(BL) Dreaming with My Dragon Lover
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(BL) Dreaming with My Dragon Lover


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What is (BL) Dreaming with My Dragon Lover

Read (BL) Dreaming with My Dragon Lover novel written by the author LordYuanGe on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering reincarnation, r18, weaktostrong, mystery, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Yuan Ge is a talented film director and an artist in search of the ultimate beauty. He was scouted by a fledgling film company, Dragon Dreams Pictures, to make everyone's dreams come true. Qiuchen is a silver dragon from heaven, the illegitimate son of the Holy Emperor, a stage icon of the Qing Dynasty and an acting superstar of today. He was born to take centre stage, to live and die for his art. Faced with the raging jealousy of the Holy Consort of the Great Roxy Heaven, they were banished from the Garden of Eden and condemned to suffer endless cycles of reincarnations in the mortal world. One is treated as a plaything, a victim of his own perfection, while the other drifts to another lifetime… Will they find each other again, even if they are light years apart? Will they recognise each other, even if they have different forms and disguises? Will they save each other, even if their personalities harden by the cruelties of life? Yuan Ge and his three business partners are struggling to keep Dragon Dreams Pictures afloat, trying to gain a foothold in the fiercely competitive Chinese market. Can this little-known company take on industry giant King Guan Entertainment and become the new industry leader? Who exactly is King Guan? Why did he invite Dragon Dreams to co-produce his new blockbuster? What does this tall, handsome, American-educated business elite really want from Yuan Ge? The River Ruo has distorted time and space, turning the world upside down; the camera lens has mixed reality and dreams, confusing the past and the future; holding each other's hands while remembering those dreamy years; counting the shooting stars while chasing eternity; but what is there to regret even if they have to endure a thousand reincarnations? This book explores how carnal desires and noble pursuits are fused together through love and art. It is an ambitious attempt by the author to portray a world full of diverse characters with real humanity, real struggles and torments. It attempts to link fantasy and reality, East and West, sense and sensibility, and to overcome our own varying degrees of pride and prejudice. Mature Content 21+ Twitter: @LordYuange Instagram: @author_lordyuange Discord: LordYuanGe#0042

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Finished this chapter!!!. I must say, this story is so intriguing, story development, characters...everything 😩 Can't wait for the next Chapter. You are good at this Author. Ride on❤️❤️👍


WOW! What a beautifully written story! I've read all 14 chapters in one sitting, can't wait to know what's happening next! I've voted, please keep writing. More people should read it, seriously!


The first few chapters were brutal and mirrored the peace of life in the present world, I was curious how the author would unfold the story and unite the metaphysical past life with the present world. The male protagonist in the present world is charming and I think girls will like him a lot because his character is not overbearing yet also has a sense of progression and has a complex character, the one in the past life is a dragon, a setting I really like (* ̄︶ ̄)


It's only a few short chapters but the beginning is intriguing and I think it's going to be an interesting story, your characters are unique and interesting and I like it.


This book was recommended to me by a friend. I was a little sceptical at first, but after the prologue I was quickly drawn into the story and the writing. I wouldn't say it is a page turner, the writing is unhurried and subtle. It is clear that the author has put a lot of thought into building the plot line and making the characters believable as he tries to connect East and West thinking through his writing. Having read 21 chapters now, I am really enjoying it.


Really absorbing opening chapters. Delightfully descriptive. Story is now evolving and we see these set the scene for the storyline. Looking forward to reading more!


The prologue is beautiful and well-written. It's my first time reading mermen story, and I quite enjoy it. The storyline is fresh and intriguing. There are too many Wuxia books here, so it gives me a new feeling. It's definitely a worth reading book [img=recommend]


Very interesting story so far. Easy to read, flows nicely, and the characters are all believable. Highly recommended! I'm looking forward to read more of it. Keep it coming!


It's hard to imagine seeing something like this on Webnovel, and I'm completely enthralled by your story and characters! It's so perfect! I wish I had a boyfriend like this, suddenly I'm jealous of Miss Jiang, to be with such a man who is affectionate, classy and brilliant, I'm very much looking forward to your updates, is there a new chapter to read every day?


Your descriptions are often so vivid that I have a very complete picture inside my head, and I am now very much looking forward to the emotions between Yuange and Little Dragon Lover. When will they kiss, when will they go to bed, when will they become the fated couple?


This story seems huge, it seems like there are several reincarnations, I wonder what exactly is Yuange's identity, I'm looking forward to the author's updates, is my dragon lover the one inside the coffin?


I really like your novels because the imagination is very rich and the details are very immersive, please try to update and I will always support you!


I like the structure of the story, it looks grand, the characters haven't appeared a lot yet, but everyone has distinctive features and personalities, if Xiao Zhan were to play Yuan Ge, it would also be a good fit. Hahaha


Please write it quickly ,I really want to know the whole story!In fact, many of the works are raw and lifted from China, never seen a serious original work, see the author's writing has a very different style, not vulgar story, not white bad words, I am very much looking forward to the content of the back, but also look forward to the birth of a work of heart! 其实很多作品都是从中国生搬的套路网文,从来没有见过认真的原创作品,看作者的写作拥有很与众不同的风格,不是庸俗的故事,不是白烂的文字,我非常期待后面的内容,也期待一部用心的作品的诞生!


I really enjoy reading ghost stories and your descriptions give me a great sense of excitement, very much looking forward to the following developments in the story, is the hand inside the coffin that of the dragon? Thank you so much for creating this too, I will look forward to your updates


看了开头的几章很有画面感,细腻且生动,喜欢作者娓娓道来的讲故事方式和唯美的英文表达,非常期待故事的后续! 感觉这是一个奇幻的故事,又充满了日常的种种思考,好像我生活的每一天,梦里不知身是客,且自沉迷! 加油!期待你的更新,期待你的故事,最好是个大长篇,我喜欢长情的陪伴和有真实感的爱情❤️


I've read a lot of acting novels, this one seems a bit different, there are a lot of works above the starting point international, but the writing of this book is much better than theirs, the tone is very delicate and makes people feel a sense of substitution, some sentences are very deep and make people think, I will recommend it to other book lovers, the author please keep on updating ヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙


朋友推荐我来看看这本书,我本来以为是一本言情小说,可是作者说是lgbt向的,而且是耽美,写得太好了,而且很有趣啊,我看到大清亡了这一章,差点把我给笑死了!作者加油,看好你哦,我等养肥了过几天再过来给你投石头!字数字数字数字数字数字数字数字数字数字数字数字数字数 该死的字数!


The first few chapters scared me a bit. I'm actually most afraid of ghost stories, but your story and Juange are so intriguing, and Miss Jiang is especially like one of my girlfriends, I'm especially enjoying this story now, update soon please!


Your Prelude is so sadistically written, it hurts to watch. The little Ying Long in it reminds me of Run Yu in Ashes of Love, I especially like him, thank you for giving me a character that I can vicariously relate to. 19 chapters all read, looking forward to your update!


The written incredible, the story have a wonderful conexión. You want to know more about it. Mystery and reality, good portrait. Very beautiful work and wonderful writer! Very recommended!


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