(BL) I teleported again and now all demons want me!

As the most successful editor, beloved by the whole world, touted as the holy angel, Eric dared to offend everyone under heavens and hell! Nothing new. Only problem is, well... this time... the person he offended is... this handsome, self-proclaimed Demon Lord in his office! Demon Lord: My son cursed you, so I came to take you away. Eric: Yeah, no thank you. Yet the demon lord doesn't take a no. Eric: Then why did you ask in the first place? Demon Lord: Because I wanted to charm you. Eric: You have no charm. Grow a pair of boobs, then come ba- Next second, Eric finds himself in the Demon World. His punshiment? To make the aspiring demons proper authors. Only then can Eric escape. But the thing is, Eric has to teleport into each story to edit it! The even bigger problem, the Demon Lord seems to follow him! "Excuse me, good sir, why the hell are you the final boss in every story that I've to seduce? Please get out of here and do your duty as the Demon Lord! Stop making all the students write about you!" Yet the biggest problem the whole universe ever had to face, all the demons... seem to want him! "This is not a breeding ground. Thank you. Please kindly fuck off. My body is not for your lusting entertainment!!!" --------------------- Uploads Mo-Thu Disclaimer: This has steamy scenes and loads of profanities. Read at your own risk and be ready to have your sanity and integrity questioned. The second book in the 'Scum Series'. You don't need to have read the first book to read this but it's a damn, funny, bs book, so read it as well- 'Shameless transmigration' it's called. Picture doesn't belong to me. Credit to artist.

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This development shouldn't involve eating

Leon would kill Eric knowing this straight-up turned into BL and Eric would kill Del for trying to kill his ass! What was this? Yes, a fucked up kill fest!

See how you like that, you rotten people reading something like this! Misfortune tons of misfortune would befall you too! Eric cursed! Last story was BL and now this as well!

"I have told you before. You have to defeat the villain to continue the story and defeating means touchy touchy, host."

Shut up! Right now! Del was the villain, I have to- Wait... Del was the villain and Eric had to defeat Del by sleeping with him since they were enemies and-

Are you kidding me? This story makes no sense!

"Host only realised now? The readers only want a massive amount of steam, who cares about the actual plot."

You shut your damn trap!

Eric has to escape Del and continue the story since villains should be defeated at the end... what the hell? How did this make sense? However, Del seemed to know what went on in Eric's head and said, "I'll join you on your treasure hunt journey. Once you find the treasure, we can settle this. I know I'm the villain, so of course, I'll do my part."

Wow, Eric didn't expect Del to be so understanding, but why would the villain join me and-

Wait, Eric narrowed his eyes. This is one of those convenient plots to tie these fucking love interests together to see them frick, isn't it? Gosh, dammit!

Double wait! Del was the person who made Eric pass out, right? So these cloaked people...

"At the academy-'' Eric started but Del interrupted him, "Don't worry, no one was hurt. I only did this to bring you out and at the first checkpoint I had to kidnap you, so we can be together."

So, you know this is kidnapping huh- and


"I failed the first checkpoint so-"

"Don't worry, there's a way you can join again. If you team up with another contender, you can become a proxy. At the end, I'll naturally give my spot up to you."

So, convenient huh? Fuck, this story just went down the drain huh? It was already trash from the beginning but it was still recyclable trash but now it turned into waste no one had a use for anymore.

Also, Eric remembered his allies. They must be going insane! Eric quickly used his magic and sent them a message saying he was alright before- BAM!

Realisation hit... Del's hands... were so fucking naughty!

"So, let's enjoy ourselves until tomorrow," Del really had the audacity to say this!

And indeed, until the next morning where Eric forcefully shut out Del's touching and fell asleep, Eric woke up in shock.

50 points! Just by touching him, his points increased by 50! How much was this? How much touching and hugging? Who cared! Eric grit his teeth as Del became a big sloth clinging onto him as if he was a branch. This naughty demon! Back to hell with you!


"Who is this?"

After a whole lot of ordeal of getting Del to act naturally, Eric finally met up with his allies again. Once they laid their eyes on Eric, they fell into his arms causing him to fall to the ground which displeased Del a lot, but he only pursed his lips as Eric's allies eyed him with suspicion.

"He's a friend who saved me at the previous checkpoint. I ran into some trouble, so he helped me," Eric casually threw his practiced lines out there. Their guards lowered but just who in the world was this sexy and handsome devil? Éclair and Tani almost drooled but quickly became dignified again.

"Ok, but what's he doing here now?'' Eclair brushed her hair back elegantly and coldly looked at Del while actually on the insides she was squealing being stared down by Del.

How damn hot could a person get? This was not normal.

"He'll join our team. He's strong and experienced," Eric answered and Tani quickly nodded abashed, "That's good. He seems reliable."

Just a glance at Eclair and Tani, Eric already knew what they thought. He rolled his eyes.

"Well, if we got more fighting force, that's good," Dan scratched his head.

They moved back to the inn and briefed Eric on what happened after he disappeared. Basically, they searched the quarters but as Eric anticipated, there wasn't anyone. Did this story or competition make it harder for him? If you want to create suspense, don't intercept it with a fucking horny villain and naughty quest!

Speaking of naughty, look at this big baby Demon Lord trying to be as smooth as possible sitting next to Eric and holding hands. Screw you! Eric really wanted to know what went through Del's mind but every time he tried to call his skill-

[Failure system interference]

Obviously, it was the TT system! Why the hell couldn't Eric have both? The skills weren't even a system itself or were they?

"Don't look at me, hosts. It's not my fault," the TT system actually dared to run off its mouth like that! Both of you are useless!

"Elas, how long do we have until the second checkpoint?" Dan's sudden voice made Eric snap out of his thoughts and focus on the important part. Eric opened his interface and saw the timer.

"A week."

"Then should we leave now or can we afford to stay a night?"

Eric watched them, "You want to stay here?"

They shook their heads and Tani took the role of a mother, "No but you might be exhausted."

"No, I'm fine, who do you think I am?" Eric grinned. He knew they were worried because this OP protagonist lied about having to be saved. If this OPness met with trouble, how could any of them be at ease?

"I'm fine if we stay here for the night," as Del said this, obvious intent flashed through his eyes.

"No!" instantly Eric stood up and declared, "We'll go asap! The checkpoint isn't located in a city."

As they left the iron-forte city, Eric glanced at his new status and text that has popped up since he and Del formed a team.

[Congratulations, you have become a proxy for a contender. You will be able to continue the treasure hunt despite your initial failure]

It was obviously mocking him-

[but don't forget if you can't change your current status as a proxy before the final stage, you won't be able to attain the treasure. Best of luck.]

So, things were like this at the moment. Eric was in a so-to-say phantom position. On one side, he still participated in the hunt, on the other hand, he wasn't a real contender anymore. Until the final stage, he had to become a contender. But how?

Del said he would give up his status to Eric. So, if one contender was fine with it, then Eric could attain his old status but was this even ok for Del? He was the villain. The villain can't just become good!

There needed to be a confrontation between them! Or maybe at the final stage, Del would betray him and voila plot twist, albeit very predictable. Eric sighed. He shouldn't worry about this now. One thing at a time. First, they need to clear the second checkpoint before even having delusional thoughts about the grand finale.

"I'll hold you," once they reached the plain fields, Del carried Eric bridal style and started to float. He signalled that they would fly to the second checkpoint. Seeing this, Eric's allies' faces morphed into fine lines. What the hell was going on?

But Éclair and Tani were actually a bit jealous of Eric. After all, who wouldn't want to be carried by a handsome adonis like a bride and happily enjoy the skyline together?

Me! I don't want it! I'd gladly swap with you! Eric huffed as he hit Del's chest, of course lightly, "I can fly on my own."

"No need, you're weak right now."

Weak? Why the hell would I be weak? I'm OP! You are weak! Weak in your endurance to not touch me! Hey, system! Does this count as touching or hugging?

"Hugging. Points will be awarded at the end of each day from now on."

In other words, fucking Del touched Eric so much that even the system couldn't bother to give an update every single time he did or else the system's interface would never close!

"Hey, what's your name?" Dan flew next to Del, "We didn't catch it.''

"It's Del," Del merely glanced at Dan.

"Oh, cool, I'm Dan and they are-" but before Dan could finish his introduction, Del picked up his speed and zoomed away in desire to be alone with Eric.

"How can he be like this?" Eclair puffed her cheeks as Tani patted Dan's shoulder, "He seems to only like Elas."


"Can you please be nicer to them?" Eric batted his eyes but Del only said, ''No."


"The faster we get there, the faster I can eat you."


S-Stop! Right now!

Hey guys,

terribly sorry but I think I'll only be posting 3 chaps per week now. I'm really too busy to write, type and edit, bc of all the huge workload I have, so I hope you can understand.

Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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