《Infinite Stamina》

It's the story of a twenty-year-old man who died in front of his computer while trying to download a Plug-in "infinite endurance" for a game. He then woke up in the body of a 17-year-old genin, not mastering any powerful ninjutsu or genjutsu in the middle of the battlefield during the third great Ninja war.

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Chapter 15 : Illegitimate son of Hokage?

The Ninja of both sides remained frozen.

Where am I? Who am I? Who am I? What's going on? What's going on? What the hell is going on?

"Retreat! Quick retreat!" Shouted a ninja from Suna's defensive line.

The surviving Suna's Ninja began to flee without looking back.

Patriotism? The will of sand? Fuck you! Fuck you!

We want to live!

"Konoha Ninja, Attack!" Cried Nara with a powerful voice that quickly crossed the drumming field.

"Ahhhhh" shouts Konoha's ninja as they quickly chase Suna's ninjas.

Nori slowly descended to the ground and was quickly joined by his studens that surrounded him with the eyes filled with stars.

"Sensei you're too great! The strength of your youth dazzled me!"


But Nori didn't answer their, his sword fell to the ground and then he started moaning in pain.

"What the hell is happening to me?" He said as he watched his hands shake.

"Sensei, are you all right?" Asked Ebisu

"It's nothing, pick up my sword and let's get back to the defensive line."



In a tent in Konoha's base camp, a medical ninja gazing Nori's hands for few moments, before shaking his head with a shocked facial expression.

"Your Tenketsu are damaged should take two months to heal completely but I notice that your cells are incredibly active, it will have to take two weeks to fully recover, you must have awakened a Kekai-Genkai (hereditary faculty), excuse me but I must refer to it in my report."

Hearing that Nori could not help but sigh with relief as he stared at his arms wrapped in a bandage, he almost thought he had become disabled, but when he heard the medical ninja say that he had awakened a Kekai-genkai he could not help but worry slightly shook his head.

"If someone asks me questions, I'll just answer : it's none of your business!"

"But I really need to improve this technique before using it next time, an armless ninja is no different from an maimed runner."

Then he got up, dress his with his ninja outfit, before leaving the tent.

"Have a nice day, Captain Nori!"

"Greetings, Captain Nori!"

Walking in the camp, Nori was respectfully greeted by every Konoha ninja who met him.

Although the title of Jonin Special looked incredible in reality it was a rank with relative importance, because special Jonins are generally Chunins specialized in a particular field with the potential to become true Jonins but who do not yet possess all the abilities of Jonins.

So we could say that Nori was lucky but also unlucky.

He was lucky because he is one of the first cases where a Genin becomes a special Jonin directly without passing an exam, but this was due to the war, because to encourage soldiers nothing better than promotions and rewards.

And Konoha's senior executives knew it well!

He was also unlucky because because of his former rank as Genin, he was greatly underestimated by the other Konoha's ninjas, one could even say that they had had a certain resentment, after all who could believe that a simple Genin with a pitiful talent could directly become special Jonin?

So rumours such as Nori was the illegitimate son of the Hokage or Danzo's hidden lover had started to spread among the ninjas, fortunately for them our protagonist had little social life in Konoha otherwise, he would have received some "fire style realease" on their butts!

But after his show of strength earlier, all the ninjas on the battlefield were convinced!

What illegitimate son of the Hokage?

Who is Danzo's hidden lover?


It's just a Tailed Beast!

A nuclear bomb with legs!

They just wanted to bow to Nori and shout 666 all day long.

He just wanted to bring it back to Konoha and shout : Hokage resignation! Hokage I'm fighting with you, give way to Daddy Nori!

No! NO ! forget this idea, they don't want to be invited to have a cup of tea by Hokage's Anbu.

"Take care of you, Captain Nori"

When Nori heard the respectful greetings from his colleagues, he could not help but smile.

A few hours he met later the Trio Ino-Shika-Chô who were starting to make a name for themselves on the battlefield and after a few brief introductions, he was invited by Shikaku and his two companions to drink sake they had brought back when they left Konoha, Nori quickly accepted the invitation then started getting drunk with his three new friends.

"Shikaku, the clashes with Suna will last how long?" Says Chozā by taking a big sip of sake before passing the bottle to Nori who also took a big sip before passing the bottle to Inoichi.

"Without Nori's intervention at least 5 weeks but now it should be a week or two later, Suna has every interest entering into an alliance with Konoha." Says Shikaku with a slight sigh as he takes the bottle from Indochi's hands and drink several slip.




The next day the news of the battle spread quickly among the ninjas of Konoha and Suna.

A ninja named Nori Hisamatsu succeeded in killing 273 Suna's ninja with a single ninjutsu creating a real storm on the battlefield, so a nickname began to spread among the ninjas who survived that battle.

Konoha's ninha, Nori of bloody storms

But as the shocking news never comes alone, one week later, the ninja world was shaken by the disappearance of the 3rd Kazekage, a few days later the hidden village of Suna accused Konoha and declared an all-out war.


In the meantime, you can read my last work ♤Yandere Simulator♤

In the meantime, you can read my last work ♤Yandere Simulator♤

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