'Tis Your Trash Son (Deleted)

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Xavier Kingsley's Point of View

I felt a cloth wrapped on my forehead. It felt good- like someone wrapping themself around me. It was comforting. It made me want to lay in bed longer. I brought myself up to a sitting position, slowly opening my eyes. There I saw, Estella, laying her head on the edge of my bed. I knew she would take care of me.

I placed my hands on top of her head, patting it gently. Estella might be more of a sister than a mother. I love her that I would sacrifice myself for her to be safe. I'll do what I can for her. There are no reasons why I would do so, simply because I've grown to love and care for her. That's why her alone is enough for me.

Xavier Kingsley's Point of View End

Lawrence slowly went off his bed and fetched himself a book. It was a novel he was reading in his past-time. This book's purpose was to remove all the worries and distract him. As hours passed, dawn approached, just in time for Lawrence to finish his book. 'Infinite Love' was the book's name. It was a romantic-fantasy novel where one woman had a contract with the duke to protect herself and ended up being together everlasting.

Lawrence gave out a sigh and stood. He proceeded to lay on his bed and fall back into his slumber.

Just as the time past, Estella awakes to see Lawrence soundly asleep. She caressed his face before leaving out of his room, preparing everything for the morning. Food, cleaning, supplying, and administrations. Her daily routine before leaving for her work. She prepares food for those knights who guard's the mansion throughout the night and prepares heartwarming food for Lawrence.

She often wanders different parts of the mansion and the "keep-close" rooms to see if maintenance is in need. Estella had acted the role of the manager of Apple Mansion, administrator, maid, caretaker, dresser, and everything else. Everything is easy for her due to her origin, with her droplet inheritance, and in addition to her unique 'inheritance,' acceleration, she can handle everything just on time.

It takes Estella three hours to finish all the management and another two for all the household chores, including the cleaning. With all this done in such a short time, exhaustion is indeed noticeable. Estella makes up for herself by having a cup of tea outside the garden near the Apple Mansion's special place, River Bond. It was a place where the most honorable duchess used to stay and also a royale person with her.

Estella was just at the backdoor of the mansion when she saw a young, decent man appeared right before her as she opens the door.

"Madame." a young man who wore the chivalry knight armor and the crest of the royal arches, spoke. "I'm Alexander Pittman. I am a new chivalry knight that was assigned recently to this household from this day forward. It's an honor to be at your service." he said, bowing formally.

She looked stunned. Remaining silent with utterly filled with embarrassment, she turned away to compose herself.

"Madame St. Claire. I'm sorry if I may have shocked you. Please forgive me." the young man said.

"N-no. I was surprised, that's all," Estella answered before turning back to face the young man with elegance.

"Then pardon my sudden appearance, madame."

Estella smiled at the young man, "Please stand. I have just prepared food for the knights. Would you like to take a bite beforehand?"

"It would be delightful," he replied.

Estella smiled and continued to carry the food that she prepared, busied herself gazing at the garden. Who wouldn't be distracted at this garden? The breeze was fresh. The scent of lavender embraced the garden and roses of the maze as well as the garden of tea. There were a couple of unique things in the estate. That includes the scenery. The unique and refreshing scents and the river so dashing. Although the house looked individually normal, the inside contains features that are old elegance antiques. It was the old-style kind of structure. Estella maintained these, day by day, and managed them perfectly.

She gave no complaints, nor did she dislike the job quietly. Her life was peaceful, and it was worth living for when she is living with her wonderful son, Lawrence. Each day, a smile from Lawrence would suffice for her daily selfish satisfaction. She felt the warmth she longed for and became like a mother to Lawrence.

Lost in thought, Estella found herself thinking of Lawrence. 'He must be trying to wake up now. After all, he stayed up until dawn before going back to bed. I must greet my son before leaving to work.' she thought.

She arrived at the garden's tea table where the knights were chatting and joking around. The young chivalry man that was beside him smiled at her before sitting down. Silence filled the table and, the tension between the stares of all chivalry knights was heavy. All of them stared at the young chivalry with glares and a mix of hesitation.

Estella smiled at the gazing knights, both men, and women. "I've prepared this. I hope you'll like it." she placed down the food.

"Thank you, Madame."

"You don't have to give us such delicacy, Ma'am."

"We guard this mansion because we like it, but we appreciate the efforts, Madame."

"You've all done well on guarding this place. Please, this food is all for your hard work." Estella gave her sweetest smile.

'Now that I think of it. When you look closer to this young knight, he looks like-' "Lewis!" she nonchalantly screeched.

The decent young knight who whore a chivalry knight's armor and had their crest laughed at Estella's reaction. "It's quite funny to think you had noticed now, Unnie," he said in between his laughs.

"No way! From afar! You looked way shorter and way uglier than you are!" she blabbered with disbelief. "I even thought of you inadequately," she added while mumbling.

"Are you mumbling something?" he asked, smirking.

"H-huh?! Of course no-"

"Naughty Unnie."


Quiz Time:

[ Droplet Inheritance - The inheritance that lets the inheritor manifest water element with the inheritor's arcane. This inheritance is good in defense and in personal use, like cleaning. The offense type of Droplet Inheritance is hard to come by. The origin of this inheritance comes from the Alfheim.

[ Acceleration Inheritance - Acceleration of one's specific function in his/her body. Depending on how the inheritor uses this kind of 'inheritance,' it will become useful in every way. As such, an inheritor can use this to accelerate their senses, observation, movement, and countless other things.

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