breakmeter and Fatemeter percentage.]

Pupa showed a hologram with a Breakmeter and two Fatemeters. Currently, the Breakmeter was still 10% and both Fatemeter of Zhou Junze and Yang Ronghui were also 0%.

[System, you said that Ronghui is Junze's love interest. They are the main couple of this world, right?]

[Pupa: Correct.]

[What did they do to destroy the world? Both of them are just high school kids.]

[You will know when you see Junze. He will come to you tomorrow.]

Yunyu nodded. He was tired today, and his naturally weak body made it even harder to stay awake. He closed his eyes and fell asleep immediately.

An hour later, Ronghui returned with two bottles of cola. He wanted to apologize to Yunyu, because he spouted many hurtful words to him.

He wasn't a temperamental person, but lately, his popularity soared and he got fed up with his fans who stalked him and always stared at him like he was some kind of exotic animal. He was also tired with so many activities he had. When Yunyu, his roommate, also stared at him with the same eyes, his mind got clouded for a moment.

But when he saw Yunyu sleeping on his bed, he just put the cola on the table. Ronghui laid on his bed, he turned his head to stare at Yunyu who curled up in his sleep.

Yunyu had a scrawny body, probably because of malnutrition when he was a kid. Ronghui knew that Li Yunyu was an orphan, this dorm was his house and the scholarship money was his only way to eat. Ronghui heard that Yunyu's scholarship was in danger, because Ronghui beat Yunyu in every subject, he was always ranked one and Yunyu was always ranked two since the freshmen year.

Now that they were already sophomore, Yunyu's constant underperformance threatened his scholarship.

Ronghui felt guilty sometimes, but he didn't want to yield just because he pitied Yunyu. His mother always warned him to be the best or be worthless, or they would get him. Being number one was also Ronghui's lifeline.

"I'm sorry," Ronghui said to Yunyu.

[Pupa: Ding! Ronghui's Fatemeter increases to 5%.]

The system notified Yunyu while Yunyu was asleep. Yunyu was in a deep sleep that he didn't notice at all. He was dreaming about fried chicken dipped in ketchup, his favorite after roasted turkey.


Yunyu woke up in daze, he glanced at Ronghui's bed across his, the bed was empty. He checked the clock and saw that it was still six in the morning.

[Where is Ronghui?]

[Pupa: He has been jogging since an hour ago, he's not a lazy slob like you.]

Yunyu snorted and washed his face to start the day. The school started at eight o'clock, Yunyu left the dorm at seven and walked with his bag to the school.

The dorm was inside the huge school, so Yunyu didn't need to walk through the bustling road outside the school. But he felt like he was walking across the busy road, only with fancier cars around him.

Every student passed him with their own car roaring, Yunyu could only eat their dirt. Yunyu frowned and he cursed the system in his heart, but he still kept his smile. Because apparently, the system told him that he was popular… with the cleaning ladies.

[Pupa: Li Yunyu often helps the old cleaning ladies to clean the school on his way to the class. You are popular with them.]

[Well, Li Yunyu is a very kind, selfless boy. But, Bai Yunyu needs that Ferrari.]

"Auntie, I'll help you," Yunyu said while taking the broom from a cleaning lady. The cleaning lady was already sixty and she suffered from a back problem. She couldn't retire because she had a granddaughter that needed money to continue her study.

"Thank you, Yunyu," the old lady said.

Yunyu started cleaning quickly, as he was busy sweeping the fallen leaves, the back of his head got smacked by a bag so suddenly.

The bag was heavy and Yunyu fell to the ground, "Ah!"

Yunyu turned his head and saw that a boy with the same height as Ronghui looked down on him. The boy had short and spiky hair, sharp features, sharp eyebrows and phoenix eyes, sharp straight nose, and sharp jawline. It exuded a manly features, and of course, he was handsome.

However, there was a very distinct tattoo on his neck, like a symbol that was foreign for Yunyu.

[Pupa: This is Zhou Junze, the second master of this world, the heir of the most powerful mafia organization in this city. He is a powerful bully, and he loves to bully you.]

Junze sneered, "Get up, shrimp, do my homework now."

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