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"Good morning, Jean. It seems that I've disturbed your gossip with these girls."

Jean gulped after he got caught. He stood up from the bench immediately and tried to greet his grumpy Big brother. 

"B—Big brother! W—Why didn't you tell me that you're coming?" Jean tried to cater to his Big brother as he was guilty of getting caught. Archduke Maximillien said nothing. He just glared at the girls, who were both stunned by his handsomeness and scared by his scary glare. 

"Leave," Maximillien said with a low, almost growling voice. 

"Y—YES!" The girls excused themselves and left Jean instantly. They were too terrified to be in the same place with Archduke Maximillien. 

Maximillien glared at Wolf, who was standing beside Jean. Unlike the Young Master, who was nervous, Wolf stood silently like a statue, only responding when he got called. 


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