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(Warning! BL mature content ahead!) Yu Weimin was a seasoned criminal. Attacking bureaucrats and making trouble for the Empire were part of his everyday schedule. It’s just that he never thought the Marshal he hated the most for several decades would suddenly use such a cheap trick to capture him. Even more absurd was that instead of being sentenced to death, his final judgment was changed. As soon as he opened his eyes, he heard a high-pitched female voice in his head. [Ding.] [System Booting up] [Welcome to the Evil Werewolf System! I’m your system, 520!] Then, Yu Weimin was forced to jump from one world to another to save the villains. Wait, why do they seem like a certain Marshal he hates the most? Before he could confirm his suspicions, the villains started becoming stickier and stickier. Yu Weimin, “Honestly, did he capture me just to push me against the wall?” System 520: [.....Maybe?] Cold, heartless, and a criminal Shou X Smooth talker, egoistic, and vengeful Gong ***** Sneak peek~ Yu Weimin ignored his system and bent down to grab a certain little wolf by the neck. He stared at those red eyes filled with anger and slapped the wolf’s butt, making the latter shriek. A certain villain in his little wolf form bared his teeth. [Ding.] [Hatred value increased!] [Hatred value increased!] [Hatred value increased!] [Ho-Host…. Can you stop this?!! I’m gonna get a data error!!!!] Yu Weimin finally stopped torturing a certain villain and glared at the small pup in his arms. “If you dare to run away again, it won’t just be your butt that will face the consequences.” ***** Arc 1: ABO World! (Omegaverse) Arc 2: Mafia Werewolf Romance (Two werewolf MLs, one mate) Arc 3: Ancient Chinese fantasy! (Crown Prince/King MC X His werewolf Shadow Guard ML) Arc 4: Vampire MC X Hybrid ML Arc 5: Elf Zombie King X Super Alpha of the werewolf clan Arc 6: A Ghost Wizard X A Cursed Werewolf Arc 7: An Insane Doctor X A Werewolf Patient (Mental asylum) Arc 8: Chameleon subbeast Shou X Actor Beast Gong Arc 9: Master Wolf X Disciple Fox (Cultivation world) Arc 10: Magician Student X magician little wolf Arc 11: The wolf crown prince X an already extinct human specie ***** Sequel update: "Unlimited chances to catch my wife" is the sequel to this novel! ***** Update schedule: 2 chaps a day Five chapters mass update when we reach— 1. 50 GTs! (I'll give a mass update of 5 chapters in a day with every 50 GTs! This offer might change in the future. So you guys still have a chance to get mass updates!) ***** PS: Officially commissioned art. I thank the artist Lia for creating such a wonderful art! Reach out to her @lia.audelia on Instagram! PPS: Ahem, this novel doesn't contain any child abuse. The little wolf isn't little, so.... PPPPPSS: This note is for the privilege readers! There's a special channel for you guys. If you have purchased VIP, you can get to read R-18 scenes there on your demand! So go ahead and join my discord server! I might even give more benefits in the future, especially character arts, based on how much money I earn. Check out the discord link below. https://linktr.ee/pinkyprincess765

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A black-haired person wrote a Chinese letter in the air with a dark red aura brimming out of his fingers. Soon after, the letter transformed into a spell, causing the entire earth to tremble. Several spots on the ground cracked open as decayed hands were dug out from beneath.

The man smiled as his black robes fluttered in the wind. It looked like a scene from an Eastern Fantasy drama or something.

Soon enough, dead people, looking like zombies, crawled out of the ground. Several of their limbs were broken, and blackish blood oozed from their body parts. Just then, the man drew another letter in the air.

His voice fell to the background as he commanded, "Soldiers, Attack him! You're not allowed to rest in peace until you destroy his body!"

"Tch," a man in sky blue robes with a silver design at the hem of his dress clicked his tongue, standing opposite the person dressed in black. "Pretentious fellow! If you're so worried about their 'peace', you wouldn't have ordered them to rise!"

The black-clothed person ignored the comment, but he knew his silence wasn't enough to shut the other man up; he knew that person like the back of his hand.

"We could have fought for real, not in this virtual world, you know?" the man dressed in blue spoke again. "I would like to test your limits again."

And destroy the world? No, thank you. Where would he live if their combined powers ended up destroying this world?

Though these words were swimming in his mind, the black-clothed man said nothing as he focused on his zombies. Soon enough, the dead surrounded the man in blue, who had nothing in his hand, not even a sword.

The man smiled and said, "So you're still ignoring me, huh? Fine. Let's settle this once and for all!!!"

Then he finally got serious and stopped talking. He pulled out a fan from his inventory and made a fighting stance. He raised his head and stared at the other person with a smile on his face that didn't reach his eyes.

"You know what I regret the most?"

The black-clothed person didn't know what the other person was talking about. He had been ignoring the man since they started fighting half an hour ago. They fought with swords, hands, and props, and had now resorted to spells. Wasn't this a clear sign that he didn't want to talk?

Still, the man in blue didn't think much of his opponent's silence as he opened his mouth and said, "I should have saved you that day, even at the cost of my life."

'Saved me?' thought the black-robed man as he tilted his head in confusion.

When the heck did that situation even occur? Was this man bluffing?

He remained in a dazed state, so much so that he even stopped focusing on his zombies. He raised his head and stared at the other man head-on as if this were the first time he had seen that person.

He had gone against that person several times. They fought whenever they met, and each time would be worse than the last. He had an intuition that this would probably be the last time they fought.

At this moment, the blue-robed person glanced at the other person and raised his hand to his earpiece. "Get ready! I got him!"

All of a sudden, the entire world started to crumble. The zombies that had been created started falling to the ground as if they were mere pieces of chopped vegetables. A dark sky surrounded the area, and the bare ground cracked.

The black-robed person finally realized what had happened. He let out a bitter smile.

How could he expect the other man to regret it? That sentence was clearly said to stun him.

He originally wasn't worried about other people disturbing his real body during this virtual fight. After all, he had created a formation around his body so no one could reach it.

Besides the person standing before him, no one was powerful enough to touch him.

Yet, the blue-robed person's minions ended up destroying the formation. Why? Because the black-robed man became shocked and stupid after hearing those so-called regretful words. He even ended up stopping the flow of his energy into the formation outside, which was probably what led others to break through the formation.

What saving?! That was all said to confuse him!

The black-robed man laughed at the top of his voice as if he had just heard a joke. "You regret it? Guess what? I don't! You'd better watch out!"

In the end, the virtual world was annihilated. The black-robed person disappeared first. He had this twisted, bitter smile on his face as he stared at his enemy.

What he didn't know was that the blue-robed person's eyes were filled with a flicker of sadness that disappeared with his body.

Outside the virtual world-

The blue-robed person's real body was placed inside his battleship, which had arrived closer to the edge of the Star Planetary System. The Star Pirates, aka the group of rogue cultivators, had also sent their pirate battleship to the last planet to fight against the entire Empire once and for all. If it weren't for the blue-robed man's interference, things would have gone terribly, probably leading to the Empire's destruction.

The entire pirate battleship was captured as soon as the virtual world crumbled to dust. The soldiers surrounded the ship with their guns and mechas, not giving a single pirate any chance to struggle. The chief soldier directly under the blue-robed man sighed in relief and grinned as he stared at the screen. He was currently standing in the Virtual Monitoring Room, where his boss had entered the virtual world to lure the enemy out.

Finally, after years of struggle, the powerful enemy was caught!

He was so happy that he wanted to dance.

He said to his boss, expecting him to have gotten up already, "Boss, well done! You have created history! Tell you wha-"

Before he could continue, he glanced at his boss's body lying on the VR bed, eyes closed. The chief frowned.

His boss should have gotten up already. Why was he still sleeping?

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