(BL) I teleported again and now all demons want me!

As the most successful editor, beloved by the whole world, touted as the holy angel, Eric dared to offend everyone under heavens and hell! Nothing new. Only problem is, well... this time... the person he offended is... this handsome, self-proclaimed Demon Lord in his office! Demon Lord: My son cursed you, so I came to take you away. Eric: Yeah, no thank you. Yet the demon lord doesn't take a no. Eric: Then why did you ask in the first place? Demon Lord: Because I wanted to charm you. Eric: You have no charm. Grow a pair of boobs, then come ba- Next second, Eric finds himself in the Demon World. His punshiment? To make the aspiring demons proper authors. Only then can Eric escape. But the thing is, Eric has to teleport into each story to edit it! The even bigger problem, the Demon Lord seems to follow him! "Excuse me, good sir, why the hell are you the final boss in every story that I've to seduce? Please get out of here and do your duty as the Demon Lord! Stop making all the students write about you!" Yet the biggest problem the whole universe ever had to face, all the demons... seem to want him! "This is not a breeding ground. Thank you. Please kindly fuck off. My body is not for your lusting entertainment!!!" --------------------- Uploads Mo-Thu Disclaimer: This has steamy scenes and loads of profanities. Read at your own risk and be ready to have your sanity and integrity questioned. The second book in the 'Scum Series'. You don't need to have read the first book to read this but it's a damn, funny, bs book, so read it as well- 'Shameless transmigration' it's called. Picture doesn't belong to me. Credit to artist.

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So plot smacks me in the face

Warning: A tiny bit of steam


No, no, no. Eric couldn't accept it. Why the hell was the villain doing this? Was this why Eric got this fucking touchy-touchy mission? Why the fucking touchy-touchy system was attached to him?

Dammit, did Leon write a fucking story with the villain lusting after Elas? Fucking hell, just who was this cheeky villain?

On top of that, what was this point system? Did a hug count as one no matter how long or-? Just tell me how you distributed the points!

"Yes, host, one hug, disregarding the duration still counts as one point."

Fuck, then this villain stroking him must've touched him the whole time! How many touches was it? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Infinite to the max- I slice your ass open- time?

Wait, suddenly Eric froze. He just realised something else... and that was the fact he was half-naked! The villain was stroking his bare chest! Screw you, you horny bastard!

Eric wanted to turn around and just stare the culprit in his face but couldn't move. Villain! Too ! strong! Gasp!

But then the villain's grip lightened. It seemed like he noticed Eric was awake. Eric breathed a sigh of relief before something unexpected happened. The villain pressed Eric closer to him and buried his face in Eric's shoulder. Then... he kissed Eric on the neck! Eric slightly shivered but felt also weirdly familiar with this person.

Just who was this? But the next second-

"You awake?" a husky and hoarse voice numbed Eric's senses. It was whispered right into his ears, causing ripples to tingle in Eric's body. Yes, he recognised his voice but it was deliberately lowered and in a quiet volume, so Eric couldn't exactly make out who it was! Gosh, this curiosity and anticipation ate him alive.

Eric finally couldn't endure it and pitifully said, "Let me see you please!"

"Oh?" this one single 'oh' brought forth a surge to swirl inside Eric's body and numb his senses. It was so erotic, Eric felt he might burst from that. To make matters worse, the strong arms tightened around his stomach making it harder for Eric to breathe.

He could feel it, the muscular body pressed against him, the big, thick thing perfectly fitting into the crook of his buns and Eric's own body heating up.

His short breaths, his flushed face only got worse and almost turned into moans when the deep voice purred into his ear again, "So you want to see me?"

Being teased like this, Eric teared up and again very pitifully nodded his head. It was clear how turned on the male hugging Eric was, how soft his lips on Eric's neck were and how he was able to make Eric almost come to the brink of his endurance.

Yes, Eric was getting hard, just from the voice of this male! What was even more shameful was that he – the pitiful and straight man turned into a maiden in heat lusting for this person capable of ravaging him with just a word.

"Fuck," Eric actually whispered it not realising it, until it was too late, "Now you want me to do you good?"

Eric whimpered as the naughty hands travelled to his chest and played with two erected buds...

Dammit, Eric was already sensitive but this guy was capable of arousing him so easily. Eric never felt like this. It was almost as if this person was-

In an instant, Eric was shocked awake. No way. Up until now, even with Fil, there was only one certain demon who was able to bring forth such despairing, shameful yet lusting desires in Eric and it was-

"NO!" Eric shouted and with all of his might pushed himself away from the villain.

How- How- How did he get into this story? Eric's eyes spun as he sat up, back faced to the villain, refusing to tell meet him.

"Babe," the erotic voice was close to Eric again as the damned culprit of Eric's horniness also sat up and slung his arms around Eric. The box with the points was opened again but Eric paid it no heed. There was bigger problem here! And it was obviously his fucking body reacting to hate damn villain!

Fuck, was Eric this pent up? Or was that culprit just too fucking deadly?

Quickly, Eric pulled the blanket over his lap covering a certain spot that was obviously trying to hold its own against the mountain.

"S-Stay away from me!" Eric shouted, abashed, vexed at his own embarrassment.

"Babe, didn't you want to look at me? Feel me?"

Fuck! Who's your babe? Who wanted to do these obvious death sentences with you? Screw off and leave me alone! Faint! Faint! Faint! Eric almost wanted to faint when he was gently held by that demon villain who turned him so they were face to face.

Fuck! Fuck you, Del! Fuck you for sneaking into this story, having the audacity to snitch the spot of the villain and arousing me so that the touchy-touchy system would work in our favour!

Fuck you! What the hell are you doing here? How the hell did you appear? And that damned horny glint in your eyes! Shoo shoo with you!

Yet all of these boiling thoughts melted in the lava Eric's brain turned into and was forced to form an angelic smile on his face.

"Del," Eric softly said and saw the indulging look of Del's gently gazing down at him.

'Sincerely fuck you for being here and causing me to question myself and kindly throw yourself back to the Demon World!'

Of course, Eric couldn't say these words, so he, with much charm and elegance, through gritted teeth, choked out, "What are you doing here?"

"Shh," Del gently caressed Eric's cheeks before rubbing his own against Eric's face like a little puppy excited to see his long lost owner again. Eric wanted to throw up blood and perform a ritual to turn himself into a demon and curse the universe into destruction.

Dammit! Del's action actually moved Eric a bit. Too cute!

Fuck, what business did the Demon Lord have being so adorable all of a sudden? Go back and read your instruction manual on how to become a vicious and cold-hearted Demon Lord befitting of the tropes, again!

What the hell did you turn into?

Seeing Eric not moving, Del thought he was confused, so he cunningly took Eric into his arms again and laid back down, "Take it easy. You've been out for a whole day, it's night again."

Oh, really? Eric raised an eyebrow.

Then stop touching me! Your hands! Off! MY! Chest! Now! Asap!

But of course, Eric didn't say it and only obediently nodded. A dangerous desire flashed through Del's eyes but Eric, right now, was too weak, Del had to hold himself back. So, while playing with Eric's hair, Del seriously explained, "You complained to me about your students and their stories, right?"

Oh no, oh, no, no, no. Eric had a bad, very gigantically bad feeling.

"So, I decided to help you by having them write me into the story, so I can teleport as well when the time comes."

FUCK! So this was your fault Leon's damn story changed so much? It was your fault Leon's writing got so shitty and not mine? Do you know how much I was beating myself up because I thought it was due to my feedback?

Cut me some slack! You thought you gigantic walking pheromone could help me? You only make matters worse! Curse your handsome face, magnificent body that turns me on just from one touch, your magnetic voice that makes me drip just hearing it and and and-

Fuck, since when have I reacted to Del like this? It's awful! Get me outta here!

"This works?" after all his pent-up anger, Eric softly accepted this.

The system in his head only blanked. Truly worthy of being a two-faced scum.

"Of course, I'm here now, aren't I? Rest assured."

What rest assured? Take those stupid words of yours and stick it up someone else's ass that's not mine! Damn it, you've ruined the whole story and plot! Wasn't this blatantly changing genre again? C'mon system, I dare you! I dare you to tell me outright, the genre has changed again. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! I dare you!

Seeing how Eric was acting like a thug trying to pick up a fight with the system, spitting on the ground, squatting and scrunching up his face like typical cannon fodder, the system only sighed and blankly accepted the challenge. If the host wanted the truth, the system would be generous enough to give him the truth.

So it only said, "Yes, the genre has changed to BL. Yaoi to be precise."




Y-Yaoi? F-F-Fuck you all! Fuck you **** and *** and *** *** *** and *** I swea-

[Due to excessive use of violence and profanities, this chapter has been cut short. Please check in later again.]