-'-...÷:™+2348180894378∆∆✓∆∆ I want to join occult for money ritual

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What is -'-...÷:™+2348180894378∆∆✓∆∆ I want to join occult for money ritual

Read ‘-'-...÷:™+2348180894378∆∆✓∆∆ I want to join occult for money ritual’ Online for Free, written by the author Gurumaragy_Borther, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: I want to join occult for money ritual +2348180894378 how to join occult for ritual money I want to be a great politicia...


I want to join occult for money ritual +2348180894378 how to join occult for ritual money I want to be a great politician I want to be a great man I want to be the richest I want to be a great businessman I want to be doing miracles I want to be a great pastor to know how to get all these rich power rotation I want to join occult in Nigeria

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Damon Salvador, a twenty three years old hottie is the only child and heir to the Salvador's properties. His parents passed away when he was seventeen years old leaving the whole property to him. Every lady wants to carry his child so as to acquire his wealth but unfortunately, Damon isn't interested in all that. Kim Sun Young is the youngest daughter of the Kim's family. At a young age of twenty two, she has achieved a lot and is currently a top model and K-Pop artist. She has an elder brother and sister. Her elder brother loves her so much and can do anything just for her but reverse is the case for her sister. Being so successful is what made Sun Hee dislike Sun Young and she vowed to bring her sister down no matter what it takes. Sun Young was greatly hurt by Sun Hee and so headed to a club without thinking twice. There, she drank herself to stupor in order to erase the sadness she was feeling. Unfortunately for her, she got entangled with Damon who was also looking for someone to pour out his anger on. Poor Sun Young was used by Damon to satisfy his sexual desires. As soon as he was done defiling her, he fled the club immediately. Kim Sun Young's whole career came to an end two months after she discovered she was pregnant through the rape so she decided to start afresh in another country Damon searched for her for close to two years when his conscience wouldn't let him be but he couldn't find her for a reason. Six years later, she returned to her hometown and decided to start afresh with her child. Stay tuned and find out what happened as the story unfolds.

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The Soul Keeper

The smell of blood invaded my nostrils. I watched helplessly as the woman standing over me raised her sword. I was completely drained, I had no mana left, no items, nothing. As the crimson tendrils held me down by my arms and legs, all I could do was wait for my death. As the sword drew near, I felt the last bit of courage I had disappear. I was going to die. Alone. In this god forsaken place filled with evil. And for what? To protect those ‘friends’? The same people who mocked me, took advantage of, and used me? Oh, who am I trying to fool? I was here only because of my own greed. Because I wanted to be useful to someone. Because I wanted to that group to need me. To value me. To have a reason to keep me around. How naïve I was, thinking that power would grant those wishes. All it did was help build a wall between me and everyone else. The sword approached. I saw the purple light reflect off the sword’s blade. After everything I went through, I hadn’t expected my death to be by the hands of another player. I saw her smile, but this time I didn’t think it was beautiful. It was an ugly smile because it was genuine. She was enjoying watching me die. She was enjoying killing me. The sword struck my chest and pierced my heart. I let out a scream of pain and agony. The pain was so real, all of this was so real. It shouldn’t be, but it was. What should have been a simple game had become my new reality – all of our new reality. A reality filled with magic, war, blood, and death. My vision darkened as the pain slowly faded. I felt the last of my vitality leave my body. It felt cold. I wondered to myself, when would I stop being? When would my thoughts disappear? Soon, I saw those words I feared for all this time appear before me. “DEATH”, in the pale blue font the game always used. They remained suspended in the air for several seconds. It was over. After a long time of fighting, grinding, and exploring, it was finally over. I had died. This was the end of my story. Suddenly, words before me shifted and changed into something different. I took a shallow breath as I heard a faint heartbeat. * * * Cover art by me * * * We have a discord! Come say hi, chat with me and receive updates on status of my novels! https://discord.gg/2EFthae7XR * * * This story is my submission for the 2020 Webnovel Spirity Awards.

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