1 chapter 1 death and reincarnation

mc:Hello my name is John Smith diehard anime fan I also played a ton of video games,

but sadly I died hit by a car on the 3rd floor of my hotel yea I'm unlucky.

???:hello young man

John:who's there

???:you can call me Rob I'm here to give you three wishes, before you ask you can make a backstory for yourself and choose which

world to go to.

John:thanks I want to go to dxd

rob:done now your wishes and backstory

John:wish 1 I want the full power of lore kratos, wish 2 I want the full power of Madara Uchiha, wish 3 I want gilgamesh gob(gate of Babylon) as a longinus sacred gear.

rob:done you really thought of some op powers did you

John:they are just my three favorite characters so I pick them

rob:ok now for you backstory

John:ok when I was born I was taking by a organization that loves to experiment with the supernatural and start experimenting on me when I'm 3 years old, when I'm 5 years old

they use the blood of kratos and Madara Uchiha for the experiment and I die, a 5 year old rias saves me and makes me her 2nd rook

the experiments from 3yrs to 5yrs are random, I don't want to know what they will do.

rob:... you really thought this out, it will be done but are you sure.

John:yes and make my gender random as well

and make my mind of a child, I want this to be a new life.

rob:ok goodbye may we never meet again.

and John disappeared

(authors notes)

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter I'm really new to this and thought I give writing a try, and before you ask yes I messed up and put a fanfic and novels laugh at me all you want.

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