1 Chapter 1

I thought being a senior in high school would be just like in the movies. I thought it would be chill and I had nothing to worry about except for college applications.

But it wasn't for me, my life was all happy with rainbows and sunshine. And one thing...no one person shows up in my life and changes the rest of my life. But in a good way.

Oh yeah, by the way, my name is Yuri, and I'm 18 years old.

And today is the first day of school.

Jayden: Wake up before I leave without you! I don't want to be late for the first day of school.

That is Jayden, my cousin. Well, we are practically twins because we are only a few days apart.

Timothy: Bro get up! We still have to pick up Jessica!

And this guy is Timothy, my best friend. And Jessica is his slutty girlfriend.

Jayden pulled the covers off my bed but to his surprise, I was not in bed.

Jayden: Where is she?

Timothy: Don't tell me she is already awake?

Jayden: Do you think she is in Jake's room?

Timothy: Let's go and find out...

Jayden and Timothy walk over to Jakes's room and they see me standing in front of my brother's room. Or should I say, was my brother's room?

Yuri: It was supposed to be his first day of senior year too. And now it is not.

My brother Jake died during the summer because of a car accident.

Jayden: Hey, it's fine, he is technically going to senior year with us, you know why?

Yuri: Yeah, he is always with me.

Jayden: Exactly, he is always with you... and me and Aunt and Uncle. With everyone. Never forget that.

Timothy: Yeah yeah... he's in everyone, now can we get going? We still have to pick up Jessica.

Timothy walked away and Jayden looks at me.

Jayden: Jessica has changed him... he has become so... heartless.

Yuri: Even though he is heartless and rude, he is still my best friend and I don't want to lose my best friend just because of a girl.

Jayden: Suite yourself, just remember that if he hurts you too much... I will punch him.

Yuri: mhmm... no you won't, come on, you don't want to be late on your first day of school.

Jayden: Did he even show up on your birthday last week?

Yuri: No but he said he was busy... it's fine, it's just a birthday. I have one every year.

Jayden: He was busy with Jessica!

Yuri: It is not that big of a deal.

Jayden: Yes it is... he didn't even hang out with us this entire summer! He was with her the entire time.

Yuri: Bro, give it a break... his best friend died a few months ago.

Jayden: That doesn't give him the right to treat you like shit... you are suffering too.

We get into Jayden's car and drive to Jessica's house.

Timothy: Hey Yuri can you move to the back? Jessica gets car sick when she sits in the back.

Jayden: No she can't, I get car sick without her next to me-

Yuri: It's fine, I will move to the back

Timothy: Thank you

Jayden: No you will not, because I don't think you want the driver to get car sick, now do you?

Timothy: No I don't... It is fine, I will just manage her.

Jayden turns towards me and winks.

Jessica comes up to the car and stands in front of my window.

I roll down my window and raise my eyebrows.

Yuri: What are you waiting for? Get in the car.

Jessica: Well then get out, I get car sick if I sit in the back.

Yuri: well you see... Jayden here gets car sick too, and we can't have the driver throwing up, can we? So get your head out of your ass and sit in the back so we can get to school!

Jessica: Ok fine, jeez I'll sit in the back.

Jayden: Omg finally!

Yuri: what?

Jayden: I have been waiting for you to explode... that made my day!

Yuri: I've kept up with her shit all summer, I will give a pass for Tim but NOT for her.

Jessica gets in the car and cuddles next to Timothy.

Timothy: Hi baby.

Jessica: Hi...

**Time Skip**

The first day of school was going to a great start so far. I got a good homeroom teacher and today's lunch is spicy rice cakes, which by the way is my favorite!

I walk up to my locker to put my books away but when I was walking there I see a horrible and traumatizing image.

Timothy shoving his tongue down Jessica's throat...

I put my books away and slam my locker to get their attention.

They break apart and look at me.

Yuri: Shall we go to lunch?!

I flash a fake smile and walk away. They look at each other and follow behind me.

We enter the cafeteria and see Jayden and Stephanie sitting at a table with 4 trays of food.

The wave to us and we walk over.

Stephanie: Hi babes...

Yuri: Hey girly, I am so hungry!

Stephanie: I know and today is your favorite so I got you a tray.

Jessica: Omg, you guys got me a tray too?

Jayden: No missy...

Just then a tall boy with gorgeous hair walks in.

Jacob: It's for me...

That is Jacob, my childhood best friend. Timothy, Jacob, Stephanie, Jake, and I grew up together and we planned to grow old together.

But now Jessica came, Jake left, and everything changed.

Yuri: Hey JC...

Jacob: Hey! How are you doing?

Yuri: Good... just trying to get through the day...

He pats my shoulder

Jacob: You will... you are very strong.

Stephanie: Okay no more sappy sad times!

Jayden: Yeah...now eat your teokbokki before I do!

I hide my plate from Jayden but Timothy steals one.

Timothy: Ooh, it's nice and soft!

Yuri: Yah! Put that back right now!

I try to take it but he puts it in his mouth

I playfully pout and he pats my head.

Timothy: Awe don't worry pumpkin, I will buy you more after school...

Yuri: Mhmm... sure you will.

Timothy: What is that supposed to mean?

Yuri: Nothing... don't worry about it.

Timothy: No just tell me... tell me what you meant by that!

Yuri: It is just that you barely spent time with me this summer. You didn't even come to Jakes's funeral because you were too busy knocking up your girlfriend.

Timothy: Okay, first of all, I didn't knock her up, and second of all... I don't need to explain myself to you. My life is my life, it is not going to be controlled by you.

Yuri: What are you talking about! I don't want to control you! I want my best friend back... you know what, you can do whatever you want... I don't want to waste my time with you

I get up and leave the cafeteria.

Jayden: Dude, she just wants her friend back.

Jayden runs after me and finds me in Mrs.Min's room.

He walks in and sees me sleeping on my desk.

Mrs.Min looks at me and holds her finger to her lips.

Mrs.Min: She felt dizzy, so I told her to sleep.

Jayden: Next period is going to start in a few minutes so I am going to get her bag and books

Mrs.Min: No need, just sit in your seat.

He walks to me and pats my head

Jayden: She is going through such a hard time... and it is just going to get harder.

Mrs.Min: When is he joining school?

Jayden: He was supposed to join today... did he not tell you?

Mrs.Min: He did, but I was so busy in first-day preparations that I forgot when he was joining...

I wake up because the bell rang.

Jayden: Good morning sleepy head...

Yuri: I didn't even know I fell asleep.

**A few minutes later**

Mrs.Min: Okay seniors, Welcome to your first day of your last year of high school. Our first activity today is going to be very simple... we are going to go around the class and each person is going to say what they are going to miss about high school. Hmm, who should we start with? Mark... go-ahead.

Mark: The good food for lunch...

Mrs.Min: Nice ok pick someone to go next.

A few more people go and when I got picked a boy walks into the room.

??: You know what I am going to miss?... my mother.

Mrs.Min: Min Sean? Is that you?

Sean: Yes ma! I am back!

Mrs.Min: Ok everyone...this is my son, Min Sean.

Sean: Hi... like my mom said, my name is Min Sean and I moved from the states and I hope we all have a good time this year.

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