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Jean ran dramatically to his room and laid on his bed. He covered himself in a blanket, crying alone out of heartbreak. He didn't expect that his Big brother could be this mean to him. 

He also wanted to return home. He wanted to meet with his Big brother, had dinner with him, and also played inside his Big brother's office. Had he known it would be this painful to get discarded, he wouldn't say that he wanted to leave the Palace. 

[Pupa: Okay, are you done being dramatic?]

[Sshh! I'm trying to look even more miserable here!]

Jean sobbed alone inside his blanket until he heard someone opened the door. He thought it was Wolf, so he didn't bother to open the blanket. 

"Go away, Wolf…." 

"Young Master, it's me."

"Wu… Matthew…" Jean slowly pulled down the blanket and peeked. He saw Matthew took a stool and sat beside the bedpost. He looked worried, maybe because this was the first time he ever saw Jean crying after so long. 


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