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Dear Renjun

You're older than me, but I won't be addressing you as 'oppa' nor 'gege' hihihi. Anyways, I saw your performance earlier with Mark and Donghyuck oppa. You guys were stunning, but no one could be more stunning than you :)


The guy frowned upon seeing a neatly folded piece of paper resting on top of his books inside his locker. He looked at his left and right sides. There weren't any suspicious-looking people, well, aside from his schoolmates who were talking to each other.

He was wondering how did it happen. How did that someone opened his locker? Nobody knew his locker code aside from him.

"Renjun, let's get going. I've still got some practices to do."

The mentioned turned his head towards his friend, who was leaning by the wall. He looked like he was texting someone, and he looks like he's in a hurry.

"Coming, hyung..." He sighed and closed his locker, realizing that Mark was the Music Revolution's president.

He placed the folded paper inside his pocket and walked with Mark who was walking silently.

"What happened?" A girl asked her friend who was peeking outside.

"Damn, he almost saw me." the younger sighed but laughed afterwards.

"You know, you're so crazy. He might think that you're one of his sasaengs or something." The older sighed and swung her arm around the younger's shoulder. "Jin, how long will you keep this up?"

The younger sighed, "Won, I know what I'm doing. Besides, it's just a simple crush." She smiled.

"Fine, I don't want to hear you complaining about his fangirls or anything." The older sighed and started walking.

"When did I ever—" The younger was cut off when the older girl started talking.

"Do I have to remind you of time you cried when you saw someone confessing to Renjun? And that time when you got jealous of Eunmi when—"

"HyeJin! Haewon! Where did you two come from? It's been 30 minutes since lunch started and when HyeJin told me she forgot something." Minji stopped talking when a girl, almost out of breath, came rushing towards them. "HyeJin, tell me the truth."

"Minji, I—"

"Miss Kim ordered her to drop by her office for a while. They talked about her music grades, and that's it. No biggie." Haewon said, and HyeJin could only look at her.

Minji sighed and gestured the two to follow her.

"Thank you, Won." HyeJin whispered.

Haewon just nodded and placed her index finger in front of her lips.


Renjun immediately stood up as soon as the bell rang.

He isn't rushing.

He just woke up.

Jaemin and Jeno laughed as his reaction. Especially when they saw that he was even drooling.

Renjun glared at the two, "Screw you." He said and picked his bag up and rushed outside.

"Hey, wait up!" Jeno said as they ran towards him.

Renjun just ignored the two's presences.

"Seems like someone's not in the right mood." Jaemin said nonchalantly.

Renjun furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Jaemin while still walking. "Look, I never knew that I would fall asleep, okay?! Besides, I'm still sleepy so please spare me—"

They all stopped on their tracks when Renjun suddenly fell on the ground.

But he wasn't the only one lying on the ground.

"Renjun!" Jaemin and Jeno exclaimed as they helped Renjun stand up, and went towards the lady to help her stand up too.

"Miss, are you alright?" Renjun asked. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump to you." He said and gave the two a stern look.

The lady nodded. "I'm alright, don't worry about me." She smiled and picked up her bag that was on the floor. She took a bow and the three boys did the same, as she passed by them and continued walking.

"I swear, you two will get me into trouble the more I stick to you guys." Renjun rolled his eyes as he walked ahead of the two.

"Just admit that you're clumsy!" Jaemin yelled.


HyeJin saw it.

She saw everything.

How Renjun fell down, and helped the girl stand up, the way how Renjun looked at that lady— everything.

Her mind was a mess.

She has been secretly liking Renjun for a few months already, but she doesn't know how to talk nor approach him. She's in the same club as him, and Renjun's circle of friends— the music club.

"Jin, is everything alright?" Haewon asked her when she noticed that the younger wasn't touching her food.

HyeJin just nodded, although she was snapped back into reality when her friend talked.

"Is liking Renjun that unhealthy? You're thinking of him again, aren't you?"

HyeJin just glared at her friend, "Jiwon, I wasn't even thinking of him!" She stomped her foot.

Jiwon raised her hands, as if she was surrendering. "I was only asking, why do you need to be so defensive?" She asked.

"I saw you scribbling something on your desk earlier. What was that?"

"Hyerin what the actual heck." HyeJin rolled her eyes.

"What were you doing?" Minji gave her a stern look.

"Those were just notes, no big deal." She tolled her eyes.

The truth be told, she was preparing another letter. Although she was kinda hurt with what she saw earlier, that doesn't mean she'll give up.


"You've been staring at that piece of paper for a while now. Stare at it a little longer and it'll vanish." Renjun looked at Donghyuck, who sat beside him. "What's the problem, Renjun?"

Renjun sighed, "In case you don't know, I saw a letter inside my locker and I have no idea who put it in there." He said.

"Cool." Donghyuck said casually, as if it was no big deal.

"Cool? How the heck is that cool?" Renjun raised a brow.

Donghyuck shrugged. "I don't know. Why are you making a fuss about it? It's not like it's a death threat or something." He said.

Renjun rolled his eyes, "Damn, I wish Minji was here. She's a better help than you guys." He sighed and went to his room.

Renjun fell off the bed when he heard the door slammed open.

"HYUNG!!! WAKE UP!!!" Jisung shook his shoulder, not even bothering to help him stand up.

Renjun grabbed a pillow from his bed and hit Jisung's face with it. "You didn't have to slam the door!" He said, hitting him repeatedly.

Jisung laughed and grabbed a pillow. "Pillow fight!!!!"


"Taeil-hyung, can you come with me to the locker room?" Renjun asked when Taeil stood up.

The older stood up and shrugged, "Why not." He said and went to Renjun.

"Hyung, I saw a letter inside my locker yesterday. It says that the person who wrote it saw my performance with Mark-hyung and Donghyuck. It kinda looks like that person has a crush on me? I don't even know what I'm saying..." Renjun sighed and continued walking.

"Really? From who, though?" Taeil asked.

The younger shrugged and opened his locker. "That, I don't know. I guess we have to find out." He said.

The moment he opened his locker, his eyes landed on a folded piece of paper that was resting nearly on top of his books.

He got another letter.


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