605 14.01 : The Villain's Bitch

"Mom… Mom… please wake up…." 

Yunyu could hear the faint voice of a little boy calling him Mom while shaking his shoulder. When he entered this new body, he felt an enormous pain all over his body to the point that opening his eyes was difficult. 

He could move his body, but when he did, he would feel a crushing pain. He opened his eyes hard, and he saw a giant Cyclops in front of him. He was so tall, almost as tall as a skyscraper, and there were plenty of people in funny, colorful costumes trying to fight the giant. 

But Yunyu's eyes darted on only one man who wore a silver suit with 'S' printed on his chest. He was buff and looked super strong. When the Cyclops fired a beam out of his eyes, the 'S' man commanded, "Wally Wall, summon a shield!" 

The man called Wally Wall summoned a shield to protect the group from the attack. 

The 'S' Man looked at Yunyu full of worry. He dashed towards Yunyu and asked, "Are you okay? You've been badly hurt!"


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