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What is 救世主聊天群

Read ‘救世主聊天群’ Online for Free, written by the author 垒石为门, This book is a 科幻 Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:   马厩中的废柴勇者加入本群!  爱情公寓金甲战士加入本群!  兴趣使然的英雄加入本群!  古拉杜财团的大小姐加入本群! 不烫头的非主流加入本群!ps:这是一群人拯救自己的世界后,顺便拯救其他世界的故事!


  马厩中的废柴勇者加入本群!   爱情公寓金甲战士加入本群!   兴趣使然的英雄加入本群!   古拉杜财团的大小姐加入本群! 不烫头的非主流加入本群! ps:这是一群人拯救自己的世界后,顺便拯救其他世界的故事!

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In the Mist of creation, a soul without a body, or a consciousness without a vessel, mysteriously ends up in the Void that connects all worlds across the vast infinities that is the Omniverse, it was a space beyond space-time and concepts, it was a collective of ideas that spread for all eternity, in the form of a thick mist Aizen Alistor is the name of that very man who mysteriously ends up in a space seamlessly impossible to enter, and yet the impossible seems to have occurred either way, and upon regaining his awareness he found himself without memories of his past life, only remembering his name. Although despite his ordeal he did not question his existence, and for what may have been millions of years, or a couple of seconds, Aizen floated and soak within the Mist of creation, slowly becoming one with it, his mind and consciousness were slowly becoming one with the collective. In normal circumstances, Aizen would have reached the realm of the creator if left undisturbed, but right before the assimilation was complete, a disturbance occurs as he heard a voice. The voice introduces himself as God, the reason he came before Aizen was that Aizen was the anomaly that almost brought forth the end of creation as two creator Gods cannot exist at the same time. However, the damage was already done, as the Assimilation process has already begun, as a last-ditch effort to reconstruct a counterbalance to even out the situation, The voice labeled as Mr. V by Aizen decide to make him a Demi-God, the one who rules over Karma, the Lord of punishment, now sent in a world where the concept of God is meanless, watch as Aizen struggles to save this ungodly land registered as Deux-S, a Cyber dystopian with a lot of problems. The time has finally come. God × Advance Technology, who will win, only time can tell, as violence is the only language that speaks true in Deux-S, watch as Aizen climbs his way to the top. The journey of success and tragedy begins. P.S Arts is not mines

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2020 Toxic green eyes glare with hatred at her twin. Her whole being and world was in the other womans hands. Her soul. Her life. Her baby boy. Nothing could stop her from killing her family and her ex-fiance now. She was going to leave them alone. To begin a new. Another start at life with just her son and herself. They had enjoyed three peaceful years away from greed and jealously. Away from the animals in human skin that called themselves kin. But now. No. Not anymore. Not after what they have been trying and thank god failing to do. For the years she lived in solitude her family has reapt the fourtunes of her old life. her multi-million dollar company was in their hands. The company she raised from dirt and ash left behind by her beloved grandfather now was no more. They did not know business like her so now the company was in ruin in just three years. Now they want her to return and make them more money or they would take her child. No not anymore was she going to let them walk all over her. Not after being given the chance to come back at this moment. 2042 Her life was hell. Simple as that. She thought that she would be free from her family if she gave them everything but her and her sons life. But that wasn't enough for those despicable pieces of sh*t. No they wanted more. They wanted her as a slave that makes them rich and famous but when she was finally tired of being that slave she ran. She took her child and she ran. Her baby boy that was not even 8 at the time had seen horrors she did not ever want him to experience. He saw how his mothers family tortured her infront of him and she wanted to cry for all the pain they caused him but no tears flowed for there was none to give. After 5 years of torture she had cried her last. Almost 7 years on the run doing nothing but surviving and trying all she could to learn to protect herself and her son her family finally found them. Betrayed by the last human that they cared about. Betrayed by the last person they thought they could trust. They slaughtered her son in front of her and then with demented geins on their hallowed faces they sliced through her neck slowly mixing the blood of mother and son in once last moment before all she saw was darkness and her sons body not three feet from her. His beautiful soft liquid silver eyes transfixed in an expression of horror and pain gazed at nothing a cloud forming over them to dull that vibrant color turning them milky as the life deminished out of them. His soft dark chocolate brown hair splayed across the gound forming a small halo. Her sons features. Oh, his once full of life expressions were blank. There was nothing but his small light pink cupid bow shapped lips forming a 'O' as he was murdered by demons that were suppose to be family infront of his horrified mother. He still remembers the expression on her face as the demons surround him with knives. Her almond shaped emerald green eyes wide with terror as tears ran like rivers down her to pale rounded face. Her soft red lips split open as cries and pleas dropped from them. She shouted anything to make them stop but they never did. And now as he lay here. Cold and shivering he tries to smile at his mother but all that forms is a grimce as he mouths that he loves her one last time before nothing but darkness takes him. Her whole being screamed in pure agony at what had happened to her beautiful son. Her body trembled violently and she vowed with all her might that if she ever had a second chance she would kill them all for the pain and suffering they have caused. So when she opens her eyes and sees her twin with her now seemingly 3 year old son. She knew the Gods had listened to her prayers. But as she thought about it. Maybe it was the Devil himself to send her back since she was going to be sending him many souls.

Azalea0504 · General
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Volume 0 :作品相关
Volume 1 :第一卷 见习救世主
Volume 2 :第一卷 见习救世主
Volume 3 :第二卷 正式救世主


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