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What is 快穿之一脚踏进异世界

Read ‘快穿之一脚踏进异世界’ Online for Free, written by the author 很忙的闲闲, This book is a 言情 Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: 那个只有十人在线观看的直播间后来成了全地球人来参拜的网红打卡点,或赞或踩,世界已回不去当初了。在混乱中慢慢反应过来的人们为那黑暗中男人的动作起了两个中二的名字,破空摔和碎天脚。那一天起,地球人类开启了新世界。



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Hey, dear readers before I start with the Synopsis i want to give you some informations which would be important if you're interested in my story: - I'm a teenager who lives in germany but is originally georgian (the country) and italian so english is not my first language, if there will be any mistakes please let me know - I have started to write 3 story's around the year 2020 in december which are not complete but I'll finish them if I'll have the inspiration. All of 3 story's are written in germany. This story is my 4 th story in english as you can already tell.. Obviously - This story contains mature theme not only but also ab*usem*nt, se*, discr*min*tion and so on. So if you aren't made for these things or just don't tolerate these themes I'd rather you not to read my story for good only.. if you know what I'm trying to say. Thank you that was everything for now :) -Synopsis- Imagine to be a 14 year old girl in a small village in the middle of nowhere you could say. This town is excluded from the outside world. No big electricity connection. No contact to the other town cities. She gets abused every day since she's 7 years old and still she tries to face this misterious and misunderstood world. Her mother blames her for his brother and father leaving. Meanwhile her future is waiting for her she will become that what her. Everything happens for a reason even if it's not meant to be. Will she survive? And find out what the future has prepared for her? Will she get justice in the world? Will she get revenge? And will be able to help those peoples in need and eventually find her missing brother and father? Who knows?... A new chapter starts.. Now! ----------------->

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