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"But if you need anything, just send me a letter or send Wolf as your envoy. I will help you, as always."

Jean sat on his bed, confused and burdened with this feeling in his heart. He didn't know why his Big brother acted so strangely. He came to the Academy, yelling at him, forbidding him to come close to anyone, and then just left, adding even more questions in Jean's head. 

[Man, Maximillien's lovesickness is troublesome. He doesn't seem to be the kind of person that wants to share…]

[Pupa: I don't think any of them want to share, maybe Wolf, but that's because he loves you wholeheartedly and selflessly. The rest of them are very possessive.]

[Pupa: Maximillien is just the most possessive one. Well… maybe there is one more person…]

Matthew opened the door after a while. He saw Young Master Jean slumped on his bed, lost in his thought. 


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