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What is 盾战士的悠闲生活

Read ‘盾战士的悠闲生活’ Online for Free, written by the author 威弟弟弟, This book is a 游戏 Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: 作为一个重生归来的盾战士,李勋要做第一件事就是挣很多的钱把未来媳妇的病治好,然后在适当的时候报报恩,顺便吊打一下上辈子的那些手下败将,最后,一定要和媳妇生一打熊孩子。



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My first attempt at something like this... I don’t really know how to start this and I don’t know how this is going to continue in the long run so please don’t be surprised if many things are still undecided. English isn’t my first language and my knowledge of most novels, animes and other series I am going to use is fairly limited, so please tell me any mistakes I make. I appreciate any criticism you have, because it is the only way to get better. My uploads are also going to be fairly random... probably. Now to the story: I am not confident enough to develop my own set of characters so I chose the easy option of reincarnating the mc as an already existing one. And who would be better suited for that role than a character that gets reduced to a harem member in most fanfictions. Namely... Albedo (Overlord) The story starts out in an Overlord AU where none of the Supreme Beings remained until the end of Yggdrasil, so our resident Overseer has to take the things into her own hands. I plan to send The Great Tomb of Nazarick to other worlds later in the story, because I am not confident enough in my own imagination to fill this fanfiction with only one world. The power system is going to be that of Overlord and Albedo is going to be able to access the player interface and learn new things in form of skills and class levels. But nothing is set in stone and everything I have just written might very well change in the future. I hope you enjoy the story. ( I don’t own anything except for any OCs I might introduce in future chapters)

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"My life was red... until him" - Sloane Kingston They took too much from me and left me for dead. They should have made sure I stayed that way. I have trained too long and too hard to stop now. But I never saw him coming. And now, I can't let him go. Christian Allister is the star that my dark, depraved soul craves. He keeps me from succumbing to the darkness. Revenge is best served cold, and I am here to collect the debts owed to me. The whole world is searching for a 'monster' on a killing spree, not a girl hopelessly falling for a man. They will never see me coming until my nails are plunged into the hearts of every name on my list. But will Christian ever believe me, the girl thought dead by the world, when he finds out my secret? Author: Hello everyone! Let's dive deeper in the story and find out what will happen in this story of Sloane and Christian when Sloane will find out that Christian is former FBI agent and has to return to solve the murder cases. Murders attempted my her! Trigger Warnings: This book contains violent scenes, mentions of sexual harassment, murders. Read on your own risk. This book also contains mature scenes. Only 18+ allowed. I will mention the chapter names with [M]. Dedication:- This is for the ones who lost their voice. This is for the ones who wish they could be Sloane Kingston. This is for the ones who fight every single day to forget. You’re not alone. If you like what I have written, please collect my story! Consider donating power stones and golden tickets to ensure others get to see it too! If you want to read more, please unlock new chapters when Premium becomes available! Every coin will help me write more stories! Humbly, ~Kiera

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