523 13.21

"Your Highness, Young Master Jean seems to be fond of my son. Would you mind allowing them to be friends?"

Maximillien frowned. This was the first time for Little Jean to leave the Palace of Eau Saumont, so he was still very naive about what was happening around him.

Maximillien didn't want Jean to get used by some people who wanted benefits. So he asked Jean first, "Is it true? Do you want to befriend someone?"

[Honestly, big bro, I'm not really interested. I feel like befriending Matthew/Jiansheng/Aaron or whatever he is will only bring doom to my mission.]

[But without befriending him and keep in around, Matthew will inevitably create some chaos. I can smell the jinx from him. The smell of doom is just too strong.]

[Pupa: Matthew looks pretty tame to me.]

[So does Aaron Xu and Xu Jiansheng, and then BOOM, red chain. I think I've adapted Xuphobia right now. Scared that he will start some shit.]


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