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What is 统一饭圈审美

Read ‘统一饭圈审美’ Online for Free, written by the author 忆逍, This book is a 都市 Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: 偶像这种存在,其意义在于让追偶像的人因此而愉快,因此而更好。



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Lin Zhenren

Death is a mysterious thing. I never experienced anything even after sending thousands of people to their death. But after my wife's death, I experienced it. I got the know what the sadness and grief you would feel at the Death of your loved one. I cried silently every night with my wife's photo in my hand. The thought of killing myself appeared in my mind countless times but I need to repent and pay for what I did, and I did repent. I lived till my body broke down. I took my last breaths beside the grave of my wife while telling her about the success of our children. But Fate had other plans other for me. I reincarnated in another world or universe, the Immortal Realm. My family had a deep love and care for me, but I felt nothing. The strongest person in the immortal realm as someone who had transcended the Long River of Time. He would live as long as Heaven and even more. Hope rose in my heart. If someone could become this strong then it would be possible to revive someone right? Becoming Stronger. That becomes my goal. But Fate becomes cruel to me. I was born a cripple, someone who can't sense Heaven and Earth Energy in the Environment. I was condemned by everyone. But everything changed. One of the lower worlds that I was searching through turned out to be similar to a novel that I read with my wife. With that, I decided to steal the luck and fate of the protagonist and become strong. I want to Revive her and present all the realms under her feet. I will do that. ------------- I don't own the cover the credits belong to the owner. If the owner wants me to remove it, just comment. I will do it ASAP.

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Volume 0 :作品相关
Volume 1 :素人时期
Volume 2 :巨星之路
Volume 3 :巨星之路


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