604 13.102: My Toxic Love

"NOOOO!!!" Monster Matthew screamed, he pushed himself to reach Yunyu, but the moment he touched his hand, Yunyu's body exploded right in front of Monster Matthew's eyes.


After that explosion, Pupa immediately transferred Yunyu's soul out of prison created by Monster Matthew. Pupa didn't know where they would go next, but an automatic reaction came from its body when they were ejected out of that world.

[Pupa: Ding! Matthew Moulin's Fatemeter increases to 100%. Congratulation, host! May you have a long-lasting love life!]

[Pupa: Ding! Breakmeter increases to 100%. The world has been completed. Congratulations!]

Yunyu opened his eyes once he heard that notification. He found himself in a void, floating around with Pupa. 

"Wait, I actually completed that world?" Yunyu asked for a confirmation. He didn't know that was possible. "I thought it would fail, and I will be stuck in a limbo forever since I can't restart it, right?"


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