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What is 与你恋爱甜如蜜

Read ‘与你恋爱甜如蜜’ Online for Free, written by the author 扬扬, This book is a 言情 Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: 前世,宋暖晴被道德绑架,为叔叔家公司联姻,把自己最爱的男人让给姐姐,最后被迫替姐姐坐牢服刑。这一世,她吊打渣男白莲花,紧紧的抱紧前世被她辜负的男神,过上人人羡慕的甜蜜幸福生活。  “帝昊天,你看这个地方好美啊,风景如画。”第二天,宋暖晴靠在...


前世,宋暖晴被道德绑架,为叔叔家公司联姻,把自己最爱的男人让给姐姐,最后被迫替姐姐坐牢服刑。 这一世,她吊打渣男白莲花,紧紧的抱紧前世被她辜负的男神,过上人人羡慕的甜蜜幸福生活。   “帝昊天,你看这个地方好美啊,风景如画。” 第二天,宋暖晴靠在帝昊天的怀里欣赏着风景如画的风景。 “帝昊天,天黑黑打雷好可怕。” 在外出差的帝昊天在疯狂爆雨的夜里开着快车赶回去将她紧紧的搂入怀里。  

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Did we Just get Isekai'd

It's an Isekai, I've seen a few comic versions but hardly any novels so I figure why not add another, Also I've been writing another Novel that I plan to mass produce and I keep leaning over ideas that to an Isekai storyline. Basically invloving a group rather than your traditional 1 or 4 people that usually or need to be split up cuz it has to be that way*cough shield hero*cough cough*. I kinda also am displeased on how some character development works, I'm attention to detail type. So when I see an anime of isekai show off a hud or a status screen for one second then they say oh I'll look at it later, and never talk about it again unless it's a convenient story plot point that's annoying for me personally. so this story is based on 5 best friends and a lil sister with a big brother complex you know the type that loves her big brother to point where it looks weird but she just genuinely love her Big brother....-_-' back to the synopsis this story is filled to the brim of fantasy namely races that derive from video game mentions, like Beast people/Demi humans, Dragonkin, Humans, Demons, Elves, Dwarven folk, Fairy spirits, Lord Spirits and the Spirit Gods of the Elements there are multiple and will be discussed within the story line, of course their are different species within the Demon race the Demi's and the Elves again will be talked about in the story. As far as the technology based setting just think of it as medieval times the medical Advancement isnt all that great they have as far as military technology they still rely on Medieval weaponry each Armor and weapons merchant has an array of different weapons some made by different nations. Magic is well versed in this world they have schools and training programs for military mages they are pretty powerful but not all powerful, there is a class system in place starting from most important ending with what is considered least important: Kings and Queens, Noble Family, Lords of the land , Nobles of Wealth and Nobles of the Court, Magician Commanders, Knight Commander, Adventures, Common Citizens, and finally slaves people who became this resorted to thievery and murdering people only most time they are used as a reforming tool an example to mine Materials, there are beasts creature that Adventurers go out and clear for gold, there are those who buy slaves for other purposes but those are usuallypC Corrupt Nobles that use these people for their own selfish desires. This story will touch on Dark subjects, there is explicit talk meant for young adults, Mature situations will happen, now I'm not the type to talk about gore but it will be mentioned once or twice. As far as character development we have 6 hero doing their own thing while being together through it all side by side. WARNING - Adult humor, cursing level tame not Dead Pool level just there is cursing, Sexuality and possible LGBT happenings I dont discriminate just fair warning, talks of Racism and of slavery which my characters do not like, even if just a fantasy world real world aspects such as poverty, malnutrition, murder, addiction, things you would hear on the news even in a different world people are people evil and good exist.

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