(BL) I teleported again and now all demons want me!

As the most successful editor, beloved by the whole world, touted as the holy angel, Eric dared to offend everyone under heavens and hell! Nothing new. Only problem is, well... this time... the person he offended is... this handsome, self-proclaimed Demon Lord in his office! Demon Lord: My son cursed you, so I came to take you away. Eric: Yeah, no thank you. Yet the demon lord doesn't take a no. Eric: Then why did you ask in the first place? Demon Lord: Because I wanted to charm you. Eric: You have no charm. Grow a pair of boobs, then come ba- Next second, Eric finds himself in the Demon World. His punshiment? To make the aspiring demons proper authors. Only then can Eric escape. But the thing is, Eric has to teleport into each story to edit it! The even bigger problem, the Demon Lord seems to follow him! "Excuse me, good sir, why the hell are you the final boss in every story that I've to seduce? Please get out of here and do your duty as the Demon Lord! Stop making all the students write about you!" Yet the biggest problem the whole universe ever had to face, all the demons... seem to want him! "This is not a breeding ground. Thank you. Please kindly fuck off. My body is not for your lusting entertainment!!!" --------------------- Uploads Mo-Thu Disclaimer: This has steamy scenes and loads of profanities. Read at your own risk and be ready to have your sanity and integrity questioned. The second book in the 'Scum Series'. You don't need to have read the first book to read this but it's a damn, funny, bs book, so read it as well- 'Shameless transmigration' it's called. Picture doesn't belong to me. Credit to artist.

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Nauseatingly OOC and emotional

After flying until it was night, the group of five settled in a hotel again. Of course, Del and Eric occupied a room, while Dan had his own and Tani and Éclair slept together.

It was as clear as the damn starry night what Del's intentions were. Demon Lord! Don't you have things to do as the Demon Lord in the Demon World? Go and teleport back!

"Lay down," as Del, very sexily rested on the bed, he patted the spot next to him just as Eric closed the room. With a blank face, Eric followed suit, but the minute he was pressed into Del's embrace, he choked out, "Del, I'm still underage here!"

"Really?" Del cocked an eyebrow. He remembered clearly to make Eric's character of age, ''Then how old are you now?"

"17," Eric lied with a straight face.

"Hmm, when's your birthday?"

"In a year, I just turned 17."

"I see," Del caressed Eric's cheek, his eyes as dark as ink, as he continued, "But only your body is underage here, your soul isn't. So surely being together isn't a problem, is it? Think about your mission."

Cough. This damned Demon Lord!

"Even if my soul isn't 17, do you want to turn this story into a problematic one? It won't sell and you'll only cause me trouble than help me," Eric said with a very apologetic voice and looked very aggrieved.

"Why are you so sad?" Del knew that Eric was lying but he greedily and very amused sucked all of Eric's expression in to tease him, "You being underage just means we can't engage in sexual acts-"

Fuck you horny piece of ****, this is not how it works!

"-but a kiss won't hurt, right?" Del gently smiled at Eric yet this smile was as fatal as a temptress bathed in aphrodisiac, breathed out aphrodisiac and just spread out aphrodisiac with a blink.

K-Kiss? With Del? Something very romantic and intimate? Yes, they have done way more intimate things but... a kiss was still something special.

While thinking about it and being endlessly stared at by Del, Eric slightly moved away from Del but was instantly caught again like a little fish trapped in a whale's stomach about to be eroded by the acid.

"Where do you want to run to? Except for my arms, there's no other destination."

Just! Stop! With these! Cheesy! Lines! Were you such a character? Were you? Were you? Look into my gosh damn dead eyes and tell me the truth!

"It's a bit too hot, I can't breathe," Eric answered very pitifully and could even slap the whitest of all white lotuses a 1000 times on the cheek and a million times on the conscience.

"Is it?" Del cunningly put a bit of space between them but not enough for Eric to escape his wonderful safe and warm arms.

Then all of sudden, Del did something very unusual, which tickled Eric's heart. He patted Eric's head while softly mumbling, "Are you ok?"

"What?" Eric was stunned by Del's turn. Why was he acting so sweet now? Just a second ago he wanted to violently plunge Eric's life into pleasure hell! What prompted him to change gears? Oh, Eric secretly narrowed his eyes, was this Del shifting gears? Trying another method to coax Eric to give up his body to him?

Del felt the little kitten tensing up in his arms very slightly not wanting Del to notice and Del couldn't help but letting out a pleasant laugh. This little kitten was very confused but still tired. Although Del was initially attracted to Eric's angel-like persona, Del wasn't that stupid to not notice the irregularities within Eric's act.

Del was the Demon Lord, it was a given he had to be able to see through people easily or else any second someone could run up and assassinate him.

Especially since demons were even more fickle beings than humans. Although Del couldn't deny his physical attraction to Eric, the more he saw Eric struggle with playing innocent and holy, the more it amused Del and filled his heart with warmth.

Del never saw Eric's scum self but even if Eric turned out to be the worst human being, Del didn't mind. He has seen many ugly things living beings could do. He himself wasn't a good person, so what was wrong with Eric being none as well?

All Del knew was that whenever Eric was close, Del would feel something he never did before. Yes, there were lusting desires but also the fuzzy, warm feelings that made him dream about just living normally with Eric for the rest of their lives.

Wait, Eric was human! Eric couldn't live as long as demons could. Hmm, that was a problem. A problem Del would worry about when Eric reciprocated his feelings. Was it love? Not quite, it felt more in the early stages. But the care Del had for Eric was undeniable. Eric's well being was Del's top priority so-

"I know you're stressed from this task," Del gently rubbed Eric's back as if he was pampering a baby to gulp, "To always be in this story. It'll tear you down mentally. You don't need to bottle up everything. Rant, whine and cry to me, it's ok. I'm here. Whenever you feel it's too much, I'll help you. There's no need to force yourself to endure all of the this. I'm sorry. I wish I could remove the curse altogether."

W-What? With wide eyes, Eric stared at Del and slowly grabbed his clothes. What was wrong with Del? Seriously! Why was he acting like this but-

Suddenly, Eric's eyes felt warm and moist-

Why were these words so soothing? It was true that this really wore Eric mentally down.

He was cursed and forced to stay in the Demon World, teaching demons who wanted to harm him, on top of that he suddenly teleported into their stories and had to fight for the virginity of his butt and then on top of all of that, the systems gave him a stupid, harassing mission just for their own fun and mockery.

It was really too much for Eric to handle but what could he do but to hold it all in, grit his teeth, persevere, pretend to be ok and follow through with these tasks? His life was literally on the line! He could always die any second! And a realisation like this slowly broke someone.

So, Eric was surprised that there was someone who actually cared about his life and his mental health. And it was even from the least expected person, the person who wanted to do him!

Eric was still sceptical if it wasn't a tactic of Del's but Eric wanted to believe that there was at least someone here who cared about him. So, Eric buried his face in Del's chest and quietly mumbled, "Thank you."

While he silently let his tears flow, he was gently being embraced by Del.

Eric saw the genuine look in Del's eyes and chose to trust that Del really wanted to help him. Then as Eric felt a light kiss on his head, not of any sexual or lusting intentions, but affectionate and caring, Eric's heart hurt and his body was tingling with slight happiness and warmth.

A kiss on the head, being protected like this, being cared for like this, wasn't this a sign that they weren't in a superficial, physical relationship? If Del was this tender and stopped thinking with his organ, then Eric could really find himself relying on Del and opening up to him. Just a tiny bit though.

"It's ok," Del softly whispered. Even when Eric tried to hide it, his faint sobs were still perceived by Del.

This made Del realise his mistake. He thought Eric was strong and indifferent to these things he was exposed to but in truth, Eric has been suffering all alone so much.

Del cherished this moment because he knew being able to see Eric so vulnerable was rare, maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Del thought back on the times he chased after Eric and realised as well that he had cornered Eric too.

His mistake. He shouldn't have deluded himself thinking Eric wanted him. Del was stupid. He left his desires to overtake him and didn't notice this little kitten was struggling so much. Knowing that Eric was suffocated by the demons and the stories, Del's heart was itching.

He felt bad for Eric. After all, he was just a powerless human, especially since Eric got everything, he had to fight with nothing and this was a novel and excruciating feeling for him.

Everyone started at a different spot and had a different life, thinking that Eric should be able to manage it just because he could, was a fatal way of thinking. Del should've considered Eric's previous circumstances and his feelings, but this little human always smiled and even when he was complaining he smiled.

How could Del know what Eric thought if he didn't say it? Del sighed. He casually asked if Eric was ok because he thought it was indeed too much for him but who knew Eric had such a strong reaction to it?