(BL) My Evil Werewolf System

(Warning! BL mature content ahead!) Yu Weimin was a seasoned criminal. Attacking bureaucrats and making trouble for the Empire were part of his everyday schedule. It’s just that he never thought the Marshal he hated the most for several decades would suddenly use such a cheap trick to capture him. Even more absurd was that instead of being sentenced to death, his final judgment was changed. As soon as he opened his eyes, he heard a high-pitched female voice in his head. [Ding.] [System Booting up] [Welcome to the Evil Werewolf System! I’m your system, 520!] Then, Yu Weimin was forced to jump from one world to another to save the villains. Wait, why do they seem like a certain Marshal he hates the most? Before he could confirm his suspicions, the villains started becoming stickier and stickier. Yu Weimin, “Honestly, did he capture me just to push me against the wall?” System 520: [.....Maybe?] Cold, heartless, and a criminal Shou X Smooth talker, egoistic, and vengeful Gong ***** Sneak peek~ Yu Weimin ignored his system and bent down to grab a certain little wolf by the neck. He stared at those red eyes filled with anger and slapped the wolf’s butt, making the latter shriek. A certain villain in his little wolf form bared his teeth. [Ding.] [Hatred value increased!] [Hatred value increased!] [Hatred value increased!] [Ho-Host…. Can you stop this?!! I’m gonna get a data error!!!!] Yu Weimin finally stopped torturing a certain villain and glared at the small pup in his arms. “If you dare to run away again, it won’t just be your butt that will face the consequences.” ***** Arc 1: ABO World! (Omegaverse) Arc 2: Mafia Werewolf Romance (Two werewolf MLs, one mate) Arc 3: Ancient Chinese fantasy! (Crown Prince/King MC X His werewolf Shadow Guard ML) Arc 4: Vampire MC X Hybrid ML Arc 5: Elf Zombie King X Super Alpha of the werewolf clan Arc 6: A Ghost Wizard X A Cursed Werewolf Arc 7: An Insane Doctor X A Werewolf Patient (Mental asylum) Arc 8: Chameleon subbeast Shou X Actor Beast Gong Arc 9: Master Wolf X Disciple Fox (Cultivation world) Arc 10: Magician Student X magician little wolf Arc 11: The wolf crown prince X an already extinct human specie ***** Sequel update: "Unlimited chances to catch my wife" is the sequel to this novel! ***** Update schedule: 2 chaps a day Five chapters mass update when we reach— 1. 50 GTs! (I'll give a mass update of 5 chapters in a day with every 50 GTs! This offer might change in the future. So you guys still have a chance to get mass updates!) ***** PS: Officially commissioned art. I thank the artist Lia for creating such a wonderful art! Reach out to her @lia.audelia on Instagram! PPS: Ahem, this novel doesn't contain any child abuse. The little wolf isn't little, so.... PPPPPSS: This note is for the privilege readers! There's a special channel for you guys. If you have purchased VIP, you can get to read R-18 scenes there on your demand! So go ahead and join my discord server! I might even give more benefits in the future, especially character arts, based on how much money I earn. Check out the discord link below. https://linktr.ee/pinkyprincess765

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What The Heck?

Yu Weimin heard others talking behind his back as he was taken deeper into the corridor.

"Hey, why hasn't Marshal arrived yet?"

"Who knows? Perhaps he's resting?"

"That person? Resting?! You've got to be kidding me. That workaholic is strict as ever, even with himself. How come he's resting after a fight? Haven't you seen how he rushed about after fighting with the enemies the last time?"

"Ah, so where's he?"

Yu Weimin frowned, but he said nothing. Soon, he was pushed into a room with a VR capsule. His hands were secured as the soldiers moved him inside. They tied and locked him up inside the capsule.

"Done. Chief, should we start?"

"Yu Weimin, I hope you do a better job, or else your end will be worse than death."

That was the last sentence Yu Weimin heard before the system initiated.

Wait, wasn't he receiving the death penalty already?

There were two methods for punishment. One was throwing criminals into the virtual punishment center.

Another was unusually soothing—execution. It wasn't actually that dangerous in this era. It was a swift, painless, and peaceful death.

The officers would first ask the criminals about their last wish or what kind of world they'd like to live in. Then they would erase the memories of the criminals and find such a world in haste that matched the description. After that, the criminals would be thrown into that world.

When the person finishes his timeline, he will actually die.

Yu Weimin had read a lot about the twenty-first century. So he wished to be a regular student, an office worker, and die a peaceful death.


[System booting up.]

[Welcome to the Evil Werewolf System!]

Yu Weimin opened his eyes and felt a surge of pain throughout his limbs. "Wh-What's happening?"

Evil what now?

He couldn't even open his eyes properly. His gaze was blurry as he felt the dizziness in his head. Why didn't they fulfill his wish? This was his right being a world-class criminal, after all.


Just then, a female voice rang in his head.

[Host! Welcome to the virtual punishment center! I'm 520!!!! Your punishment starts now!]

"Virtual what?" It took a moment before Yu Weimin figured out what had happened.

They actually sent him to the virtual punishment center without asking his permission! Was this for real? Were they finally giving him a second chance?!

Wait a second….

System 520?!

What's up with this odd number?

This number signified 'I love you' in Chinese for those who didn't know. Yu Weimin had learned the language. So he was shocked after hearing that.

He, a great villain, got shocked twice after entering the virtual world.

Yu Weimin shook his head. "What am I doing here?"

[You've asked the right person!] The female system spoke as her annoying voice chirped into his head. [You have been given a second chance! Congratulations! His majesty's words: Make sure Yu Weimin can turn over a new leaf. If not, we still have his last wish.]

The system tried to mimic the Emperor's voice but failed tragically. So it was a failed attempt at a manly female voice.

Yu Weimin cringed at that. The muscles on his face twitched.

"Get to the point. No need to be so detailed."

He didn't want to hear that cringeworthy mimicry again. Even though he was a villain, he had his principles.

[In short, you can live as long as you finish the mission! Isn't this great?!]

Yu Weimin went silent for a moment. He still remembered the fight with the Marshal a few hours ago. He was certain that after getting caught by that hypocritical person, he would be executed.

Yet here he was, alive and kicking.

How did this happen? The Marshal didn't beg for his life to be spared just to fight in real life, did he?

Yu Weimin pursed his lips and didn't think about it anymore. In any case, he didn't care whether he was dead or alive. He might as well try to survive now that he'd been given this opportunity.

He had heard about these virtual punishments before. The criminals sent into this system would have to go from one world to another to destroy all the vices in their hearts. They would be forced to become male leads in tragic novels, finish several missions involving doing cringeworthy good deeds, and even speak dialogue that would make any villain puke out their guts.

The most notable difference was that the criminals were not allowed to deviate from the plot and were required to remain in character at all times.

So he also assumed that he would have to endure a few lifetimes of pretending to be a good person before being let out to live. He nodded expressionlessly as he waited for his system to continue.

[Host, here's the plot. Of course, the plot is just a formality. You don't need to follow it for your mission.]

Don't need to follow it? Yu Weimin raised his brows. This wasn't what he had heard….

He curbed his desire to ask questions and decided to get more information first as he started goiing through the plot.

After reading through the entire storyline, Yu Weimin could only say one thing: An utter disgrace of a novel.

How could a story be so abusive to the main character? 

The male lead in this story was named Oliver. He was a criminal recently captured for the murder of the Crown Prince. The King seized the male lead and tortured him so much that his limbs and body trembled and his bones cracked.

No wonder Yu Weimin felt his body breaking as soon as he opened his eyes.

The storyline further explained how the Crown Prince ended up being reincarnated in a Rogue Alpha's body, who set out to take revenge against Oliver. Throughout the story, the only thing the two would do was play a mouse and cat chase, with Oliver being the one who was abused the most.

In the end, Oliver turned over a new leaf by doing good deeds. He assassinated the crown prince, finally ridding the world of a criminal.

Oh, did Yu Weimin forget to mention what kind of world this was? A futuristic ABO!!!! The worst thing was that Oliver, whose body Yu Weimin possessed, was an Omega! That meant he could give birth if something hanky panky happened!!!

Ahem, not that Yu Weimin would do something like that. He wasn't interested in such things.

Yu Weimin ignored the discomfort in his heart towards the world setting and asked, "I have to follow the male lead's story and turn over a new leaf?"


"Huh? Isn't that what the rules say?"

[That's not the case. You have a secret mission exceptionally crafted by the Emperor himself!]

A secret mission? Why did the Emperor approach him of all people? Yu Weimin could hardly believe it. There must be some other reason why he was being forced into this….

Before he could continue thinking about it, he heard his system's voice again. [Host, please read your mission details.]

Yu Weimin didn't think too much about it as he glanced at the mission:

[Save the villain! Please follow the instructions mentioned below:

1. Reduce his hatred value.

2. Stay in character in front of the villain.

3. Destroy the plot thoroughly and the avoid reaching the actual ending.

You'll be automatically transferred to another world after finishing these checkpoints. The hatred value bar is depicted below. Reduce it to the value of zero. We hope you'll be able to fulfill your duties!]

Yu Weimin: ".....What the heck?"

So he was supposed to turn over a new leaf by following these things? He was a freaking male lead. How was he supposed to save the villain while still being in character?! Was the Emperor  playing some messed-up joke with his life?!