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A story about reborn concubine find way to survive.

It's been three years since she woke up in this magical world, but nothing changed like in the past, there exist power hierarchy. And being reborn as concubine' s daughter means lower status.Even in this world which prioritise cultivation. Misti was a concubine born daughter of martial master Sen. When she was just thirteen when she became the victim of political marriage. Her husband already had 99 concubines and 3 main wifes. He was even absent on their marriage day and she didn't seen him even now that three years had passed. Being the youngest hundredth concubine of the Ghost Emperor has its perks too. With so many concubines the main wifes had their hands full already no time to give attention to her. Unlike in her parental home. where simple small act be carefully criticized by her main mother, the wife of his father. It was difficult to even breathe without being reprimanded. Here she was extemped from her duties too, only sleeping and eating was her job. Having enjoyed the luxury of the palace with her servant which were also her childhood friend and whom she bought from her parental home. Other than them she got 2 more servant here and 1 mama, it was like heaven and hell with when she was Marquis Sen's concubine born daughter. Her life was fulfilled, she could imagine how unsatisfied, her half sisters must be if they knew that she was living good. Other than her beauty which induced jealousy from her half sisters, nothing else is going on for her. She had zero qi in her meridian, which rendered her useless not being able to do any cultivation. Deemed her as shame of Sen family. Which made her father, strongest in Aplanzo city distain her. So, he did what was right in his eyes and got rid of her in first opportunity he got. Marring her off to the Ghost Emperor as a tribute. Misti opened her eyes, now sun was up in the sky, only now she woke up, which was impossible in her father's house. There she had to follow the etiquette and had to go solute the main wife of her father daily. When she first arrived here she also done the same for the first few days. Probably main wifes didn't wanted to see them daily early morning. So, she dismissed the duty. It was sweet and happy days for her but she knew it was only momentarily until when the Ghost Emperor comes back from the war. The palace will soon be very lively. A shivir ran through her thinking of that. From what she collected from the servants Ghost Emperor was 32 this year. Although age has no meaning in this world. Where only meridian refined expert can lived up to 300 years. And Ghost Emperor being in unknown realm only has high cultivation and countless years to live. But being only a mortal with more than maximum 100 years in her belt, in less than 10 years she will look older than him. So, she didn't mind. She wished he could be far away forever. It seemed she married into luxury and thats too good to be true. she had a feeling there was something that she didn't know.

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